How do i gear up as a non payer

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by The~Hurt~LockeR, Apr 1, 2019.

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  1. The~Hurt~LockeR

    The~Hurt~LockeR Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, i recently returned to DSO after 2 years of absence. I grinded for a week and got lvl 55 but now i seem to be so weak i can't do anything. I get rejected from every group i apply to and alone i can't really do much. The highest difficulty i can solo is excrutiating (except Q3.. with enormous amount of effort, time and nerve i can solo it on fatal since heredur is basically a big walking punching bag) and considering the stats of the drops from exc i don't think it will get me far.

    So can you give me some tips on what/where to farm to increase my stats in order to at least get invited in a guild or a group. I'm currently enjoying the game, trying to stay away from pvp (i can see it hasnt changed much since last time 4 years ago sadface) but it seems like what i'm doing is abolutely pointless since i don't get any item upgrades from exc/fatal and playing alone is quite boring.

    I'm a ranger 3200-3500 dmg; 2.5 speed; 40k HP; 26% crit chance one handed shortbow. Playing on Grimmag.

    Thank you for your attention, have a nice day!

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Farm desert till you turn into sand yourself :)

    And yes it can be boring in the same boat. Too bad we're not on same server
  3. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    I don't understand how you get rejected from every group. You are a Ranger. If you were a Dragon Knight Yes I understand. No one invites them in to groups. But, Rangers should not have that issue. However, unlike a Steam Mechanicus who will get invited to any group, You will have a hard time joining a group that do higher level maps. But You should have no problem joining a group that do Painful or Excruciating.
    Your setup is currently not good to do anything higher. If You join a higher mode group, then You wouldn't be contributing to that group but will have to get carried. Therefore, I suggest looking for groups in Painful/Excruciating and that should be quite easy to join a group like that because usually they accept pretty much everyone.
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  4. .iulian96.

    .iulian96. Forum Apprentice

    I farmed in PW for materi ( about 130K) in 2 weeks on painfull solo and got my guild mates to help me buy a good weapon set and now im a little better but u need a lot of playing and dedication to be good , nobody got 60k dmg over night , and its not about the destination is about the journey try to enjoy every stage of this game , meet nice people and help others when u can.
  5. The~Hurt~LockeR

    The~Hurt~LockeR Forum Greenhorn

    Well probably 90% of the groups that are listed in the group finder are for at least infernal. Very rarely i see a group doing painful/exc. But i thank you... next time i log i'll put more effort in trying to find a group and we'll see how it goes.

    And let me ask how come rangers don't have issues with getting into a group? Have i missed something big about rangers in my 3 years of absence? Last time i played no one wanted us. What makes us good now?
  6. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Aha, yes! I remember those days. They have now given a very good skill called Explosive Arrow to Rangers. With that Rangers can now do slightly more damage than Mages. In damage aspect, now the Steam Mechanicus have the highest damage output, followed by Rangers, then Mages and finally DKs.
  7. Xerustes

    Xerustes Junior Expert

    Hi Hurtlocker,

    besides you already got plenty answers, this could be a reason you get rejected.
    Rangers can now use a real two-handed bow and groups want Rangers as dd. If they notice you play onehanded, they assume you are no help to them ;)

    Best try to find a good two handed weapon in the deserd. Then earn yourself Fragments in pw to buy q7 Set.

    But as already mentioned try to get Dragan Set during actual Dtu.

  8. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Rangers are definetly playable with 1h, but when you're using non-unique items, that has to be a longbow.
    Shortbows work only with uniques like Karabossa or Gwenfara.
  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You can't understand because you have not included the variable "StupidPeople" in the equation.
    The keyword "assume".
    Rangers are in most dire situation when it comes to 1Hs ... because their 1H weapons got removed and converted to hoaxbows ... while not making new ones in same time.
    My 1H SW friend is at 40K base damage ATM ...
    I am playing on Grimmag too ... I am 1H Ranger.
    I could help you get some items. I am not OP but I can manage it ... if you follow my rules.
    Rules: Try not to die and do nothing. If you die wait until I revive you ... which will be after I clear the dungeon (do not revive on your own). I could help you occasionally ... but I farm either alone or with my friends (not because I am antisocial :D but because I do a lot of coffee/cigarette breaks between runs ).
    My toon: Karakurvonpickof - level 55 - ranger
    I am playing mostly in late hours ... after 22:00 CET
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  10. The~Hurt~LockeR

    The~Hurt~LockeR Forum Greenhorn

    Thank you very much for all the replies.
    I'm gonna work on aquiring either a longbow or a siegebow. Recently a group i was in randomly decided to do i4 so i managed to get my hands on some t7 2h purples as well as fyrgons ring (i really hope the investition of 30k fragments was worth it). Will defo try them out tomorrow. My problem with 2h atm is that i'll literally have like 3% crit chance.. so until i get some meta uniques ill probably try to get a good longbow so i will at least be able to use a quiver.

    And also thank you very much trakilaki. Will add you when i log in.