How do I increase my base dmg

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by prumi, May 9, 2019.

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  1. prumi

    prumi Forum Greenhorn

    I believe that there are many ways for sure but recently I realized that my base dmg is just way too low for my lvl (43). I havent played for 3 years or so (when lvl 40 was the max lvl or so) and im behind big time. All the crafting things are pretty new to me, and even tho my items are pink, orange or uniques my base dmg still remains low. How do I increase it effectively? Since it is so low even tho my semi-high lvl I would think that there are few quick actions... some where.
  2. _Baragain_

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    The single best source of damage is a high tier weapon, with good base stats, and with as much %Increased Damage on this Item as possible. Then, load that weapon with as many good rubies as you can.

    In your case, only use what you find as a drop. Until you reach LVL 55, crafting shouldn't even be on your mind at all. It is expensive and you will have a high turn over rate for gear you get now and for the next 12 levels.

    The other good source of damage is from utilizing your wisdom points. Spend them on overall damage and 2 Hand Weapon Damage.
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  3. Phyrix

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    Short answer?
    You dont increase your damage, you get to 55 then focus on it.
    Longer answer:
    Try to get to level 45 then you can buy the tayaz weapon and it should last you a decent 5 levels untill you can get to the desert.
    The much longer answer:
    Once you have reached level 55 damage is one massive yet simple equation:
    You have absolute damage and relative damage.
    Absolute damage is your total base damage as a whole and I will not only show you how to increase it but how it works
    Absolute =
    Your character primary damage which you will find somewhere on the forum, and the damage on every single item you have equipped, and then the damage you gain from the weapon too.
    To increase absolute damage you insert rubies into your weapon, next you increase that by getting as high as possible lines of damage on this item in your weapon as possible.
    Let me insert an example: (could not find a sceeenshot of my weapon on agathon so used the forum xD)
    Now if you look at this weapon you will notice that it has gold lines increased damage on this item, now the on average 300% on this item from gold lines and the royal rubies makes this item quite potent.
    Now with unique lines which you will drop once you reach level 55, you will even be able to craft 368% increased damage on this item someday.
    When calculating you possible damage output please bear in mind your weapon damage from wisdom and from sets like 3 dragan offensive pieces.

    Now all this absolute damage is exponentially increased by what they call relative damage.
    Relative damage is the % increases you can get from torso, helmet, and belt of course.
    It also includes % damage from wisdom and from essences.

    Now always remember as much as damage matters critical hitrate and critical damage is essential to being a very strong build.
    A build with 50k damage and no crit is utterly useless. <- a build with 25k damage 80% crit and 400% critical damage can outkill it in every way possible.

    Also remember that damage is not only base and crit but also another part of the equation is attack speed.
    Once you throw damage, critical hit, critical damage, and attack speed all into a blender you get what they call your dps calculation or also known as dpi aka damage performance index.
    Now many players consider dpi useless, and to an extent they are right because you get items like the herald set, but that set however no matter the bonuses has a dpi that can be calculated too.
    anyways should you feel like you want to calculate your possible damage use this page:

    DSO damage calculator

    I hope this helps you along your merry way to level 55, enjoy the game :D
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  4. prumi

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