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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by AvaRocks, Feb 11, 2016.

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  1. AvaRocks

    AvaRocks Forum Greenhorn

    There's a lot of confusion over here on how you pay for the Premium package. The shopping cart errored and suggested I go to Aeria games and pay money there, which would be converted to AP, which could then be applied to the game. So, I made an account there and I checked that with someone from Aeria first, and they confimed that. Then I spent $10 and still couldn't use the shopping cart, kept getting errors and nothing else. After a good bit of submitting tickets, I did manage to get a Premium package, though I believe it may have been via a tech here that simply got tired of hearing from me.

    A friend who started same time as me, same problem except he spent $10 on AP with Aeria games and he's still got nothing, and still can't use the shopping cart in the damn game to buy whatever it is to get a Premium package.

    We have had the story about how if you log through Aeria, you pay through Aeria. I never log through Aeria, and yet I have an email from them telling me that the only way to pay is through them. Now it seems that it may be possible to pay Drakensang directly but can't do that, I still get the error.

    How hard can it be to spend money?!
  2. trakilaki

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    For how long you are playing this game via Aeria Games?
    If I were you I would visit this page http://www.drakensang.com/ and create new account.
    This way you would be BP's user ... and playing without 3rd party. (meaning less worries for you and your gameplay)
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