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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Ankit8617, May 7, 2020.

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  1. Ankit8617

    Ankit8617 Forum Apprentice


    I have a mage level 55 with the folllwing stats :-



    In which Q and Mode shall it be the best to solo and what or how should I craft items to make my build stronger?
  2. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    Regarding crafting

    Weapon: 4x increased damage on this item
    Adornment: 4x increased critical hit rate on this item. (Possibility to go 3x Critical hit and 1x at.s or crit. dmg in later builds or even 2/2)
    Rings: 3-4x critical damage (HP on this item if you have maxed out crit dmg already)
    Belt: 4x increased damage.
    Amulet: 4x critical damage.
    Boots: 4x travel speed.
    Gloves: 4x attack speed
    Torso: 4x increased damage.
    Pauldrons: Witch seeker with dmg or ideally 2/2 mix of armor and resistances
    Helmet: Some mix of damage and critical hit rate, depends on how much critical hit rate you need (It´s gennerally good to go for 4x dmg as critical hit rate tonics are easily accessible).
    Cape: Don't bother with it now, use whatever you get.(Later on i´d recommend as much at.s as you can get as you are a mage or 4x increased max. dmg)
    -Craft a random one with gems(+10dmg or +100 critical hit rate will suffice) as crafted capes gives crit and offensive stats while your dune cape doesn´t (also if you don´t want to run with bad t0 cape you can try crafting it randomly with high tier equip e.g t6-8 and with a bit of luck you´ll get a high tier cape with about 3k crit hit rate as raw stat + mostly some pretty nice % multipliers as enchantments)

    Regarding Qs
    Q1 is generally best for cores and materi income
    In matters of gear look for it in scaling dungeons(It´s lot easier to farm there)

    Regarding items
    Depends whether you want to run with BM weapon or a Q uniq write me here i´ll write back the most efficient and possible builds i can think off i guess
    Cheers and gl w your character developement

    EDIT: Also don´t glyph items to 60 in general go for lv59 and after you have everything at 59 just then go for 60(Aside of weapon,adornment,cape and possibly rings those are the go to focus items as they contain most of your dmg output in flat statistics)

    PS:what server are you at ?
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  3. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    55 to 59 scales with approx 17 mil glyphs per all 4 upgrades i believe (idk exactly it´s a long time since i cared for exact values :))
    and 59 to 60 cost approx 8-9 mil so you gain just a tiny bit more stats than 58-59 but for double the cost
    As i said, aside of the weapon, you want as much dps as you want rush that to 60 asap

    I´d say painful should be doable,however if you manage to get more crit rate(e.g the cape :p) excru should change to quite manageable
    If you have the quests done, just yarn and as i mention 10dmg/100crit gem lower gems work too but with more yarn and they give off mostly blue capes which are harder to find others blue items to from high modes

    Q7 is really hard to drop these days(speaking from my own experience as well as from what i heard)
    BM on the other hand is even harder to get + you need humongous amounts of cores to tier it up when you get a golden val(anything lower is not worth it also it will be hard to begin with it as about 30% of it´s scaling are gems)

    I´m on heredur either i´ll write down the name if i see you on i might call you for some random high end stuff as i usually do when i have free time with randoms :)(Take heed i cannot solo i5-7 as i want to keep my sanity yet :p)
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