How to best farm Drakens

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by Dilemas, Dec 8, 2019.

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  1. Dilemas

    Dilemas Forum Apprentice

    Hey, what is the best way to effectively farm drakens and coockies? Im 33 level only, the gain for drakens is so slow... Im not even accumulating enough to buy 1 legendary item with drakens...and the prices/costs are ridiculous...
  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Level up first, then care about buying things for special currencies.

    Why? Why would you waste resources?
  3. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Dont farm drakens buy legendaries. Level up and then farm them in great desert or pws.

    When you get to 55 you can start the legendary farming grind with an idea of transfering some good ones to sets. Once you get some sets going you will be able to accumulate currencies in events
  4. Dilemas

    Dilemas Forum Apprentice

    Buy legendaries with drakens or? Its hard to level up fast, since I need more and more powerfull gear to find. So to buy from event, which items should I consider to invest in ? runes? legendaries?
  5. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    First level up to lvl55, before you will complain for spent drakens...if you have an idea of the build you want, then you can buy some gear with drakens, but generally drakens are needed for runes.
    I'm sure you can made an equipment with event items and legendary, then you can search in PW for optimal gear...consider that even if you have all the items you want, they will become competitive only after crafting.
    Hope this will help.
  6. Dilemas

    Dilemas Forum Apprentice

    Thanks, got the tips. But what about cookies and Phestos coins? how best to farm them? since start of event I haven't found any phestos coins only from quest (6x). any particular tips? phestos,green,blue,presents what to do with them? open or accumulate? sorry, have milion questions and zero answers :/
  7. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Read this article on @trakilaki 's Wikia fan site (technically, it's all of ours, but Traki does 99% of the work?):

    Getting the Biggest Present takes a ton of effort. At level 33, you're extremely unlikely to farm enough presents to exchange for coins or farm for enough coins directly to gather enough to finish that quest. I believe Traki would tell you to just open the green/blue/purple/gold presents as you find them / clean your inventory at the end of a run; if "you" (a random player) have the right kind of toon and skills, you can farm coins in the three mini-events.

    I roughly estimated that if I were to complete every non-Infernal difficulty progress bar in the main event and every progress bar in each of the three mini-events, I'd still need to gather approximately 2,800 green presents, over 1,000 blue presents, and ~355 violet / purple presents to get enough coins for the Biggest Present. At my estimated drop rate, that would mean ~180 Painful difficulty kills of Big Paws (again, on top of all the runs through Kranparus' realm, something like 160???). My toon isn't super strong or fast, so no way am I going to do 20 runs a day every day from now through Xmas.

    I advise you to not worry about that grand prize this year, hope both you and the game are still around next December, give it a go when you're a true end-gamer.
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    It is DSO Wiki where trakilaki is creating articles and the rest (with few exceptions) are reading and spitting. :)
    It is the place on the internet with a healing properties where the players can heal their daily frustrations.
    It is a very unique place on the internet where you won't be asked to like and subscribe, the unique place where players can make long comments asking why the article is not updated instead of clicking the edit button and update the article. :)
    It is a very communist place where no one is working anything and everyone is reaping the fruits of the work done well.
    Nope ... I would keep them and open them when I am level 55.
    Best way to farm draken is to level up to cap level as soon as you can.
    Draken incomes are limited on low level so you need to have access to level 55 contents.
    Don't spend draken on low level ... or don't spend them on BS items. Don't buy items that you can't use on higher level ... buy only items that you can use on cap level - like runes. But even if you buy runes you can't craft them until you get on a higher level.
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  9. Dilemas

    Dilemas Forum Apprentice

    thanks all for sharing insights. I see now I have 2k drakens accumulated, but its so slow.. cookies also very slow.. Phestos coins - I never gain them.. its sad that this game is not friendly for low or new players :(
    I see many legendary items for drakens, like staff with reducing meteor, does it worth it to buy? I know now that I can upgrade the items level with melted resources...

    And leveling is so slow, maybe im doing something wrong, but I started with 32 level since event and now im 38level only.. I now have many beat roots (700x) and snow essences (3k) and doing only Winter summit map.. going fot that unique "Cape" that is not droping at all.. :/

    So drakens only drop from monsters ?
    cookies I see droping, but very low..
    Phestos coins only drop? have finished quests, got 6 coins, and I see its needed 1500 and more for any reward that is something usefull.. :/

    --- MERGED ---

    Also, I see from the guide you provided - "piglets" that provide coins, is there these piglets now on winter summit?
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  10. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    The big present (1500 phestos coins) is not achievable from low level character (or is in this way for the majority of players) the old version of the event you can collect coins in the mini and, if I remember well, with a quest more difficult than the actual.
    Personally I open the big present last year, after collecting coins for 3 years ( I don't have a strong war :) ).
    So what I suggest you is to play the event in a relaxed way, doing what you want and collecting resources for when you will be able to do more...perhaps you would not like this advice, but is the reality (if I've misunderstood something, please correct me)
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  11. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    My bad … I was thinking about how many spaces those gifts take up in my backpack currently because I've done runs at various difficulty levels so have as many as 4 different tiers of each colored gift occupying nearly 2 full rows of my backpack

    He only needs 4 slots, and will get to level 55 in a few weeks if he's dedicated.

    The piglets are definitely in the even map now and are useful source of progress at your level.

    Use the maps on Traki-Wiki, and also refer to this post here:
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  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    DSO Wiki ... also, there is a cute piglet map as well :)


    Don't count on monster drops ... other than progress bars, amphoras and the Cursed Amphora are steady source of draken.
    Piglets are dropping progress not coins.
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  13. Dilemas

    Dilemas Forum Apprentice

    Can anyone explain what is the colour meaning of these piglets? I have found 2 separate piglets both at the beginning of the map, but yesterday and today, the place where I have found, there was none today..

    Also, about Drakens.. does the only income are from getting cookies and netting from the bar progress ? or is there something more ?
    You mentioning mini-events/quests to participate in event, which are they? I Know only entrance near Winter summit entrance, the map with a random boss to kill and get present :/
  14. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    when you enter in map you will find only one colour piglet series, eg. if you find the frst in the red position,you will find in map the other piglets in the red positions.
    the colour (series) you will find every time you enter the map is random.

    you must read this: