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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by HuluHulu, Aug 11, 2021.

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  1. HuluHulu

    HuluHulu Forum Apprentice

    I don't know where to start but I just wanna say some things which I believe the game would be more enjoyable. I've been playing since the Dark Legacy update and I've been playing dso for over 8 years.

    So first of all, I believe devs have improved the game a lot since r246 and it is still getting better. Some players think the old dso was better but game itself has became more playable and much easier but not for new players, it became easier for people who already have gotten somewhere in game. So that is the first issue i believe, if i was someone that have never played dso before and wanted to do something with my own, I would probably uninstall the game after 1-2 weeks. Devs added a lot things to make it easier for new players but its not even close to make people like the game. You wanna find items you want, you gotta find a group. You want to get higher rarity gems, first you have to do over 200 runs on useless
    difficulties to get splintered or basic gems so that you can improve your char and be able to do higher difficulties. Even if you want to open PW, you have to clear a map in infernal difficulty and it is not easy to do it when you are just lv 55 and have 50 level items on you so you want to be in a group again but they don't just accept every request sent to them. I know no-one have to help other, I love to play the game with my own or my friends too but again that is not the issue, game made it so hard for new players.

    So for the players who have already made some progress and been playing the game, including me, we want some new things. I don't mean new skins or mounts or new events that want you to boost 4 another chars to lv 100 just to get 8 jewels and some stuff. We need some REAL improvements. For example, there was a thing called "jeesters"(I learned from discord, i hope it is the right word) which we could put our gold or andermants to get random stuff. And there was also jackpot in both kingshill and cardhun. Bring that back again, add some useful
    items in it too like fragments of infernal passages. Make the jackpot system again, and whenever someone won the jackpot, game was announcing them in the chat if I remember
    correctly. Make people excited about things in game. Maybe this thing seems nothing for some people but I think small things make games enjoyable. Add some maps or quests or some
    things to do DAILY(for example a new map to do once or twice a day, kill boss or monsters or don't even kill something, just drop 10 chests in there and make people select 1 or 2; give a big prize and small prizes, make the prizes change for people who already got them. Or even better, we have total of 9 daily missions(win 1 pvp, kill 3 bosses on merciless etc) and their rewards are complete disaster. Bring a new system, make those rewards give us some keys to enter a new map and add some good prizes or challenges which would make us
    want to play the game more and with fun.). Make people want to enter the game everyday, and I believe with little improvements, game would be almost perfect.

    For classes, devs have made a lot changes on gameplay for each class. They added some new things, they changed some skills and they added some items to combine with your skill tree. But most of them are useless. I have a thing for almost every class and I believe most people
    would agree on that. For example, we have 4 elemantary skills, make each and every one of them useful, but how? Give every one of them a different job. Let's say I play mage, make mastery of fire clean larger areas faster(for example, tegan cloak is good for fire build
    but not even close to the damage a mage can make with ice or lighting. Add some unique functions to skills, lets say whenever you hit enemies with fireball 3 times, their fire resistance decreases %40 and %5 per skill level. This will make people use it and find items needed for that build and this means people are gonna play the game more). Elemantary masteries are almost complete useless for other classes. Make them useful like you made it on mage and same rule applies for every class, make different skill combinations for different maps or positions to make players spend time on getting items they needed.

    There is one issue left and I think that's the most important one. There is no variety on items, almost everyone has to use same items and same skills even same gems to be able to have fun in game. There are over 100 uniques in game(maybe more idk) and most of them except 10-20 are useless. You have forced people to use same items for over years, this issue has not come with Dark Legacy. If we take a look at other rpg or mmorpg games, devs make HUGE skill trees or item lists to make people their own choices. In dso right now, we can't make our own choice. I mean if i want to do full set of duria lets say, how am i even supposed to clear map or kill bloodshed. Everyone uses same ring, the balor, why there is no such thing or stronger thing or even different thing to use in game. I wanted to do block value ranger and the absolute best block item is kingshill ring (gives 4k block on unique and also 1500-1900 on base stats) but i can't use it because there is no such thing gives me damage as much as balor ring.

    I hope I was able to say what I wanted to say. Thank you for your time, and last of all: Please do not ever make improvements depend on some guys who make videos on YouTube(not every youtuber I like velveteenduck tho xd). They play this game like they have no life,
    not most people are like that.
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  2. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Oh, yeah, that was a lot to say...
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  3. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    i do ranger on test server = this isn't best chooice but after i get 100lvl i wnt blood mod alone...i die few times but i was able to easy get few items lvl 145 when i can't even kill boss on inf mode
    so this isn't upgrade but downgrade of the game
    dso seems to be doing for kids who don't know how to use combination of skills but only klick 1 hotkey like ice missle on mage
    before ce i was useing 7 hotkeys bc i don't was able to useing more
    now i can clean almost all maps with only my mouse = i don't need any more hotkeys = game now is easiest ever in the history of dso(i play since 2014)
    yesters will not back = its politicy of gabling~
    they do secrets hideouts(?) in the past and? ppl don't go there bc it's a trash
    they destroys classes = like i wrote up = before ce i was useing almost every skill what i can but now i can use only 2 skills and i will be able to do almost all maps with mouse only...
    another big mistake
    we don't need any more useless elemental mastery = if they don't know or don't want to do it correct than better that they don't do it again.
    i play long time on my twinks so idk how it was on 50lvl but even on 55lvl there was some top builds for all classes
    when they give us CE thay say 'there will not be 1 top build' and we know how it's looks = another lie from dso team
    u know where is the problem but ur ideas are bad = it will not change anythink
    in dso u sholud play when u have 18+(or 16+?) but if u see how the game is dooing its seems to be doing for 10+ kids = it's more and more easy to play
    don't get me wrong = if u start play here it look like hard to start playing = but if u know mechanics of the game = its too easy to play
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  4. HuluHulu

    HuluHulu Forum Apprentice

    I forgot to mention the most important part, please add Open Market trading. Instead of increasing drop rates or adding some useless items or making people go 100 runs for an item, just add it and make it useful. I have not seen any rpg game without open market.
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  5. RantNRave

    RantNRave Someday Author

    I started a new toon in february, only briefly touching this game some 8 years back. Yes R_245 upwards has seen some favorable improvements and some class changes that were a toss up. (one step forward, couple steps back depending on class)

    This game suffers from long term player attrition / forced content changes and 3 servers are so lowly populated, you cant even group properly, or be in functioning guild when the game revolves around partying to clear bloodshed maps / pw bosses / event bosses.
    (or apparently I need to learn a second language, agathon US east is predominantly 95% spanish speaking?)
    If this is a long term issue that will never be solved, the dumbing down of the game is justified to cope with the missing player base where individuals are forced to play solo, but with that you also kill fun factor, who wants to be #1 when your the only person playing.

    The above post regarding skills is nonsense. On SW and ranger I use all my skills, in fact im limited by its slots behind a premium paywall. sure i could dance around "one-handed" but skills none the less are required for time sakes on bloodshed.
    In fact i dont understand why you dont get 10 hotkeys, or two skill slots since you get 2 skill trees to flip-flop.

    The rarity of uniques are so lack-luster, and most don't enhance enough skills (or the right skills). I wouldn't object to more uniques, that offer variety of skills so that one could use different skill trees. I feel like nothings been added for years looking at old DSO. if anything thigns were removed to the switch to DL.

    New items? new zones? new bosses? new events? QoL improvements? what is PVP? If these improvements are few and far between or non existant, it will cripple any game the longer it continues. You need to introduce the next best thing or of equal power to obtain, otherwise you lose interest fast...
    these free to play, aka pay to win games, DSO is a prime example of this...theres so many trivial paywalls, from 2 on every login, to revives, to useless dailies, to every overpriced shop available, to equipment locks....yet andermant hardly drops!! (at least not in the tens of thousands you need for basic improvements)
    I get it DSO needs revenue, improve more on premium, remove the other nonsense though with alternatives, it ruins the quality.

    5 months in myself and its grind gold/gems/runes/95%+uniques. collect andermant. rinse and repeat. This isn't fun or challenging.

    In 5 months, I've see huge issues that could be improved upon yet get completely backburnered (or fixed up recently).

    -increase starting inventory (extra 7-14 is reasonable)
    -reduce andermant for inventory up costs (2k/5 storage - 4k/7 slots is ludicrous, over 150k ander - tho event merchant bag helps!)
    -remove paywall on skill bars (or add more free hotkeys, there plenty of room on the GUI)
    -add a few more variety of skills (remove/reduce costs of less useful ones)
    -revival should cost 10 or 20 less (or reliable sources of spirit guards, plenty of MSG in event merchants now)

    -daily quests paywall reset (should be free or lowered if it had better rewards)
    -daily quests rewards on both effect/gain and bottom tier rewards. (should be increased/better chests/gem bags etc)
    -daily quests PVP (should be removed to complete all dailies)
    -daily crafting quests to offer more items (yeah its like 2 plant sap on complete, huh)
    -increase ways to get multi-tools / increase harvest amounts

    -ability to buy more basic advanced physics (or increase drop rate for basic ingredients, its too low to craft more than 1 item / hour)
    -ability to buy better essences (basic is fine, carmot gives reason, but the ability to buy for heavy gold price would be nice too)
    -ability to dust gems 9 fold like portable smelter (though its a lot faster now in R_251, portable gem duster?)
    -ability to buy or upgrade shop/event gear from level 100 to 130-145. (level 100 gear is practically useless they need upgrade methods)
    - theres plenty of 100 sets pieces for draken, bone coin, materai, ander, coin, but their 100 base stats make them unusable
    -add new items/cut costs to materi coin vendor in cardhun. (5 legendary runes to wear, and nothing to bother to get? runes at 500k?)
    -add more items to bone coin vendor in desert. (mounts, older pets, uniques, consumables, give deeps of demise more than a day of use)
    -add in game community events for community coins (open server challenge competetion/event, all get rewards-only promo/stream bad)
    -increase gilded clover drop / increase items (1/2 price was a good change, however you can farm all your runes faster than these drop)
    -add something for glyphs of power- merchant, 10 million glyphs to increase base stats of gear 1%? increase base enchants 1%?

    -increase infernal passage coins / realm fragments.
    -increase wisdom drop rate more (yes R_245 was a vast improvement, but you flat out around 60/300 wisdom - im 85 atm)
    -increase chances of boss in multi-tool cave (400 in, never seen this thing, reduce costs or increase spawn rate)
    -remove boss shields regeneration (one is annoying enough while they're also immune)
    -reduce/increase difficulty/HP of bosses dependant of # of players / level (more so under 50 or 100 solo)
    -increase boss unique zone drop rate % (380 medusa for 2 BGH, ZERO uniques - mostly fatal/infernal though)
    -increase zone drop rates (your "1%" is more like 0.01 normal up to 0.15 on infernal champs, these items are not end game gear)
    -create more unique boss items from their respected items, (not the same items i can farm in PW, and make them GOOD)
    -create more world/pw uniques (lets see boosts to ALL skills/new skills)
    -viable sources to obtain jewels (i have 2 from BGH thats all)
    -increase drop rate on leader monsters in higher difficulties (only getting copper for harder work is annoying)
    -increase timer or reduce health of greedy sentinels/goblins/blood chests (its gone before its dead)
    -increase sentinel chests (barely any wisdom, 2 useless items for a full map clear? how about a fat treasure chest / new zone uniques)
    -new challenges, zones, bosses, events. (everything im seeing is rehash from old DSO)
    -new classes (supposed to be a new one soon?)

    you had a lot to say ^^; i'm sure a hundred more things escape my thoughts.
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  6. HuluHulu

    HuluHulu Forum Apprentice

    I just wanted to make some points on real issues, unlike us, people on discord are just giving feedbacks about "make a new costume" " bring new mount" "make skills look more good" etc. I just don't get it how people can enjoy cosmetics while there are much bigger problems with game. I want to play dso but devs are making it so so painful for me. I hope one day they really start to listen the realistic feedbacks, not the ones that gives them encourage to bring more costumes or mounts.
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  7. RantNRave

    RantNRave Someday Author

    Well players certainly can ask, and while this may fall on deaf ears, the final say are in the testserver / patchnotes. speak you mind, hope they read our feedback, to create a more enjoyable game. Changes takes time, be happy this game gets a monthly update, some games get zero. with that said, ive seen decent patches since my start here... would I enjoy a faster rollout of anything above? wouldn't everyone.

    sit back, relax, theres a million other games out there that are enjoyable to bide your time if things go south ^^;
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