i need help to build my dwarf

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by oxixi, Jun 29, 2018.

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  1. oxixi

    oxixi Forum Greenhorn

    i came back to the game and this is what i got after the dragan event
    i have some questions which set is better Q7 or Q4
    what should be my second ring?
    should i get Q8 set?

    any other tips?
  2. Shiro

    Shiro Padavan

    I'd say Q7 is the best, but Q4 is not bad too. The only problem with Q4 is that if you hit a mob with two Tesla one doesn't deal damage.

    As second Ring I suggest Q6 (Ring of Death), since it provodes a good dps boost and you can farm the knight (q6 map1, before the part of map with stairs and Soul mobs) as much as you like.

    About Q8, yes you should get it, as soon as possible, at least you will enjoy it before BP will probably nerf it.
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  3. radiantsapphire

    radiantsapphire Forum Apprentice

    I'm trying to build a 1h dwarf for pvp. What sets should I use, and what enhancements should I put in them? Am a little confused and lost finding a good balance to things. Also, what will be the assumed status, or what numbers am I trying to reach when building that 1h dwarf? Because knowing what the goal is might also help when building. Thanks!
  4. stacker99

    stacker99 Forum Master

    The best set known in the game IMHO is cube set. And depends what you want to have - you may build it for flag only (hp and defense) or you can build it to fight. But there is a lot of work to do.
    It is possible to make both of these - defense and dmg build but you have to choose what exactly you want. IMHO for flag you need armor, block chance and HP. For other PvP you need crit chance and dmg. The best for cube set is extended range for one hand weapon - it is equal to two handed weapons. Need to put inside weapon 4 golden dmg boost if you have good speed runes for one hand. If not - you have to compensate with 2x speed and 2x dmg. Everything depends on your wish and time to play, farm and craft.
  5. TomsunReborn

    TomsunReborn Forum Greenhorn

    my advice is to change few things the amulet with q9 the shoulders with karabossa and specialy the bullet that one is really a bad idea everyone use q7 set first do this everything else will grow up in no time
    good luck
  6. jamakoo

    jamakoo Forum Apprentice

    I can suggest the following items:


    • Bloodmoon amu (for more def)
    • Kranparus amu (from winter event, gives 800 crit)
    • Q2 amu (in case you don't need crit but speed)

    • Khalys (attack speed & more dmg)
    • Nefertari (crit & mana & crit dmg)
    • new moon (crit & attack speed)

    belt & pauldrons:
    • Q4 belt & darkness set pauldrons (for more crit)

    • bloodmoon ring (for more def)
  7. Bundin

    Bundin Advanced

    Sorr but the new crit dwarf dont Need bloodmoon amu or ring the cube ring is much more better one cube ring with Gold crit givs enormus defense, and crit. Amu dont use q2 amu useless Jet. Kramparus amu, or Q9 amu because u Need crit, in gloves u must craft only Speed, in weapon andorment only crit hit , rings and amu crit hit....cape No khalys another two is good. Darkness set Need too much drakens and must be upgraded what Need enormus amount of drakens so no no no
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  8. jamakoo

    jamakoo Forum Apprentice

    alright. But why not Q6 and Dragan ring? does the cube ring really give THAT much? O:
  9. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    Actually the best option would be the Bloodtooth ring and you could even think to use both the ring and the ammy from that set if you already capped the CHR (which happens if you have maxed onyxes, full CHRotI ammy and Darkness Pauldrons/Q4 belt).
    The bloodtooth is a gamble but, the difference from a min rolled CHR ring and a golden rolled one is about 2% CHR (and just in the highest mod Inf3) once you've maxed onyxes.
    I've done several tests and also the combo "Witch seeker's pauldrons + belt" is slighly better than Khalis' Pauldrons + Q4 belt untill you have already capped CHC, every time the Q7 buff kicks in and you don't have capped CHC, Khalis' Pauldrons + Q4 belt is better and in every case the second option gives higher defs and Mana cost reduction.
    The best cape, DPS wise, is Nefertari one, but White Queen Cape (Karabossa) gives higher defences which ain't neglectable (as the the ones you'd get using Khalis' Pauldrons) because it will let your turrets stay alive during the boss fights (and there's a huge advantage when your turret is able to survive agaist a ranged or a meteor attack); this is true mostly on solo.
    Khalis' cape is decent for fast farming when you don't need more dmg because you 1-shot mobs, you don't use Q7 bonus because it's too slow and useless to trigger it (since you already 1-shot mobs) and you prefer mov. speed instead of a chunk of CHD.

    You also need to chose if use the full set or use only 2-3 items because you have the adornament slot used by Q8 adornament.
    I've tested both and they are very close to each other.
  10. jamakoo

    jamakoo Forum Apprentice

    Who would upgrade that ring 6 times? That must cost quite a lot of draken
  11. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    I did and I even crafted it as full HP


    When I need to go full dmg I swap the bloodtooth with a Mortis' Ring full CHD but honestly it barely happens because I'm a lazy noob and I prefer to stay with 90k HP (100k+ with DK buff) than squishing a bit of dmg that doesn't make much difference (considering with a SW group buff I'm anyway close to cap the CHD and I overcap the CHD with the Mortis' ring).
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