I need Help to Build my Dwarf

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Bigdan889898, Sep 5, 2019.

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  1. Bigdan889898

    Bigdan889898 Forum Apprentice

    Whit all the new patch, at this time whats is the best set for building mes dwarf, Tkx
  2. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Here is my current build. I have not been playing much.

    T6 Dragan hat (4x crit, 3 gold, 2-3 onyx skulls, 2-3 diamonds, mix of idoti runes and hp regen runes)
    T6 Dragan boot (uncrafted, 5 solstice stars, 1 speed rune, 4 hpoti% runes)
    T6 Dragan ring (4x crit damage, 3 gold, 5 amthysts, 5 hpoti% runes)
    T7 Sigris torso (3x gold damage, 1x armor on this item random, 5 cyanites, 5 armor% runes)
    T7 Sigris adornment (4x crit on this item, 3 gold, 5 onyxes, 5 speed runes)
    T7 bearach belt (4x damage, 3 gold, 5 diamonds, 5 resist runes)
    T7 khalys pauldrons (3x armor 2 gold, 1x resistance, gold, 5 diamonds, 5 materi runes)
    T7 medusa adornment (4x crit damage, 3x gold, 1x supergold, use 5 cooldown runes and 5 amethysts)
    T8 Herald 2H (300% idoti, 5 rubies, 5 speed runes)
    T7 Herald glove (4x speed, 3 gold, 5 amethysts, 5 steam reducing runes)
    T7 cube ring (4x crit damage as soon as I find a t7 cube ring, 5 amethysts, 5 hpoti runes)
    T7 white spider cloak uncrafted (5 diamonds, 4 snowflake 4/4/4 runes, 1 resist runes)

    Most of my gems are in the flawless/sacred stage, except for my gun rubies (4 royals and 1 sacred) so I have not bothered figuring out which of the new jewel combinations are optimal - especially jewels of coalescence.
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  3. Bigdan889898

    Bigdan889898 Forum Apprentice

    tkx alot
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