Ice Missile error?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by giulia, Jun 14, 2018.

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  1. giulia

    giulia Forum Apprentice

    Hello everyone!

    According to Patchnotes 210, the basic damage of the skill Ice Missile was increased from 50% to 75%, but in server, this skill show that we deal only more 65% of our basic dmg. Then, maybe somewhere it's an error?
  2. Erebus

    Erebus User

    According to R210 Patchnotes:

    In short, the base damage of the skill was boosted to 75%, but Sigrismarr's set is supposed to transform it to multiple hits at the price of having the damage of each missile to 30% only, as said, it will be fixed with the next release, thread closed, best regards.
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