Bug Ice sphere bug once and again!!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Nelias, Oct 29, 2017.

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  1. Nelias

    Nelias Someday Author

    Hey im forced to tak again about this problem, because czech moderator gived me an answer, that isnt acceptable. Bp told him , that this skill can deal max 266%(explosion) inspite of 332% like electrifield thunder.

    Well im asking why bp purposely changed mathematic formula for this skill, when every other skill for SW and other classes is calculated like 200x1,66 and not 200+66!! By this logic explosion of EA shoud deal 225% dmg and not 250% cause 250+225 isnt 250! Both these skills were introduced at the same time so, why one them is super op with armor break and second is just joke? This is just dirty game from bp casue it they wanted introduce skill with 266% they could just use same formula and and write in tooltip, that talent add 33% more dmg.

    When i compare ice sphere with precise arrow, we will find out, that ice sphere is much worst because ice sphere cant deal full dmg to moving targets so it usually do like 240+50% (290 total) or even less, but precise arrow is much faster deal stable dmg 300% and cost just 30 conc. So sw got low range slowly skill with lower dmg than precise arrow and same price of ess but more cost of mana. And we have to mention, that precise arrow is no where so pwerfull as EA.

    Bp purposely cripled SW and make jokes from everybody who play this class like talent, which allow us increase our run speed for 25% and 1 sec whist other get 40-60% run speed for several seconds..
    I play since DSo exist and can honestly say - SW isnt dmger in this game since they took away speed multipier from thunder and it was many years ago. I recommed to every single mage stop pay ander, since for same money you cant achieve what other classes can and Hp gems are perfect exaple and there is much more unfair stuff..
    But everybody know a Dk allways been BP's a hero as long as i remember..
  2. Frostarch

    Frostarch Junior Expert

    I'm new but aren't mages the weakest at boss fights? Frozen sphere isn't used at bossfights at all, lightning strike is.

    Frozen sphere seems fine for clearing a bunch of mobs, it rewards skill a lot also.

    What mages seem to need is a boost for boss fighting, maybe making guardian actually do a lot of dmg or allow brief periods of tankiness so we don't have to run everywhere to survive? Then nerf mages in pvp (i heard fireball spam is annoying) and i think people will be fine.

    Then nerf dwarfes ability to kill bosses amazingly
  3. Weltis2Acc

    Weltis2Acc Forum Greenhorn

    Can't say, if it's just an Skill issue.

    Q7set is broken. Mage is the onyl class that have an broken Q7set for PvP instead of PvE (not usable in fast Farm).

    I guess to switch this would solve PvE problems for Mages and the probleme everyone else have with Fireball-spam :D

    [Sry for my bad English]
  4. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    What boost do they need? there are videos of mages that are doing just fine soloing bosses, they are great at farming, you just need to learn the class

    Another one asking to nerf the capabilities of dwarves, oh great, another noobs whining about classes, for the wrong reason also, if the entire affair wasn't bad enough.
    What the mages need is an ability that benefits groups, similar to tesla for dwarves and rangers need that too.
    A mage shouldn't be looking to tank a boss, it should be always in movement, the guardian can serve as a distraction

    Frozen sphere is good for crowd control, sometimes there are so many mobs that you can spam the ability, without running out of mana
    Some patches ago they put speed multiplier in the frozen sphere
  5. Frostarch

    Frostarch Junior Expert

    I'm sorry but all i ever hear in region chat is how people are searching for a dwarf, very rarely do i hear they need a mage or ranger
  6. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    i suggest ignoring the region chat and find a guild, the region chat has an high concentration of stupid

    There are two reasons for this:
    1) the tesla turret can help immensely with certain bosses, it gives the tank anti-stun and many bosses do indeed stun the tanks, taking away the attention of the boss, it's not a death sentence provided the dps know what they are doing, it just makes killing the boss longer
    2) they probably see videos of dwarves doing the boss in a few minutes and think that all dwarves are like that, they think that all bosses, provided you have a dwarf, are easy

    A noob dwarf doesn't do anything, if they don't know what they are doing, a more experienced mage or ranger are better, especially a ranger with q7 set or a mage with q4 set

    Also, a sane person would realise that asking to nerf is a bad idea, what they have to ask is to buff the other classes
    What rangers and mages need is a skill similar to tesla
    For rangers, armor break for bosses is my suggestion, i do not know if it is good
    For mages, the 5 point talent should work not only for the mage himself, but for his other teammates, dunno if it is good, more expert players would know
    But you defended the grind of this game, what should i expect?
  7. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Please make use of the "search" forum function, you can find dozens of unproductive ranting threads.


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