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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Allogeneous, Jul 29, 2014.

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  1. Silverkey

    Silverkey Forum Greenhorn

    I like Darth Vader suggestion on how to fill the map. I actually thought about the pirate area, but I saw it on the islands (Grecia island in Darth Vader idea), with some kind of pirate of the Carribean atmosphere, with caves and lush islands... Then the desert and the jungle area looks fine to me. For the desert, I saw some kind of Egypt-like feature, with a major river running through it, giving a green and hospitable place to put the city and maybe a map or two. But then, up on the plateau, completely desert, and why not some ruins.

    Then I think the event maps should be located in this new world, too make it more realistic. Right now, during the event, it's like suddenly you teleport out of this world. Of course, those places may not be accessible out of the events, that's ok. So the desert of essences would be in the southern desert, the christmas events in the mountains north, probably close to the dwarf area...

    Also I think it would be interesting to use those new maps to develop a bit more the characters. The dwarves have their own maps, a full 5 level expansions. But nothing specific for the others. The new beginning of release 132 introduced ruins area in the jungle from spellweavers if I understood well (not sure I did). Then expand this whole story into a larger area. And do the same with ranger or DK, although the original Dracania world seems fine for me as a DK place.

    Finally, this would be a way to introduce the 5th class. I think it should be a pirate class, which would be similar to a rogue-type class.
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  2. Heydrah

    Heydrah Forum Greenhorn

    Chameleon Mountain (name)

    1) start at foot of Mountain fighting upward
    2) killing chameleons of different color ( or the drops could be of different color)
    would need certain amount of color to advance higher on mountain
    3) have surprise eggs hidden under logs, in trees, caves, in streams, waterfalls and when discovered could hold inportant items such as a little friend to help you along for a while, or turn you into a color that could attract enemies you would have to defeat
    4) when certain amount of color is reached....have mini boss of same color to fight against....and that will advance you higher on mountain to the next color after defeating him
    (each section of mountain host it's own color you would have to collect)
    5) the main boss would be all of the colors you collected coming up the mountain (red blue green yellow) each color the boss takes on you would have to defeat alone or with a group.....

    This could play out in the rain forest...jungle...instead of the mountain area....
    thank you.....heydrah
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  3. Exzir

    Exzir Forum Apprentice

    Ok here is an awesome suggestion.

    Kingshill is being invaded by the undead, the ice minions, and the dragons.

    Each invasion will one type of enemy. They come in at level 30 35 40 and 45 waves. There is a world map of the oncoming invasion. While they are coming they do not attack players but travel at a higher speed. If a player attacks they are immune to any aoe attacks while proceeding to Kingshill. If a player hits one they will be in rage mode attack enhanced defense enhanced. A level 30 enemy would be a challenge to a full group of 45's. Before or after they arrive to Kingshill players talk to a npc and they will telephone players to the kingshill map where the enemy arrives. Because of a character limits for maps there could be 2 different play styles. One is your in a que like the pvp que and once you die you go back to the end of the que. Other suggestion is each envision has a cap players and a min players once the cap is hit players are loaded into another map til the min is hit and the envision is started.

    The envision is like the defend approach. There are towers with supplies in them and the horde are after the supplies there can be 8 containers and players have to defend them. How well you do earns you points and points can be used to buy stuff or items can drop gear ect.

    When you die you can have a wait timer for free and they can spend anderment to spawn and premium can spawn instantly.
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  4. rayZERAKXON

    rayZERAKXON Forum Greenhorn

    You should make some more epic maps and epic armor all of your set they are
    everything just not epic .This is my example of epic armor and . you should maybe make our manual customisation of our weapons maybe to add some fire on them that they can glow that would be the interesting thing in game [​IMG] Something like this ...[​IMG][​IMG]

    Maybe some new Skills or abilities ..Like for example .
    MAGE:Folloving missles samge DMG like ice missle just the folov you in radius 10 m
    Ranger:Shots amount of precisions shots in air and fall down on ground cost 100 conc
    TANK : Some skil like wild swing but just when is he doing it his moving 3 sec
    Dwarf : IDK xD
    And new PVP Skill Invisibility 5 sec when your hp under 15 % ;)
    Cloack to costumize them that we can write our name on it cost 200 andermants
    or instead of cloack something like this,,,
    Having PET that is not just foloving us , maybe he can fight with us and dealing litle dmg
    BOSSES :)
    GOD of fire

    GOD of earth
    GOD Of wind :)

    Thanks and i hope my ideas are not so bad xD
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  5. HISPANO88

    HISPANO88 Someday Author


    To reach the islands of northern Kingsill, an underwater cave, ovonido type ..
    3 maps and more in these islands:
    -1 Fishing mini-city
    -2 Mini-maps (old fishermen town and Jungle)
    -and the tiny island Cave Boss

    The missions could be designed to help fishermen because the boss of the cave destroyed their city and nobody knows where to come this army.

    And also it has taken over the other 2 mini islands, on one of those islands was the ancient city of trade in fishing, which was destroyed, with only wandering souls, wanting to return to the request taking over the body of a hero dracania.

    Many possibilities for different missions.


    Map1: (45 -46)
    Rute underwater
    Frogs, jellyfish, and skeletons of drowned sailors

    Map2 1st mini-island: (45)
    fishing mini-city (not monsters, City) (Unnamed)

    Map3 2nd mini-island: (47-49)
    Ancient city of fishermen (Unnamed)
    souls; Ander Warriors (The beginning of the game) and mini-heredur's.

    Map4 3rd mini-island: (48-50)
    Jungle (Unnamed)
    ends with ander, infamous Fire Magic Warriors Ander (The beginning of the game), and guardians (invoking the wizard).

    Cave map5 Boss: (50)
    Cave boss
    3 giant witches invoke Ander Warriors (The beginning of the game) that are killed, the big boss appears, '' A dark circle magician, possessed by power and ambition ''

    Years ago a magician with great skills to protect dracania, was banished by his great ambition Kingsill power and anger in his eyes.
    Banished said wizard, hid in the islands of fishermen, where there lived in peace the humble fishing village.
    Root in the jungle of an island, found 1 magic cave unknown, there he met the 3 sisters, witches of the past who lived hidden in dracania, but not being human, his power could not reach their potential.

    Anxious to magician asked them to give all their power on, and would reign in the world with them at his side.

    And jamming began invoking ander warriors poseindo monsters under their control, and destroying the first city I had before,
    The fishing town (Unnamed), and his next goal was to avenge Kingsill, kill King Harold.

    '' You banish me, I bury you ''

    P.D.: I spanish sorry bad english
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  6. [Korra]

    [Korra] Forum Greenhorn

    Hello Drakensang, now I show you my ideas ;)

    New areas: As others have already suggested, I could imagine that the new areas are in the sky and the complete maps of lvl 46-50 are on sky islands.

    Now some suggestions for the maps:

    City area: I imagined something like that, just more clouds and the castle-colour could be more bright. With matching music, a friendly, dreamy atmosphere can be created, so that you notice you arrived in a peaceful sky city.
    Appropriately the NPCs there could be several types of angels :)

    Map 1: Something like that (meadows, forests, mystical and dreamy atmosphere), but around the island should be many clouds and also in the map there should always be places where clouds are visible, so you don't forget you're on a sky island ;D

    Map 2: Something like that (meadows, green grass, lakes, maybe a rainbow would be nice), but in addition there should be colorful flowers and butterflies flying in the meadows around. This should be a cheerful place with a friendly atmosphere.

    Map 3: Something like that (forest, many fog, so that you notice it's a mysterious place) with for example an old, forsaken castle, which is waiting for rediscovering by the players. ;)

    Monsters: -Mobs: I think monsters like fairies, dragons, unicorns or winged horses (who want to destroy the sky kingdom) would fit to sky maps.
    -Main Boss: An fallen angel, who has moved to the dark side.
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  7. Derek18

    Derek18 Forum Apprentice

    Hi ...My ideas for Lvl 50..:)

    New map: Desert..1 or 2 map in desert

    In desert map new monster....i dont know ..SKORPIONS-and desert skeletons..:D[​IMG]
    New Desert city....

    And map for unique the map 1 or 2 will enter the crypt[​IMG]
    in the crypt are skorpions -mutants Skorpions:[​IMG]
    AND unique BOSS...[​IMG]
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  8. Silaber

    Silaber Forum Apprentice

    Just a suggestion regarding the new mobs, why not get some more human-like? We have enough monsters at least that is my opinion, I'd like to see some great mountain area or even sky island with samurai as mobs and adding some taste of mythical as larger mobs. I like the idea of destroying them and pieces of armor flying away after their annihilation :D
  9. xmageeq

    xmageeq Forum Apprentice

    I have an idea:
    When the heroes of Dracania want to reach new lands they finally find it on the south. But it's a rocky coast where is impossible to climb it. However they see an opening near the cliffs which seems to be the only way in. After walking in for 2 minutes they start to hear a dull and slow noise coming continually from time to time. The curiosity makes them explore where the sound could come from.

    Map 45-46 - The Sewer Shaft
    Mobs - Reincarnated ghoul ( 45 lvl ) / Reborn zombie ( 45 lvl )
    Mini-boss - Infected Rat ( 46 lvl )

    Map 46-47 - Rusty Hallway
    Mobs - Skeleton mage ( 46 lvl ) / Acidic slime ( 46 lvl )
    Mini-boss - Masked Knight ( 47 lvl )

    Town for this zone - Pulverized shelter
    Story about the town - After getting further into the shaft, the heroes see natural light from fungus growing on the wall, after looking around and finding only dust and old skeletons, they consider they would make the place a hideout until they proceed further.

    Map 47-48 - The Flooded Gateway
    Mobs - Hungry mouse ( 47 lvl ) / Mutated frog ( 47 lvl )
    Mini-boss - King slime ( 48 lvl )
    Dungeon following this map:
    Old water:
    Boss - Wicked worm ( 48 lvl )

    Map 48-49 - Infested maze
    Mobs - Wicked mole ( 48 lvl ) / Headless cockroach ( 48 lvl )
    Mini-boss - The Incredible Roach ( 49 lvl )
    Dungeon following this map:
    Cracked wall:
    Boss - Rabies ( can be a rabbit or some kind of rat )

    Map 49-50 - The hollow barrel
    Mobs - Strong alligator ( 49 lvl ) / Smelly raccoon ( 49 lvl )
    Mini-boss - Mutated Opossum ( 50 lvl )
    Dungeon following this map:
    Old rust:
    Boss - The Unhealthy ( 50 lvl )

    P.S. Can't find appropriate pictures :(
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  10. NCJuji

    NCJuji Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, I have a lot of ideas and I'm going to start it of like this:

    [ Legendary Boss ]

    Legendary Boss, in another way, epic boss, will be very hard to kill, it might take a long time to kill him but he will also drop very good items, mostly around =
    Magic - Legendary items with a very low chance of getting Lindvior's Ring / Necklace. There will also drop general stuff like Crystals of Truth.

    I am level 23 in the game so I cannot really calculate the health he is going to have because I don't know the damage of a medium skilled level 45 player. ]
    • Epic Boss =
    Lindvior, The Ruler of Wind - Level 50


    • Min. 3 - Max. 5 parties in a Command Channel.
    • Amount of player in a party = 5
    • Requirements = Level 45-50
    • Instance allowed every 72 hours. [If you fail, it's a 36 hour wait].
    • Death = 1m. wait for Re-spawn, cost = 2 Gold Coins.
    • If a whole party dies, it is out. [Also gets kicked out of the Command Channel.
    • If all the parties die in the Command Channel, you're all out.

    1st Round: Kill the minions that spawn all around the map.
    2nd Round: Destroy the Wind Cannons that throw boulders and deal a massive aerial damage.
    3rd Round: When the cannons are down, Lindvior will spawn and fly around the place for a minute while other people get a chance to regenerate.
    4th Round: Lindvior will come down and stun everyone, when the stun is over, it uses its skill to attack players with deadly damage. Skill Chances:

    Windy Wings - 50% Chance - Death - ( 1 minute wait to re spawn ). - Top 3 Damage Dealers.
    Wind Shock - 30% Chance - Stun ( 5s. ) - Aerial (All).

    Let's end with this, and go for the next one:

    [ Clan Wars ] -

    • Up to 6 wars per clan
    • War lasts for 1 week and can be cancelled for 1,000 andermants by the clan leader.
    • People from the clan which are in war with you, are allowed to fight against you anywhere apart from the Cities.
    • If a person is from a clan which is in war with your clan, they will have a small sign of two crossed swords, meaning you can fight them.
    All clans can declare a war on another but the clan accepting has to deny or accept. How about getting Clan Reputation if you kill an enemy from another clan? After a war was finished with a clan, to war invite that clan you need to wait for 48hrs.

    Olympiad ] -

    Olympiad is a place where you fight with people, 1 v 1, it's not like Arena because it's a ranked pvp area where you earn / lose Olympiad Points. It is also has to do with classes because when the Olympiad period ends, the person with the highest points out of their class becomes hero and he gets a shine effect around him or something? Also, if you win a match you get Olympiad Marks, which you can trade-in to get valuable items like Crystals of Truth, Health Potions and other stuff...

    • Olympiad Period = 3 weeks, next period starts after a week.
    • Olympiad between 6pm - 10pm in GMT +0, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    • If you win, you get 1 point, if you lose, you lose 1 point.
    • If you have 0 points, you need to wait until the next period for them to reset.
    • There is a maximum of 30 matches every week.
    • There is no drop in the Olympiad.
    The Olympiad Maps:





    Trading ] -

    Allow a trading function in which you can sell / buy or just exchange stuff, it will make the game much better as a lot of people get good stuff which is either too high level for them, too low or just not needed.

    If you do that, allow drop for different classes, like in most games, you get drop for different classes and I bet people will like it.

    Command Channel ] -

    A function which can join parties together, it is very useful for Lindvior, if you go in one party, you'll die. Also, command channels can be used for pvp and all kinds of stuff.

    [ Healer Class ] -

    It will be nice to have healers in game as they can heal people for raids, that will actually make the game better, I understand some people can say that then the game is going to be easy, well you know, in most games, healers are weak, so it might be quite easy to kill them... I think it's a worthy idea as from the 40's levels.

    Maksims, 12.
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  11. LordSinbad

    LordSinbad Forum Greenhorn

    Pirates! Take to the oceans, freedom waits acrosss vast seven seas. This is my idea, pirates. Sealing a vast ocean for level 50+
  12. UndergroundKiller

    UndergroundKiller Forum Expert

    i suggest 10 new maps, 6 inspired to crusade and 4 like egypt.
    MAPS:crusade>a main city, a little city (like werian refuge), 1 map common for all players, 2 dungeons and 1 boss room.
    egypt>1 main city, 2 dungeons and a boss room.

    MOB:crusade>spirities, usual mob like skeleton etc;
    egypt>anubys soldiers,crown, eagle-soldiers an mummies.

    BOSSES:crusade>A boss like God powers (lighting strikes, nature attack etc);
    egypt>Ammon's bad brother.

    UNIQUE ITEMS: new weapon adornament (there are only sargon's and mechanical set);
    new off-hand (for wizard and hunters, a book or quiver; forr warrior and dwarf, a shield);
    new set, maibe composed by armor, necklace and shoulders.

    At the end i suggest a new class/race... NEFERTARI, which can be used like healer of party members.
  13. Tigraine-Mantear

    Tigraine-Mantear Someday Author

    Actually, I only have 1 suggestion for the Skill Tree.. how about for Rangers we get a chameleon skill, that allows us to blend into the back ground. It only have to last a few seconds, possibly better for PVE.. Kind of a Stealth mode.
  14. Thealux

    Thealux Forum Greenhorn

    hi someone mentioned an Egypt themed map. I imagine lots of ruined Egyptian cities scattered across desert and covered by sand. Huge shattered monuments and statues hidden under dunes .. during the day mighty scorpids and scarabs and giant "ant" eaters would lure after every corner for our hero ..
    During the night awaken mummies, snakes and swarms of insects would hunt everything down etc ..

    Sandstorms would blind everyone and make him vulnerable.

    Something like: [​IMG]
  15. Sangie

    Sangie Forum Apprentice

    I've seen alot of great ideas here, I'm excited to see what you do with the lvl 50 maps. My idea is to have an ancient run down city, with sort of an Egyptian feel to it. Something similar to this.
    lol its not that Egyptian just picture it older with pyramids in it.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I would love for it to be similar to the PW area. Like Ocean of Bones and Halls of the Dead and a big boss at the end. The monsters could be some sort of wild cat, skeletons, snakes, spiders, scorpions, ghosts, mummies, and the big boss could be a giant scorpion/human. (got the idea from a movie.) I'm not sure about what monsters would go there, I haven't thought on that much.
    You could maybe have 3 parts to the maps, above ground for first part and we would fight wild cats, spiders, and snakes. In a temple or pyramid for the second part where we fight scorpions, spiders, and skeletons. Then in a crypt for third part where there are ghosts, mummies, and skeletons. In final map in a huge grave with the big boss.

    It would also be cool if we could have traps set all over the place and have them hurt not only the players but also the monsters if we lead them into the traps. And secret doors or paths that can lead past a lot of monsters but have alot of traps in them. Or have a secret map that one or a few of the doors take us too where we can get a better chance of uniques or have a higher essence then blue drop in them so you can get good ess for the big boss. It would be very cool if you made us think by putting in quests where we have to clear map then look for items in it so we can open the door to the next part. Or make it so we can only get into the door if you stand on an object to open it and it only opens it for so long so you have to run to the entrance before it closes or move an object onto it so it stays open. Like you can stun a monster on the spot and run to the door before the monster unfreezes.[​IMG]
    There is another trap I saw in a movie but i cant find an image of it anywhere. I call it the stick trap. There are alot of sticks or planks of wood that hold up the roof but you have to be able to move them without the roof falling in on you. There are carvings on the roof and one picture or a few pictures that are similar that are safe places for the sticks to be moved. If you do it right and in the right order you can get through but if not the roof falls in and you die. I think that would be a cool trap for the game.

    I would also love it if we got another skill for the lvl 50 mark. A skill that doesn't only benefit the one player but all in the group. Like an SW will get an hp bonus that they can use to increase every ones hp in the group. DK an armor bonus, Archer damage bonus, and Dwarf a crit bonus or speed bonus. Or let us choose which skill we want to choose. instead of choosing between 2 things give us the 4 to choose from. And if that isn't possible give us the choice between damage or armor.

    And new thing on the knowledge tree maybe something like another tab for equipment. Similar to the tab to switch back and forth between what you use on the mouse or how you changed the talent so you can pic two sets of skills you want. That way a player can have a damage set, then switch to a tank set with the click of the mouse.

    Another pvp skill I can't think of anything at the moment for that but if there is something added to the other talents there should be one added to pvp.

    Ok that's all I have I hope I wrote it so others can understand it. It makes sense in my head.
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  16. Duriastriker

    Duriastriker Forum Inhabitant

    i havent put much thought into THIS idea, but I will in a sense int he near future. To a previous idea above, the horsemen one? I was thinking of that but lets put an eviler aspect to it. Mortis is already pressumed as Lord of the Dead, so in a ranking sense, let's give off similar bosses but not include them riding a dragon. Not offical, but yes have 4 of them, but Lord of the Dead, Lord of the Damned, Lord of War, etc. Just ideas.

    As for ONE of the new bosses, I was thinking of a mortal path. Ill just put it out there:

    He is a lost soul taken from mortis to conquer the world heart(as the quests lean torward) if im right. Anyways, without control, he aims to do so. In the quest that leads up to him, you find out he is a fellow soldier for the army of Dracania, sacrifing his life for the people in that particular situation. So in that act of honor, he is damned to serve mortis. As for the boss itself, I was thinking the map be like gorga. A single mob at the top of the map, and the rest it spreading outwards if that makes sense? He stands on a circle, it's like the one khalys is in when shes in the middle. He stands there in rags, but has chains hanging off him, and his holding a length of chain in each handle. His attacks are swinging them across the entire map, everyone gets hit if in range of him. Another one is he slams both chains in the ground in a parellel way, and his bursts andermagic(like khalys) but its just 1 burst.

    Yes, you will always get hit if your in range to fight, but as for a way to regen or block his attacks, I came up with this:

    Before the fight, you must fight some sort of mob, it gives a buff. Such like the virgin in New Moon. You dont need the buff, but it helps. It allows what, whatever dmg you take, you get 1% of the dmg dealt, hp back from it. So if he does 3000 dmg on you, you receive 30 back from that.

    It does sound a bit easy considering if you have tons of pots. So to make it more difficult, I was thinking we introduce a new type of mob that falls along the lines of the ones we have now in Sea of Shadows(souls, death knights, skeletons). I was thinking Andermagic Vortexs, or Dismembered Human, something to give the scare factor. Bring them in the fight with the boss. Whatever level it will be, I overall think if needs to be a challenge. Something that you do, even for endgame, and say "Wow, that was hard". A have another idea, I will post it once I configure everything.
  17. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    @xxxVenom Before you get banned for spamming, read the forum rules.
    When a moderator is deleting your post you don't re post it again.
    I find suggestions with a length of one sentence not enough worthy for this thread.
    Maybe you can try little harder and explain your idea explicitly.
  18. xxxVenom

    xxxVenom Forum Apprentice

    I'd like to see a questline where the level of your gear is not the determining factor on the outcome, where a player can progess to a certain extent based on their own ability to solve a puzzle or riddle, but in combination with fighting prowess, where a player needs to make choices along their way which determine the outcome + may result in fail (returning to re-do something for another chance) or success and their quest continues.......This is my idea for only one map / a side map of the whole expansion.
    My theme would be

    ..a rainforest / jungle area, with wooden huts and temples, underground tunnels and catacombs,

    which you enter at a beach, set in a nice sunset or twilight time, where you find old ship wrecks perhaps.

    Players have to face creatures like evil monkeys, snakes, floating shrunken heads and voodoo dolls and fight their way through a jungle or rainforest..


    In the jungle, around huts and temples players would meet „mini bosses“, like voodoo masters.. Defeating those bosses and other monsters would give players a portion of a special item (I'd choose rune stones :) ), which they exchange with an NPC (either in the map area, or in town) for a treasure map.


    This treasure map shows outlines of a hidden area / a labyrinth, that the player has to find (would be the 2nd part of the map / area).


    In front of this labyrinth the player hits on an ancient stone wall. Some of those stones show old magic symbols / runes. The player needs to put those symbols in the right order to get a code / password, which gives access to the labyrinth.
    I'd build that puzzle like a slider puzzle, where you click on a stone to move it, make it either with a password to encrypt or with a picture/drawing to put together.
    One of these treasure maps allows one try on that puzzle for a certain amount of time (little timer opens on the screen when entering this puzzle). And a little help might be given, by telling the player the percentage of the code in right order.

    I believe, this sort of puzzle would be challenging for everybody, newer and more experienced players and would give everyone the same chance, cause it's not depending on player level and gear.


    To enhance the chance of a successful progress I'd put a „CLUEHOLDER“ (an NPC) somewhere on the map, which may or may not show up and if, then on random places (like the piggies in the winter summit). This CLUEHOLDER gives out a hint to eliminate 1 (out of 3 or 4) „fake“ exits out of the labyrinth.


    Inside of the labyrinth the player has to defeat little monsters too and fight their way to 3 or 4 exits. There they face a mini boss again. But only 1 out of 3 or 4 gives exit to a hidden place, I imagine it's a little jungle temple or a tomb.Inside of this tomb the player hits on a big boss monster (like that fella on the pic below ;)) which they defeat to collect (randomly dropped) in total 4 matching items, which they can craft into one better item, like an outfit or a weapon made for each game character. Players might go back and fight again and again, til they collected all 4 matching items from that boss.
    Those items could be for example like fragments / parts of a weapon.. like for the spellweaver a wooden pole / tree branch, one or more monkey skull(s) and some snake skin, some hair of shrunken heads.. 4th ingredient (for each character the same) could be a chicken leg (since that's a popular item in the voodoo magic lol). To keep it exciting and not too boring, but encouraging for the player, I'd let collect them from each ingredient more than just one item, to make the player come back and play that area again, because this big boss would drop mostly only ONE item ie.


    To sum up, my map consists of 3 parts: the farming area, where the player farms for the rune stones, to exchange them for maps, then the labyrinth area with the puzzle at the entry and the 3rd part is the tomb/temple with the main boss.Each stage of that map can have an „entry ticket“, given by an NPC or completion of previous area allowing player to advance to that area if they need to return later, upon using that ticket the player will need to gain another to access that area subsequent times as in some events already in DSO like the Dragan event.

    *This is just my ideas thought up over a couple days, which is a bit more expanded on my original post, obviously there will be gaps in my plan which will need further expansion, but it's just my 'theme idea' :)
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  19. Duriastriker

    Duriastriker Forum Inhabitant

    Awesome idea:

    Take mortis story a bit farther. When you kill mortis, a blue arrow pops in the middle of room,where he lands on 2nd stage. "Underworld" or whatever you want to name it. Entering there,you then find out Mortis is just a mere servant to something bigger. He IS the god of the dead in our world, but what about the other realms? Make it so we can go there,but when you enter,its like a waiting room, theres a statue in the middle and you have to click it, it will spawn a random OP mob you gotta kill, it drops a key for each member which is used for the door in the back of the room. Then youll be put torward a random realm in which you farm that map, theres a boss at the end which will drop a certain unique.What makes it cool is the mobs don't run away from you here if you go to far, Ifyou try to run to the boss, they'll just follow you the whole way. Each boss is a god or whatever, alot harder than mortis.

    I also have a parellel idea for it. Make Ammon a boss. In the new parellel maps, make ammon one which you will have to fight. Heres the idea of him:

    He's been in it with khalys the whole time, he wanted you to collect all these frags to just make the nefertari stronger,in which it did. Seeing as you can defeat khalys, that enrages Ammon, so the next boss you will fight is him. The storyline goes somewhat like, the Durian gods need your help, youve stopped mortis from taking the world heart,but new evil has emerged. Travel to Ammons realm and defeat him. There like blackborg/varholm portals, but you get it from the NPC "Durian God" or whatever, which costs 100 gold and a certain quest. THe quest can be like, 10 frags from khalys and 10 from mortis, or something like that, each pass is that. Not so much a quest, but add it to what can be dropped from them, and you can stock pile them, so 30 frags from both and 300 gold, gives you 3 portals. Each person needs a portal. IT makes this way so you cant continuesly farm him.

    The Fight: The map is sorta like khalys, terrible drawing but sorta like that. The first round area has a huge andermagic vortex. You must kill him first to revieve the buff inorder to kill Ammon. The Buff is "Holy Essence" in which it gives x1000 dmg, because ammon has a ton TON TON of hp, so this makes it harder/gives us a little sample on how it feels to be gods, because well, were doing a gods work, were the best of the best. So, you kill the vortex, he cant be stunned, or have any debuffs on him. your in this andermagic barrier so your running around alot, makes it tough. In this area of the map, prem works, but theres a barrier in the sector ammon is in, once you go inside, you cant go out and to respawn, need 120 ander.

    Ammon: Think of the khalys map, where she is in the middle, but ammon is there, with a light purple dome around him, it's the dome of his light force. The idea of the fight is 1 person is allowed inside the dome to attack ammon, no one else can go in it. Every 10% hp he falls, more vortexes spawn, 5 of them. There high hp, decent dmg, then can be stunned but it doesnt last long. The vortexes job is to kill you and break to dome, if they break the dome, sorta like Mortis souls, it has a meter, he then explodes into andermagic wind like khalys and everyone dies. So, you cant let that happen, while one is dmging Ammon, the others must protect him, Sorta like the Mortis. after hes down 50%, 2 people can go inside the dome, but Small andermagic wind covers everything else, Like 1% of your hp per sec. To kill him, it requires team work. Whoever is inside the dome takes no damage, so it also requires some thought.

    Drops: There not a set but peices of gear, head, torso, shoulders, weapon, ring and weapon adornment. Example, the helmet will be "Durian Helmet of the Divine" something like that. Godlike gear, the drop rate for it isn't that high, but its not really low either.

    Stats: The stats should be all basic stats, gives a little bit of everything, Not OP, but pretty close. Now the best part, is the adornment, is "Ammon's Heart", its the purple sphere he has on his chest on the NPC. This is all lvl 50 btw. Thats a requirment. The stats are +10% dmg, +10% hp, +20% (rage,mana,steam, conc) and 10% armor. Its the rarest of them.
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