Ideas for new content - Lvl 50 Expansion

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Allogeneous, Jul 29, 2014.

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  1. awaroa

    awaroa Advanced

    some maps/world under water you need new mounts dolphins sharks whales . you need to surface regulary for air then descend for more fighting. the higher the level the longer you can keep your breath, some gadgets to help you extend your breathThere are NPC-s like merrmaids to help you. Sunken pirate treasure to find. Giant octopus to fight. Theme can be tropical like great barrier reef with colors and sunshine when you surface to breath birds can attack you and you fight them. Tropical Islands to explore and fight on. some islands can be prehistoric tropical with sabertooth to fight and other paleo monsters

    Some new rewards you can get tatoos that have magical protection, mounts that fly ,

    in towns when you enter you have option to walk around without all your armour on so we can actually see the chars. see the necklaces, rings,tattoos. This happens automactically so you dont have to take of the battle gear , when you leave the town you have it all on again.

    Extra hotkeys for mounts and emos Each level up creates 1 new hotkey for your mounts and fav emos and the above option.

    More ways to interact with other players and create freindships. Available at level 46 and up. you can have for every level up 2 players on your FL ( they are on your FL and you are on their FL) that if you play together you have 5% more damage/health against monsters . So you can create 10 intimate friends. Even make 1 special buddy/partner/mate call it what you want when you both are lvl 50 and play together you have 10% more dam/heatlh/attack speed/resitence/critcal hit in PVE play. Can change partner 1 x month for example.
  2. Thank-you all for your awesome and creative ideas. A much appreciated effort. Well done :)
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