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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Feb 26, 2015.

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  1. Slitrobo

    Slitrobo Forum Connoisseur

    Dragon Knight skill level 46-47
    Code of the Knight – all mobs within 10 feet focus attacks on the Dragon Knight for 6 seconds. 120 sec cool down.
    Level 50 talents
    No Mercy – Code of the Knight doesn’t taunt mobs but gives the dragon knight 10% more damage and speed for 6 seconds
    Sign of a Leader – Code of the Knight gives all allies other than the DK within 10 feet 10% more damage and speed for 6 seconds

    Ranger skill level 46-47
    Vanish – Ranger becomes invisible for 4 seconds, breaks early if taken or deals damage. 120 sec cool down.
    Level 50 talents
    Safe Retreat – Vanish decreases next attack taken by 50%
    Surprise Attack – Next attack after Vanish is 50% stronger

    Spellweaver level 46-47
    Soul Burn – all damage increases by 100% for 10 seconds but cannot move. Any damage taken is doubled and will end the Soul Burn. 120 sec cool down
    Level 50 talents
    Life Drain – 10% damage dealt will heal the caster
    Cursed Soul – Soul Burn deals 150% damage but any damage taken will kill the caster.

    Steam Mechanicus level 46-47 skill
    Attack Bot Buddy – summon a killer attack robot (mini destructor)
    Level 50 talents
    Anti-enemy cannon – Iron Dwarf skill summons an Iron Dwarf Cannon. IDC cannot move but has block and resists of the Iron dwarf and does 100% more damage than normal ID.
    Turret Surprise – all turrets will explode and stun enemies when they deactivate
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  2. kelluehaze

    kelluehaze Forum Apprentice

    the dk should have a better one for dragon fury like "Dragon's demise:radius increased by 2x, the explosion last's 2 seconds longer and it does 200% dmg instead, i cant think of one for ranger,mage or Sm
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  3. prakash1

    prakash1 Forum Apprentice

    Knowledge: Duel Wielding
    DK: DKs should be able to use twin blades, I mean one handed blade on both hands making the char more faster and efficient
    Ranger: rangers should be able to use crossbows which should be a 2h weapon and this type of weapons should have more speed in default like 1,25 as the short bows now have 1,05 or it should made as tho the crossbows could be used a 1h weapon with slower speed 1,05 but should be able to duel wield but i think the first option is better.
    SW: 2 wands
    SM: duel guns like DK

    DK: Should be able to summon 3 or 5 little dragon spawns those could slow down the enemies movement then they hit and make some fire damage
    SM: Should be able to summon 3 or 5 little dwarf drones or Buzzsaws likewise.
    SW: Ok the SW are already the most useful and powerful char in this game to make them more useful I suggest they have a skill that can heal the entire group by 40% and the cool-down time for this skill must be like 2-3 mins.
    Rangers: Well you see unlike the other chars the ranger char seems to have a difficulty to get recruited in a group unless he has good pvp rank to make a show of his/her power, it is because this char is considered less useful otherwise because the rangers lack the ability to break enemy armors. So, I suggest that the rangers finally have the ability to break armors that too not a single target but multiple targets. This doesn't even have to be a new skill, it can be made as lvl 50 talent that the thorns arrow could break enemy armors.
    Thank You
    Thank You
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  4. Hartvig

    Hartvig Forum Inhabitant

    I will leave it to those, who are more experienced at playing other classes, to make up ideas for those classes, but here goes mine for DK:

    Dragon´s Range: Doubles the range/area of effect for every attack for 15 sec. (If it is too OP, hit enemys can have their travelspeed increased by 10-15% for 2 sec)

    Dragon´s Range: Every enemy hit is burned by 30% for 5 seconds, this effect does not stack.
    Flagbearer: You now carry the Banner of War, so you will not leave the area no matter how far you move.

    While Dragon´s Range is active, a great ghost-dragon floats around the DK and performs synchronised attacks, giving a better feel of how far the new range is.
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  5. Bluffkin

    Bluffkin Forum Greenhorn

    DK lvl 50 skill:

    Scorched Earth - summon dragon to fly over and breathe fire on a 10 m radius. DK cannot move while skill is active. 200% base dmg / fire dmg for 3 sec.

    Cost: 100 rage / CD 90 sec.
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  6. yeomanry

    yeomanry Advanced

    Knowledge Tree
    30: Leap-(Applicable only to Epic Mounts) Your Mount can now hurdle over obstacles and tight passes. If successful, skill resource is depleted to zero.
    35: Battle Mounts-(Check my sig) Similar to Treganna's Joust

    Ranger Skill Tree
    47: Camouflage-Exploit Nature's best defense and fool your pursuers. Become invisible within a 15 sec frame whenever you're idle/remain stationary (Not attacking)

    47: Venom-Cast 4 venomous Spores upon the target that deals poison dmg over 5 secs.
    • When spores are popped on a target, one damage tick is removed from the target for the remainder of the duration. All secondary targets in range will be applied with a new duration of Venom. The primary target's duration is not renewed unless a secondary target's Venom is popped, applying a new duration that is separate to the previous duration.

    47: Lethal Coating-inflict a lethal hunting arrow that consumes 50 the resource needed. Hostiles upon hit are unable to heal for 3 secs (Travel Time/Bullet drop of 1 sec).

    The effect inflicts damage depending on the amount of Health restored during the duration. CD: 50 secs.

    47: Self Sacrifice-Drains 95% of your remaining Health Points and to your target's. Requires 2 sec to cast to the skill (which you remain susceptible to dmg; at melee range) and you are unable to heal over a 3 sec duration. Any restored Health inflicts dmg during the duration.

    (Inapplicable to End Boss, Unique Boss)

    Ranger Fame Tree
    45: Revenge-Conjured Monsters (Wolves/Wraiths) will explode in a Poison Cloud that will deal dmg over time upon eventual death/expiration.

    45: Reap-Camouflage effects now lasts 5 secs longer and restores 2% of your Health Points per sec whenever you're invisible. Casting Dive and Blade Dance now affects invisibility during the duration of the skill.

    Steam Mechanicus needs an overhaul
    47: Field Doctor-Steam Mechanicus assembles a Medical Turret that fires Healing Orbs encased in a Homing Missile towards you and your allies for 8 secs. The Turret fires at half speed of your base speed and restores 5% of your maximum Health Points each hit. Each enemy hit suffers a 10% HP depletion (Not maximum HP)

    47: Alternative-Steam Mechanicus lets half of its Steam and covers a 8 meter area of zero visibility in varying time frame; 50 Steam does 8 sec invisibility,
    25 steam does 4 sec invisibility (Smoke Bomb so to say);
    depleting all lock-ons of all skills. All turret and firearm attack speed is increased to 20% respectively within the area, armor increases by 50% temporarily during the time period.


    Dragons are the archenemies of Men in Dracania. Tamed Dragonspawns cant fly either. Its out of the lore. Just saying.
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  7. sandip.tayel

    sandip.tayel Forum Apprentice

    power of invisible for few sec, or twister power of air, this type of power can add in sw
  8. sdknightno1

    sdknightno1 Advanced

    Dear Devs,

    I do not have specific skill suggestions right now but I can provide you with my general comments on ranger skills. In the past you have attempted to balance the classes of this game and I would say that you have succeeded balancing the classes at early game stage, but the late game is still terribly unbalanced and the ranger class is still underpowered.

    For the upcoming new skills and talents what rangers need is 1 or few of the following:
    - A shot that deals elemental damage
    - The ability to reduce the armor of the target
    - Better crowd control skills
    - Ability that increases concentration regeneration/ replenishes concentration
    - Talent that increases concentration regeneration/ increase max concentration

    The above represents the downfalls of the ranger since the class at end game is:
    -out-damaged because all shots are reduced by armor and can't bypass or reduce target armor
    -out-DPSed because heavy concentration requirement of primary skills like hunting arrow and precision shot and therefore concentration gets depleted quickly
    -out-maneuvered because crowd control skills are arguably the hardest to use out of all 4 classes.

    Please consider these points for ranger when you are making the new skills. Early game is fun, but balancing end game is what really matters for hardcore players and for heavy payers.
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  9. awaroa

    awaroa Advanced

    hopefully with new skills comes more hotkeys for these skills, how about a skill so that you can give your team member hp when they are low
  10. xhungryzombiex

    xhungryzombiex Forum Apprentice

    dual swords for the dk and dual guns for sm
    lvl 50 dk summon dragon spawn just like the summons rangers and spell wearers get
  11. rpgman

    rpgman Forum Greenhorn

    Switching to your inventory to find your mount and then right click to mount is a bit cumbersome.

    Might I suggest to have a separate slot/mount inventory where you can select your current mount. Then ingame you only need to press a hotkey to mount and unmount that selected mount.
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  12. .paschall.

    .paschall. Junior Expert

    stronger dragon hide-dual wield ie-short swords longer daggers
    ability to enhance weapons with fire-ice-poison-elactric enchantments(but dont make them impossible 2 get like the -20% higher armor gems-or the foot travel gems-have our essences on screen so we dont have 2 access inventory 2 change them
  13. Yash786

    Yash786 Forum Apprentice

    RANGER - I have a Ranger so I know how hard is for ranger to solo difficult maps... it would great to have a skill to break armour
    Hence new skill = BREAK ARMOUR
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  14. Merlin_K

    Merlin_K Junior Expert

    Ranger: Break armour, it is only class who no have this ability.

    p.s. sorry for my english :)
  15. Excalibur1974

    Excalibur1974 Junior Expert

    Basically a Ranger lacks of these skills:
    - Poison arrows (i.e. green arrows+poison). This should be a default ability due to the implicit attitude of the ranger class.
    - Armor break. Already said.
    - Anti-block. Too many ability of rangers can be easily blocked by other classes using their FAST options; while Rangers have no opportunity to do this. Think also on how SLOW is the launch of the bird (meaning that opponents have very big time interval to block it), and this is almost absurd for a naturally quick-and-fast class as Ranger should be.
  16. Teleportist

    Teleportist Advanced

    2 wands?
  17. prakash1

    prakash1 Forum Apprentice

    Hahaha yeah 2 wands might work too
  18. lewcar

    lewcar Padavan

    For rangers I'd rather a stunbreak talent than a skill. Say add 30-50% armor reduction to net (difficult to land on moving opponent and small AoE), otherwise it would be too much of an advantage.

    Another good talent would be remove the cost of concentration for Marking Arrow and add small poison effect, whilst marked.
    (New theme suggests tribal/amazon feel, must have poison!) :)
  19. yeomanry

    yeomanry Advanced

    Player summation: What has been wanted, so far

    1. Leap Skill for Mounts
    2. Slot reserved for either Mounts/Capes/Pets
    3. Battle Mounts
    4. Gem slot for Capes

    1. Ranger- Armor Break, Poison Damage
    2. Spellweaver-Group/Solo Healing skill
    3. Dragonknight-Passive Buffs and doesnt want to feel being the only melee
    4. Steam Mechanicus-make this class as efficient as it supposed to be before releasing the 5th.

    Lastly, Mod toleration on off-topic. Too harsh, too strict, too *insert insult here*
  20. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Hello Heroes :)

    Thank you all for your ideas and suggestions - they have been all collected and forwarded to the Game Team.

    The thread will now be closed.
    Best regards,
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