Feedback If DSO do pvp-arena gearless, will u ever pay money again ?

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by emmaaxxx, Oct 31, 2018.

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If DSO do pvp-arena gearless, will u ever pay money again ?(Answer only if u ve payed at least 15E)

  1. Yes, i will pay again

  2. No, i wont pay again

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  1. emmaaxxx

    emmaaxxx Someday Author

    Plz, answer only if u ve payed at least 15E or ur vote will not have effect
  2. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    I paid a few times for premium and andermant that I used to buy inventory slots. It was to make the game more pleasant, the inventory is quite a problem in the beginning. And yes, I'll pay again if I'll start from zero. A few $$ doesn't make a difference for pvp, it cannot help crafting the 4 lines faster. And who pays for gems and runes and takes shortcuts to OP level, pays hundreds to thousand of $$. DSO for sure will lose those clients, but not us, the rest, the small payers that play more pve. Anyways, we can't do anything more than wait and see. I won't be surprised if the new pvp will somehow introduce some shortcuts that involve a pay2win system again.
  3. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    So you put a poll that end in a day? What is this why you even bother to put that?
    Is not a problem if you pay because maybe you will buy premium or pets or costumes , the real problem is that you will not see a necessity to do that because you don't need gems and runes and better enchants if you play pvp.Is so wrong to nerf old players to gain new players.
    Players that like pvp won't have a reason to play this game since they will be nerf like that and remember is not the first time.
    Every time BP make big changes to the game they nerf value of players and this game has that single purpose to grow in value spending money and sometime coring time in long events.
    Every time bp nerf the game they erase value from our accounts that can be quantified as money or time.They dont have a way to transfer and save that value like commun stash or trade, they dont bring new content so that you can recover that value fast, is not a non p2w game to not care about that value because that would translate only in time.

    If they make this we will have 2 games in a game and it will be much cheaper to play 2 distinct games than DSO.
  4. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master


    This is an example of why internet cannot be a healty place and freedom of speech is an abused right.
  5. emmaaxxx

    emmaaxxx Someday Author

    Someone that never pay in general, he will also not pay on next release too. But if someone had paid 100E for buyng dmg gems to deal more dmg in pvp for example , he may dont want to buy again gems to deal just more dmg only in pve without any aspect in pvp.
  6. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Never gave a single dime to this game and i never will

    One of the challenges of this game is creating a strong character for free
    BP will never win against my will of iron
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  7. emmaaxxx

    emmaaxxx Someday Author

    It's not such a big deal if u just pay 15E per month for a deluxe account. Its more about prodactivity, if u can develop a strong char in 5-6 months with deluxe when u need 1-2 years without. This money u give, will safe u from spending more hours of gameplay that u could spend them on a job or a diferent hobby. Btw if u do some hobby u pay here too in order to entertain and be as much productive u can.

    Gaming like playing an mmo game like dso is a hobby too, so its not crime if u pay a little, just like we do in our hobbies. Why to do harder our life ?
  8. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Why should give money to incompetents [EDIT]?Why should i fork money for a game that i now will die and be unplayable?
    That is why i won't ever shop or give them money
    A company that allows bugs like the pinata bug or the daily deal bug doesn't deserve any money
    Those bugs should have been stomped out on the test server, not a week into an event
    Why should i give money to a company that doesn't even have a QA department?

    Also one of my personal challenges in the game is creating a strong character without paying money, being free
    Of course it takes long, but it's my challenge for the game
    If i wanted to shorten that time span of course i would have payed
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  9. emmaaxxx

    emmaaxxx Someday Author

    If u dont like a game, then u just dont play it, but if u invest time on it then u invest money too, dont forget that time = money :)

    But anyway if ur goal is to build strong char without paying at all , then i can understand this too, this is a motivation too.
    Its like some ppl that have hobbies like : play music without organs but only rubbish, do climbing without equipment just bare hands. These are some challenges that make alternative type of hobbies.
  10. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    it's not only my challenge, it's about the principle of quality control
    Also no, time isn't money

    Companies that allow such gamebreaking bugs to reach live servers should not be rewarded with money, simple
    Ubisoft was lambasted and mocked to no end for its bugs in assassins' creed Unity( the disappearing face bug if you remember)
    Betesda is criticized costantly for its buggy games

    Why should we have different standards for BP?
  11. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    sorry, but I don't catch it.
    which is the connection of your thread/request ?

    Bp had never forced you to spend your real bigga money in DSO.
    All payer have done it freely
  12. emmaaxxx

    emmaaxxx Someday Author

    Ok i ll make it more clear, if u have never paid for this game, u will probably wont pay on next release too.

    I made this thread focused on ppl that pay in general and keep this game alive. So i just ask the ppl who had invest some stuff on this game, if they will invest money again if the arena become gearless , this thread in other words means : do u aggree with a gearless arena or now ? I just focus on ppl who pay in general to see if they pay again.

    Dev may dont care if u dont like the new changes , but i suppose they care about ur money , so i focus on paying.

    A lot of ppl have paid a lot of money in total, aiming to build a super good pve gear in order to be very good at pvp. I ask these ppl if they will pay again for an almost gearless arena.

    We cant close our eyes and pretend that this game can live without payers. Payers keep this game alive in order to let the other players play a good game for free. We owe them and we must respect them and not fool them.
  13. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Listen, you know full well that payers pay to make themselves stronger, do not pretend that they pay out of philantropy and good will, you know it's out of egoistic desires,i'm not going to buy the theory about them doing that out of altruism
    But that's not a negative or a flaw, it's fine and acceptable, there's nothing wrong with that

    You don't have to be a payer to be against the new changes, i am a free player and i oppose them, i think they are bad

    I suggest you also signal boost this proposal made by trakilaki
    Perhaps the devs will become aware of it