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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by FAALHAAS, Aug 14, 2018.

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    FAALHAAS Forum Mogul

    If someone be so kind to explain to me what changed in this game last 2 years?

    I just tried to go to the map i remember i went to get easy kills for event, but now i get completely slaughtered on that map :)
    ...I did notice they changed the skill/wisdom thingy and they basicly reset everything.

    The skills i think i managed to get back as how it was, but the wisdom is completely changed -Ffrom what i remember you could level up 4 or 5 skills, now its a complete page and I got no clue where to put my points.

    Im level49 steamboat and got about 130 wisdom points. Where do I focus on? (im thinking damage mostly, but since i cant handle maps without dieing im not so sure)

    if someone could please direct me a bit :)

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    this aint fun.....died 9 times after posting, if the game changed to some weird pay to win. im out
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  2. vegetadavid

    vegetadavid Forum Mogul

    Hello, you can for moment focus HP (80% for 20 point !) and dmgs/criticals.

    You die becuase items have be rework, they give much more !
    you probably have to change all your items

    FAALHAAS Forum Mogul

    How do you mean rework? :( i thought my items were great haha now im not so sure


    well nevermind :)

    this game seems to have change to such point its pay2win.......trying to gget 1 quest item for over 3hrs now and died for about 40-50 times. Ran outof silver to repair, didnt get my quest item.

    Everyone i see in this map can 1 shot everything and i need 6-7 shots and die when they hit me once or twice

    I see no point in dieing over n over again, killing over 1000s of same mob for 1 quest item that doesnt drop at all.

    havefun and im out

    Little hint: theres no guides to be find anywhere on the net. Never did I see a game with so few info around. Even the fanpage got no info regarding anything.
    I feel like i wasted my whole afternoon...tryin to play a game ive played before,but its just impossible. (cus of dumb changes that do not get any explaination at all........great for ppl that come back.)
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  4. In the last two years, items have had their base stats adjusted. Now, all items have damage, HP and either armor or resistance on top of a wide range of enchantments. These days, even an Improved or Magic items can easily outperform some old uniques and legendaries.
    If you are referring to a guide for what has changed, there has never been a need. Either a player has been around through the changes and adapted slowly, or they are a newer player learning as they go. There are very few that return after so long so there is no way to be sure the relevant topics to cover.

    I'd recommend going down 3-5 levels, farm some magic and extraordinary items, and then trying the levels you are playing right now.

    I know it seems P2W to you right now, but the game is the least P2W it has been in ages. You simply need to take the time to adjust to changes that most players had months to adapt to.

    The last recommendation I can make is that you should start a new character. Play for a couple hours, or even a couple of days, to get used to the new mechanics and stats. Once you have a handle on things, go back to your main character and you'll have an easier time. adjusting.

    Finally, if you want a summary of all the changes in the last two years, check the wiki's Updates page where there is a short summary of all Releases and a link to the in depth patch notes.
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  5. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    If I were in your situation, I'll farm level 43-44 maps until I'll get half or full legendary with this new items the game has now. After that I'll go to maps lv 49 and do my quests.
  6. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    You come back after two years of serious changes and rebalancing and are then shocked when your old gear is obsolete?

    It should be an easy matter to go down to easier maps (like YWOYD and nvmind said) to get items that are usable by today's standards.

    Like YWOYD said, this isn't a question of "Pay to Win." The game is a lot more F2P friendly now than it has been since forever. Now, with enough grinding, a F2P can get just about as strong as any P2P. In the past, I was completely F2P, but now, the only thing I pay for is premium, because it gives a very real and measurable value.

    The game evolved. Time for you to do the same.
  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Not really ... this game is Cheat2Win friendly.
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    FAALHAAS Forum Mogul

    Maybe youre right, but I think some guide/explaination would have been nice in my case. I was tubborn enough to still try and farmed lower maps as ''nvmind'' said. Got decent gears, then turned lvl50 today and find out about the new gems.

    I mean; is this a joke? How the heck am I supose to have space for this? Cant combine the new gems with old gems...need some stupid expensive refiner to make them lvl50.....

    yea well nice way of rewarding someone getting lvl50. Its like yep; now you gotta pay up or leave.......I know i spend lotsa time getting these high level gems and now i got to convert 48 gems??????????

    Really, I got no clue why this game is still up and i regret being stubborn. Shouldve quited 2days ago when i said it. (this was truly a waste of time, thanks bigpopint!)
  9. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Dude, calm down. Those so-called expensive refiners can be earned for free by completing your daily quests. You only have 48 gems, and if you're a new player, those are small gems. You'll probably finish converting them in a few days and never even know what was the issue in the first place.

    FAALHAAS Forum Mogul

    almost all 3rd highest level. from what ive seen I need TONS of refine stones and meanwhile got no inventory space cus of all the new gems that drop. I worked many hours on these gems and now i get punished for having high level gems. Its just bull........

    I played this game in beta and quited 2yrs ago.....i never shouldve came back and waste these many hours just to find out this new gem system.

    I cant believe you all accepted this crap when they released it. This is just forcing ppl to pay, since i got no other option; pay for space or get out
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  11. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I had 3x royal rubes, 2x sacred rubes, 1x royal onyx, 2x sacred onyx, 3x royal defensive gems, about 5 sacred defensive gems and about 42 flawless defensive gems to covert when they fist introduced the new style. That is almost 19k refiners and between farming and occasionally buying when there was something good in the daily deal, it took me over a year to convert them all. If I hadn't bought any, it would have taken closer to two years. Quite crying.

    As you've been told, the game is much improved, and if you'd been here for the incremental changes, you'd have seen it. Instead, you are just getting the shock that comes from a lot changing too fast for you.

    FAALHAAS Forum Mogul

    Yes youre right. Too much changes for me to adjust and thats not all....dailys are impossible since PVP is just being 1 shotted by lvl55s. And i liked PVP...but for someone who comes back with old gears-> no way to have fun.

    Trust me; I tried last couple days, cause im stubborn as it can be, but no matter what I do; I die.

    I cant do parralel world, not even with 300% dmg essence.
    Cant do anything on painfull difficilty (only one I can do is great desert....the first part of map, snakes kill me)
    Dropping gears...not that hard, but I keep getting the same pieces, so no set complete, no bonus, nothing.
    Bosses...i can do them 500x and nothing drops. (in the end I always feel like i lost cus i used potions/essence and didnt get anything back for it)

    So if everything I can do as someone who comes back to game with this much changes; do 6 dailys to get these refiners everyday and thats it right? And that for about a in. day out.

    So for me the changes are all CRAP....and thats being nice. Only nice change is; no more crystals needed to identify gears.

    You all can call me a crybaby all you want, but this is just how it is.

    Not to mention im 100% sure: hp bubbles drop allot less. Currency drops allot less and they raised unique drops (specialy 1 you can waste storage space till eternity cus youll never find other pieces)

    OW and lets not forget the arena event: HOURS N HOURS have i put into it and what I get for it....all stupid DYE , 10 draken and a couple of gems that also drop from monsters.

    Great rewarding event, really GREAT! Dropped all the dye, cus i dont have room for crap liek that. Who the hell even needs that? who the #$%R#$% cares what color my armor is, costumes cover everything.

    So if any of you people enjoy this crap...go see a doctor, cus something is wrong with you to the point of insanity.
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  13. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    [ Image Removed ]

    Anyways, I took about 1.5 years off from the game and came back some 8 or 9 months ago. Trust me, when I came back, I got melted in PvP and PvE too. What exactly were you expecting? This is not an offline game where if you disappear for a few years and come back, you pick up exactly where you left off. Things will continue to change over time as long as there are updates.

    Also, I'm wondering why on earth you want to do higher difficulties already. I scrolled up and you said you're a level 49. Finish leveling to 55 via quests on normal mode, then start the grind on higher difficulties. You are wasting resources like higher essences, not to mention the most valuable one, your time, for no reason.

    With regards to PvP, well that's an unbalanced mess right now. But I'll be quite honest, if you really want cheap(ish - because it requires time to sit through pvp matches) refiners, just pay to shuffle your pvp daily quest until you get "Play x matches." You don't need to win. You can even reg, accept, and afk for 30 seconds while your opponent one-shots you.

    HP orbs drop less, yes. But there's Hangman's Pride in the wisdom tree now. Look it up, use it if that's what you need. Actually, maybe what you need is someone to guide you through what the heck to do with your wisdom tree, since your opening post says you don't know. I don't have time to do that right now, so maybe later after work.
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  14. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Let me stop you right there. Unless you have a clover, or really like doing PvP in it's totally unbalanced current format, you don't need to say that dailies are imposible since you don't need to do them. You can get the first 5 of the 6 rewards with doing nothing but PvE. And, on those rare occsions that you do have a clover, Silverseas already told you how to handle that:
    That is a symptom of how PvP is broken right now and doesn't improve once you get good crafted level 55 gear, tons of gems, tons of glyphs, or runes. The only difference is that instead of you getting one shot all the time, you'll get one shot sometimes and you'll one shot them sometimes. Again, after two+ years away, you need time before you will be able to handle the easy/moderate stuff again. It will be at least six months of hard farming, crafting, and running events before you are even close to competitive in high ranked PvP again.
    This is a lie. If you did what we recommended, you'd be doing fine by now. But in case you've forgotten, go down several levels... IN NORMAL... and farm extrodinaries and legendaries to replace your out dated gear. Because of the changes to base stats and enchantments, even your best item right now can be out done by an item 5 levels lower than you with even OK stats.
    See above. You should not be doing anything in painful until you have reached LVL 55 and gotten all your gear to LVL 55 legendaries. You used to be tough stuff, but that is in the past. Accept that the game went on without you and you have to spend the time to rebuild and not think that you somehow deserve to be as strong as you were when you left.
    You are still thinking about 2+ years ago. Sure, the uniques from the normal maps are still random drops, but all of that gear is pretty much junk. All the event gear and PW gear can be bought if you farm long enough, even if you don't get lucky. For event uniques, you can buy them for draken, and PW uniques can be bought for Materi frags. You can even buy the items at higher tiers, but that often requires finding a guild that will help you by carrying you through a higher difficulty once you have the needed frags and you can buy it. But what is the common thread here? You need to farm, a lot, and not just complain that the game isn't what you left.
    Don't judge the state of the game by the anniversary event. It is the single worst event they have done in over a year. And if you were going to spend those truncheons on anything, you should have used them at the gem merchant's piñata; Gnob is a rip off. The only other event that comes close to being this bad is the All for One event that is currently running every weekend this month. But in the last six months, we had a Dragan event, and that is one of the best events in the game right now. It has amazing gear, tons of Draken, pets, mounts, emotes, you name it. We also had the Defeat the Undefeatables which is the single best Draken farming event in the game because you could buy a ton of passes and use them even after the event ended... plus there were five different pets you could craft. Or there was the Big Game Hunt which was very grindy, but had 11 clovers, 5 flawless gem bags, a radiant gem bag, and 760 Draken, among other things. Or there is the monthly new and full moon events that have some nice gear too, including some pieces that are standard in most end game builds.
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  15. MademoiselleCaramel

    MademoiselleCaramel Junior Expert

    I truly admire yours (silverseas, baragain) will to help this rude person. Obviously he just came here to rant, does not listen to any advice, and he just keep with his disrespectful writings.
  16. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    You may notice that my tone has shifted though. I started out relatively polite, but when he demonstrated he was going to ignore sound advice, I got a little snippy and I have much less sympathy for his "problems". Not apologizing for my tone... just saying, if you want help, listen to the people who are offering help. If you want to rant, don't pretend that you have a sound platform from which to complain.
  17. MademoiselleCaramel

    MademoiselleCaramel Junior Expert

    Off with their heads, if I may say. :D
  18. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    If I'm posting on the forums, it just means I got bored of actually playing the game.

    Picking up where I left off earlier today, invest your early wisdom in HP% and some damage %/appropriate weapon damage % (there's two of them, one for 1h weapons, the other for 2h weapons, make sure it matches what you're using). I don't think you'll have enough crit rate for the crit rate/crit dmg from the wisdom tree to make a difference in early game since you don't have crafted equipment/mega onyxes. While the current meta seems to focus on damage, damage and more damage, I'm just going to point out the game is different than 2-3 years ago. Back then, it was feasible to build a true glass cannon character with minimal HP/armor/res and focus entirely on damage/crit. Nowadays, monsters deal a lot more damage. Unless you like spending a lot of time taking naps on the ground and being a useless group member (trust me, you won't make friends like that) I advise going the route of being relatively balanced.

    If you max out those 3 talents early, consider adjusting your attack speed to a decent breakpoint. If you can attack faster, it means you have more flexibility in dodging attacks that would kill you.

    FAALHAAS Forum Mogul

    Rude and being annoyed is a big difference. And as to your ''advice'' that people give me; most advice is quite useless isnt it? If the advice doesnt work, its not usefull and being annoyed goes to a next level. If an ADMIN can see, im pretty sure im one of the first 1000 players in this game and yes I quited back then mostly cus the farming for crystals was just stupid.

    Now that im back, nothing that i was use to do (like PVP...getting dailys done is quite important these days to get clovers, so you can save up for those nice gems that give 10% 20% value to armor or speed or whatever it was, is now impossible)

    As for wisdom, I did do exactly what Silverseas said, everything is in HP and DMG and trying to get attack speed up. It still doesnt make me able to pvp or do any dungeon. Same for all the other advice. Its all nice n all, but it isnt helping and it doesnt give me any hope its gets better if I keep playing.

    In this game to me it seems you need to be able to do dailys and dungeons to progress....if they both become impossible, how will a person ever be able to progress? The dungeons I can do drop gears that doesnt really improve much. Better said; they all got crappy stats and getting a complete set so the set-bonus compensates a bit, is just impossible or the setbonus isnt even worth it. (i found 1 complete set and it was worse than my legendaries in every possible way...lost almost 10k CV by using a uniq set...lost 1k dmg, 2-3k hp and lots of armor, no improvement in anyway).

    Event gnob; i did use most on the gem guy, but still feels like a waste of time. I threw away my other 40 arena chips. All the struggle to get them, just to find out youre wasting your time. Now its great to hear there are events that DO reward you, but far as i found out they take place once or twice a year. (or less...not much info to be found)

    So if you want to give advise; how does someone progress if you cant do dailys and cant do any dungeons/parralels?
    ...and to be it seems uniq sets are complete useless, or im finding only the crappy ones. So what gears arent useless and are obtainable for someone who cant do what i allready mentioned.
  20. KingKrazy1

    KingKrazy1 Active Author

    What? No. Not at all.

    Step # 1:
    Step # 2: Understand and upgrade your wisdom.
    I went %dmg > 2H %dmg > % Health > % Crit > atk speed > ... But you might do it differently. Everyone has the same information. Read the descriptions and try a couple of different setups.

    Step # 3: Do the Qaizah quests. This will be on normal, so you shouldn't be dying at all.
    Step # 4: Do the monthly events. Both the new moon and full moon events have good gear/sets.
    Step # 5: You will now probably be ready for PW painful. Farm bosses and Materi frags for better gear/sets.

    Notice how each step is in the posts above. What about it is useless?

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