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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Temerario666, Oct 19, 2020.

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  1. Temerario666

    Temerario666 Someday Author

    Since yesterday is imposible to play. 3 to 5 minutos to change maps. AGHATON
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  2. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello Temerario666 and I am really sorry that you are unable to play. It is hard to tell what the issue is really. It could be so many factors. Please contact the Support and report this issue and I shall also make a note of it. Please bear in mind that such problems have already been reported - you can read about it here. Thank you ;

    kind regards;
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  3. Temerario666

    Temerario666 Someday Author

    ty for your anwser but its now happening to the 90 % of player in aghaton .
    I alrready cleam temp. but the ploblem is to change map , an many player cant enter to the game .

    this is whats its happen
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  4. GodWarrior02

    GodWarrior02 Forum Greenhorn

    i can't play, its imposible.
    Everyone in my clan, they report the same, loading too slow. yesteder all day. I want to play, not see a loading screen for 30 mins. my nick in the agathon is gowarrior im hunter
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  5. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Agree something is wrong with Agathon Server
    Everytime they launch one of these long events same thing always happens and same complaints always arise.
    1 Can not log in
    2 Long screen loads for maps
    3 Ghost screen for 5, 10, 20 ,30 minutes
    Funny this happens with Dragan Halloween Christmas Sewers Events constantly every single year they load them in , same bugs same problems but hey it is not DSO's fault it must be something on our end.
    How many years have you guys recycled the same events (4 at least) and this is not fixed ever ?
    But you can offer your stupid cloaks to suck $$$$$$$ off the suckers.

    Is anything going to be done about Agathon Server ?
    Compensation ?
    Extention of the Event ?
    I have not started it as I will waste the 3 hour free cloak because the server is crapola

    4 Retry's to enter Khalys …………….. If you press the X button you get stupid Error 23 still logged in …………… Please fix this
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  6. Wragel

    Wragel Forum Greenhorn

    Congratulations Bigpoint you are managing to destroy the game I love so much, AGATHON is impossible to connect, I put Deluxe and I cannot play. A big applause to all those responsible for not giving a decent satisfaction to us, consumers of this product that is only bringing us stress.
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  7. cogix

    cogix Regular

    I am in the same situation as you.
    5-10 sec when I am lucky to wait while the map is changing. 40 seconds to switch toon (for daily).
    Losing one day of my weekend when I can advance on the event is not fun... especially when I decided to use the buff to farm. Stupid me that I did not check the game before to use the buff
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    TEKIRAY Forum Greenhorn

    I'm too! :(
    I also have the same problem!
    it seems that the server is everywhere, because not only did I complain!
    If we try to enter the event area it will take too long for the game to disconnect by itself!
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  9. lotusk

    lotusk Forum Greenhorn

    Im not shure it is exclusive to agathon server, but right now the game is literally unplayable, cant log into my account and when i got to log in either the map doesnt load or it wont allow me to leave my current location. And yes ive cleared temp, ive reinstalled the game, ive reset my modem, reset java's cache, none of it works because it is a server issue.
    I get that events usually bring a higher player count and therefore stress to the servers, but this is ridiculous... this has been going for days now and gets worse and worse every day, to the point that my friends and guildmates just gave up on playing all together.
    Please fix youre servers ASAP this is a major issue and should not be dragging for this long, all i want is to play the game and enjoy the halloween event we have been waiting for, cant really do that if you wont allow me to log into my characters -_-
    Ps: The intent of this post is to get some attention on an issue i find to be severely damaging to this game, not to hate on the devs, so please be civil on this thread.
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  10. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Please rest assuerd that the issue is getting more then enough attention. Please read the following Announcement.

    Thank you;
  11. tjlurch2_200

    tjlurch2_200 Forum Greenhorn

    I was finally able to log-in, but ended up having to start over with the daily log in rewards. Not really tp fair tp be honest, since it wasnt on my end, but on yours. But i guess it is what it is
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  12. Omarius77

    Omarius77 Forum Greenhorn

    Unable to play, despite maintenance in aghaton, the eternal screen loads continue and the game continually takes you out
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  13. Nethielle

    Nethielle Padavan

    Also on Heredur server there're freezes every time I go back to Kingshill.
    I cannot enter again Oldfield map, game freeze and I must close the client and restart it.
    It's impossible to play like this!
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  14. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    All I know this has got worse not better. Teddy Bear addressed it an official announcement on October 8 and they still have not done anything. Several of my friends have given up today not worth even trying. No one wants to wait around 2-3 min for a map to load.
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  15. 815rastegamer

    815rastegamer Forum Apprentice

  16. DreadFuhl

    DreadFuhl Forum Greenhorn

    Reposting as my original reply seems to have disappeared. I just registered, verified my email, downloaded the client. Using Firefox. However, when I click Play Now it goes from green to darkened background and nothing happens. I have submitted a help desk ticket. Any advice in the meantime?
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  17. CaballoLoco

    CaballoLoco Active Author

    And to expand the concept, the reports will be received at the same speed as the loading of maps ..... that is: they will arrive in the year 2022 .....don't happed......HAPPY NEW YEAR...
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  18. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    You're playing from the client, not Firefox, right? By default, the game is no longer a browser game because it requires Adobe Flash which neither Adobe or browser developers any longer support. There are apparently workarounds, but most of us gave in and have been running the game from the client for quite some time.
  19. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    actually this has to do with high res textures somehow
    even if you have the full client downloaded, the problem is not map change but a new map loads 3 to 5 minutes
    this happens to me too, so whenever I have a new temp folder I try to do as many maps as possible to get quick map loads after a first load.

    However, if this is not the problem you're experiencing then I apologize and I have no advice for you
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  20. NutBreaker

    NutBreaker Forum Apprentice

    1 year passed, and EXACTLY same issue here lol
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