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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Ash, Dec 3, 2013.

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  1. Ash

    Ash Advanced

    So guys, I have a 1/2 a-bar-away-from 45 ranger but also created another one to do it better. She's now at lvl15.

    One thing that is stumping me, in PvP, is how other rangers seem to aim and hit me (any of my toons) when I am running, whereas I struggle to make contact so easily on a moving target. I'll aim but miss.

    I win more than I lose, so not complaining, lol, I'm strong and imho skilful enough :p but it can take a loooot of running around and often sneaking up on unmoving targets in 3v3, and I want to make a ranger worthy of the class. So want this part improved. I'm sure other new rangers would like to know too.

    So, is this my slow travel speed (no boot speed on my little ranger!), their bow speed, their crit rate? A combo?

    My crit rate is 44.95%+, my attack speed is 1.13.

    Thanks for your insights.
  2. spiro_spula

    spiro_spula Forum Connoisseur

    You have to 'lead' a moving target (aim in front of it rather than at it). If you attack with mouse1, hold shift to do this. Just clicking a player will result in a hit only if the target is stationary or very very close.
    Also, do not make a new ranger because there is nothing you can really do differently and either set of skills can be rerolled (for free at first and later for a bit of ander). If you want to make a new character, choose a different class so you can learn its strengths and weaknesses the easy way rather than in the arena getting shot by these new and interesting skills.
  3. TheInfamous

    TheInfamous Board Analyst

    The reasons people are able to hit you:
    1. They most likely have fast attack speed.
    2. Level 30? fame talent. Aff. The one that increases travel speed of missiles by 33%.
    3. Your don't run as fast as Usain Bolt.
    4. You probably don't run in unpredictable patterns. aka. no patterns. Just change directions randomly and stop abruptly at times. It will really throw enemies off. Do a spin once in a while too... like a circular motion with a short radius. Most DKs will charge past or miss their Iron Brow. ;)
    5. They have probably been playing for a while and play a lot of PvP so their aim has gotten better. And are also able to predict where the enemy will be when their missile reaches them.

    Reasons you don't hit people:
    1. They run faster than Usain Bolt.
    2. Have low attack speed. Get a short bow ;) or save and buy the 12,800 andermant bow.
    3. Haven't been playing for all that long and haven't done much PvP. Just keep trying and you'll get better with time :)

    There are certain places where enemies can force you into a predictable travel route and kill you. Like when you're behind an obstacle and they use Bird of Prey. You have to run left or right and so they will be able to hit you as you are running at a very steep angle away from them. You may have noticed that people miss a lot when you move at a 90 degree angle from them. And they rarely miss when you move in a straight line away or towards them. So sweep from side to side every now and then and you shall outrage them tremendously as they miss all their attacks.
    A good counter to the bird strategy is to run right after they come at the opposite side of the obstacle. As soon as they get there they will do these things:
    1. Drop some meteor, lightning, singularity, or bird.
    2. Jump over and try to kill you fast. (especially if they summoned singularity)
    3. Wait there until you try something or until their skills cooldown.
    So simply running as soon as they reach that place will throw them off. I've made mages teleport and frost nova and fail miserably because they would be out of range. Singularity + Ice missile + Fireball and wait as they die slowly lol.

    Don't wait too long. If you know how they will act you know how to counter them. Beware of Mind Control. If they use it, that usually means they are teleporting to attack and will teleport away right after. Ect etc. If you are running and being chased, don't only run. They will close the gap. It's important that you scare them with attacks. Of course, if you are fighting some Ranger with 7k HP and a ton of armor this won't faze them. But then again they probably have 900-1000 base damage and 2 attack speed and you'd be dead before you knew it anyways.
  4. Ash

    Ash Advanced

    Excellent advice!

    Yes, as for strategy I do it all really. It's rare the bird gets me hehe Some not applicable to me at lvl15 of course.

    So crit rate not an issue?

    I have a feeling it's their travel speed, because the shooting doesn't seem particularly fast, or no faster than mine. But I see players move around faster than me. And of course my 15 has no travel speed.

    It's like... you know when you have a ranger continuous shooting and you are running around them in a circle? Well, some of them hit me so easily, and when I do the same I don't hit as often. Even when I use the strategy of aiming at the spot they are about to enter rather than directly at them. But their hit rate seems so much better than mine I was thinking I was low on something speed I guess :)

  5. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    Well, it all comes down to skill. I can kill people with higher ranks. Practice makes perfect :)
  6. Ash

    Ash Advanced

    I have 1 of each... except the non-fantasy game dwarf ;P
    and yes, playing each means I have learnt the strengths, skills, and tricks of each lol
    I have a 45 ranger and a 15. I never did pvp with the first, and levelled too fast, so that is making an enormous amount of difference.

    One big difference to me was changing my arrows to the right mouse button. duh. means I can shoot 'blind' and hope for a hit, not having to wait for the target. Essential in 1v1. Which I guess is the shift key thing. Thanks for the reminder, I will use it for my precision shot.


    Well nightwalker, I have to disagree that it all comes down to skill. Gems, gear, specific stats all come into it too. Skill doesn't make me run or shoot faster. :)

    I can't tell you how many poor players I've played against who will kill me because they have the damage to do so in a few hits. I have the skill to make it difficult for them lol, but forget winning.

    So it's useful when others post and share specifically what these skills are, or offer insights into other possible issues.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2013
  7. Geobli

    Geobli Advanced

    Few tips may you not know. First always shoot where the target is going, and not where the target is at that moment and second never press R-click and keep it pressed trying to hit a target that moves "around" you. You must click it like a "manual" gun and not like an "automatic" one. Simple as that. Also in 3v3 maybe you notice rangers stunning you from far away, you can't even saw them, that is because some are playing in windowed mode, wided(that's not a word...) the game resolution at max. They can see you but you can't see them, if you are not doing the same.
  8. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    I beat people who shoots faster, runs faster, hits more, and has more hp. Really, if they are stupid and stand still just because they think they used a lot of money, that doesn't mean that they'll will win for sure. Obviously, equips and stuff matters a lot. Choose lightfoot pvp tree talent when you can.

    Well then, here is how you use the skills of a ranger. I'll give a tip or two as my main now is a ranger too.

    For one, you do not have to choose a crit build. Rangers can be strong crit or not, they just have to learn to mark and hit. The ideal bow for pvp now would be a predator, but as you probably doing low level pvp, still choose a shortbow. A windrunner would work really well if you have a freaking lot of time to get a lot of glyphs or use money to buy some ruby to buff your attack. Otherwise, in my opinion, a self crafted legendary shortbow can sport more damage with a decent amount of attack speed. You can still hit with a bit slower attack speed if you have the skill. I'm guessing you have the money, so if you really want to play ranger that doesnt require as much skill get a windrunner which is really fast and buy some rubies.

    Trap against DK: Use the mushroom traps against DK :p They're actually very effective, not so much for SWs.

    Learn to use your net. This, I cannot teach. You just got to learn how to use it. Beware that it has some casting delay time which is a pain, but when used correctly, it is one of the stun skills where you can choose your own designated area which can be good when used strategically.

    The bird isn't that fast: When you level up and get your bird skill, I'll just tell you, it doesn't really hit. Well, it hits DKs when they charge you so do learn the timing. For SWs, get a bit closer yourself and use the bird. So what if it doesn't hit? Your opponent must run, easy path to predict and shoot at. You can even combo it with net skill.

    hunting+precision: We'll if you cant mark and shoot at least one of each then really, ranger isn't the best class for you. Spam some greens and shoot a few precisions. Ranger doesn't have concentration regen as fast as SWs, use your precisions wisely.

    Deadly blow: Not that useful for PVP especially for low levels when deadly blow doesn't even have exp tree talent

    blade dance: well, if you level that high this skill can allow you to escape or atk sometimes. However, I do not recommend this skill as it costs 50 concentration (33 with talent tree- however 100% dmg with trap is more effective).

    Well, that is about what you need to know for low level rangers.
  9. TheInfamous

    TheInfamous Board Analyst

    Your critical hit rate is fine, Ash. If you want to see fast results in how easily you can beat others, increase your attack speed. But don't get the attack speed talent because the movement speed one helps a lot more. Trust me... I used to be a damage buff and had like 1,00 attack speed... then I started getting attack speed and got obsessed with it because it really is that amazing. Of course, thats from a mages perspective. A ranger may be a bit different but still, whenever I play on my ranger I wish I had around 1,60 speed at least.

    I would suggest buying lots of sapphires during gem sales. If you make multiple accounts and do quests with them you can get a lot of andermant before the next gem sale. Made a level 30 dwarf and gained about 6k andermant so yeah... do that twice and you've got yourself the andermant bow with 1,31 speed. The reason I suggest buying this bow is because it will save on your CoTs and well.. with 12k ander you can barely buy 3 polished gems.. which would be only ,15 speed.
    If you already have a decent shortbow, however, buying gems may be a better idea because gems can be reused as opposed to the bow.. in time, the ander bow will lose its value.

    In short.. increase your attack speed. :)
  10. ~IceAngel~

    ~IceAngel~ Junior Expert

    You get beter with time just try to go to arena with some friends and watch different peoples play style pay attention to the way they walk mark them at all costs..then try to predict where they will be in 1/3 of a second or 1/2 and shoot there sometime the person will "move like a mage" as i say and you will miss but most of the time it will hit them.

    Speed helps a lot try to get at least 1'50 in the future i don't ever let mine under 2'00

    Also try to get all level 45 legendary before you go back to pvp in level 45 that way you have the best chances of winning (you could also buy a lot of gems).

    The higher your pvp level the higher chances of winning you will have.
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