Feedback Infested Sewers of Kingshill (Sept. Edition)

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Sep 6, 2017.

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  1. Radenska

    Radenska Junior Expert

    Actually, having maps with green/grey aliens (á la TFTD) would be a very fun add-on to the game :D

    ON/ till the challenge starts, it's a complete waste of resources (=keys) to farm any other than the basic map (mostly if you are lucky enough to have +10 buffs) to horde keys for the challenge, as normal dogtags drops as well int he two next-level sewers where is a must-to-go for the challenge.
    Then, if one's done with the challenge, it's time to kick in all the buffs and finish the basic map, if needed, that is.
    So, as Iselda says, no need to rush at all.
  2. -{Gabriel}-

    -{Gabriel}- Active Author

    If I had not saved the buffs from the last Sewer Event there is no way I would waste my time grinding this event
    The Development team have lost there way this is supposed to be FUN
  3. chiuseer

    chiuseer Advanced

    I have to complain:the drops rate of keys is no good. The quest, finding the citizens, u know what, only 2 citizens in the map.
    I use 12 keys for 2 citizens,:(. I don't like it. Some times, 5~3, but 2, really make me upset.:mad:

    I always suggest BP one thing: Players use Realm fragments to change any event tickets. Isn't it a beautiful thing?:)
  4. Eridiani

    Eridiani Forum Apprentice

    Well,i got both pet's in first run on two chars,skull with dwarf,kraken with mage and both dropped by The Puppeteer,Pet Maniac,Peeler and Mother dropped forgettable stuff's so far :)
  5. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    That's right.
    There should be a ministry of health warning, that the game's hazardous to players' sanity.

    The game's slowly ceasing to be fun:
    • Non-payers need to spend a thousand times more time than with any other game to get at least a little something -> no fun & insanity.
    • Payers can buy everything if they have the coin -> no fun, because what's the point of playing it, if you can have everything right at the beginning.
  6. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    I got the Skull (with hatchet) on my first ever run in the sewer under crypt. Me, actually got something, can you believe it?

    Played this morning, now I can't get the character screen [Play Now] button to work.
  7. rogue07

    rogue07 Someday Author

    thanks for removing the bigger buffs,
    now this event can rot in the sewers. :)
    (im not sorry)

    funny how devs have mentioned multiple times over the years how they will "reduce the grind" and make events "more enjoyable"

    i guess lobotomized farming zombies occupy the dev team - only way they would actually believe this is actually "more enjoyable" or "reduced grind"

    at this rate, I dread the next Dragan and Dark Dwarf events.

    a very simple principle can explain this situation; on any genre of gaming, whether gradually or from it's inception, if the effort/sacrifice excessively outweigh the gains, it reflects a severe lack of content and/or creativity from it's developers. to keep its players hooked, dso team has no other idea beyond time enslavement of its diminishing loyal player base.

    idk if they're oblivious to the fact that it's backfiring. more than half the people I know cant be bothered with this event after the first day.

    p.s. about the gnob bags, bought a few of them, none gave the buff. so yeah... dont waste your draken on this garbage
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  8. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke




    Actually the event is doable. But who wants to spend 15 straight days farming...

    And one advise to everyone:
    Whenever you can buy a thing that says "can contain" or "may give you" etc., just don't bother spending a single coin on that. Maybe devs will snap out of their twisted business model and will make the game really free-2-play or maybe better, buy-2-play which would immediately reduce the farm & gamble thing by 90%.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2017
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  9. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    You are overrating the importance of those buffs, I completed the main progress in 3 hours with those buffs and now that I'm doing the Challenge I've already farmed 1,5k more progress without the buffs (meaning that the buff were totally useless).

    The Challenge is probably a bit boring if you didn't have any valve left from the previus event but, anyway, everything turns around those valves,
    The buffs you had or you can get won't help much on that.
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  10. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    But the problem is that they worsened the event, they didn't improve it, why removing such a feature? it's not really removed, now you can get and hand on those buff, you just have to gamble 200 drakens

    And they also lied to people, the drop rate for keys and for everything was clearly diminished
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  11. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    The event is meant to last 15 days and it's pretty much possible to complete it in 12h or less.
    They tuned down the progress speed and this brings much complaints because ppl think it was normal to complete it in 3-4 hours (which was obviusly wrong).

    It is doable by anyone and the time spent ain't much.

    Rewards aren't that impressive if you already did it once and you collected all the pets but definatly this is isn't a farming fest event.
    The winter solstice event is what you have to look at when we talk about impossible events (and we need to see how they will rework the Halloween one),
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  12. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Main event:
    I had buffs from last season. With +10, +5 and +2 buffs all at once I finished it within an hour, that's about 6 rounds in the Crypt = 6*18 keys = 108 keys; with the average key drop per 1 round = 5, the completion required 108/5 rounds in the basic sewer => 22 rounds.

    Now imagine I had no buffs at all. With all those buffs on I collected the average of 667 points per round. Now 667/17+1 = 37 points. So 37 points would be the average drop rate per round in the Crypt without the buffs. In order to get 4000 points it's 4000/37 = 108 rounds => 108*18 keys = 1944 keys; with 5 keys drop per round in the basic sewers that makes 389 rounds in there in order to finish the main event. (I'm not counting in the worm boss where you can make this insane number less insane.)

    389/15 makes 36 rounds in the basic sewer per day. Even if it was 30 or 25 or so thanks to having some valves left from last season and some from this sason, it's still insane. I don't want to play the same map 30 times every day...

    The Challenge:
    I've been playing the challenge since it started. I already have 1900/4800 points now, without buffs [except for the 2 +1 breads from the progress bar]. Considering it's supposed to be a 2 week event it's a LOT of points already. BUT mind you, I've been playing it a lot yesterday and today, a lot more than a less insane person who had some life would be able to. I farmed keys like a mindless zombie and I killed the worm boss quite a few times. And I'm already exhausted. I have no more keys so if I want to continue, I'll have to farm keys and farm keys and farm and farm and I hate it.

    Some numbers:
    With the +1 buff I managed to collect 317 points per 4 rounds in the crypt. That is 79 points per round, which is the average of 40 points per round without the buff. You need 4800 in total, which means 4800/40 rounds in the Crypt = 120 rounds => 120*18 keys = 2160 keys. From the Main event section of this post, you can see how many times you will have to do the basic sewer beneath the market...

    But I admit, if you have the persistence and time you can finish it. The main boss can help. Killing it on normal difficulty earns you some 100+ points.
    But what if you have no luck collecting the valve parts? what if this is your first time playing the event and you have nothing left from the last season? You get the point...

    Usually, I actually manage to grow such hate and repulsion towards every event in this game the first day or two I play them. I don't think it's fun having to do the same thing so many times within such little time.

    I still have some faith, though, that the devs actually start making something enjoyable and interesting and much much much less repetitive.
    As of now, they always just invent a loop that the players have to do a million times.
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  13. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I agree ... the buffs are irrelevant.
    The event runs for long enough time so everyone can finish it without buffs by playing 1-2 hours a day.
    I also agree that the drops are lower than the last time. However ... i find the piglet's drop much useful. I am getting Valves. keys. valve parts ... etc. That is why finding piglets while running those maps is much important to me than the buffs.
    ATM i am at 1500/4000 and 300/4800 progress. I don't bother myself ... there is plenty of time for both progress bars. I don't go after those runes ... because they will come to papa on their own. :D They still have 15+ days to do so.
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  14. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Yeah, it is doable, of course, if you can win the boredom
    They tuned down progress speed because they are either EDIT or they completely clueless about the game, or because they are not gamers and never played any game
    it's normal to complete events in 3-4 hours, in an age long gone, events could be completed easily in a few hours, and those events were well received.That's why this move generates complaints, it's because they made an event that was not very boring into a new boring event, they decided to rework the event into a new worse event

    Of course this isn't the worst event ever, it's not dangers of time or Dunes of desolation, but the problem is that they worsened the event, they didn't improve it

    Also, stop defending them, EDIT noone should be on the developers side, developers are the enemy of the gamers, as the gaming history have shown
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  15. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    To me this is the best advise you/we can give. Piglets in this event are very important (way more than those buffs).

    I don't have to defend anyone I'm just saying what's my experience.

    I've completed the main event the first day it was avaiable thx to those buff but, so far, farming the challenge, I've already farmed 2682 progress without any buff.

    I've started the challenge with about 500 sewers Keys (that I got while completing the main event), I've not used em all and I'm about to close the challenge without any of the previous buffs for the challenge.

    If you take it easy and you farm in the sewers that drops the Golden dogtage it's doable with not even 1h/day game.
    I don't think it a great event because the prices aren't that good (most of them are just stuff to progress faster in the event itself and the pets are a 1-time price that I already got in the past event) but if it's the first time you do it, it ain't the worst we have seen so far.

    Few hours later

    Farmed in excruciating (sewers and Worms) solo.
    The Worms in solo were... killers, way harder than any PW in fatal, this should be fixed because they were too hard for that lvl.
    In fatal I had no drop increase both in Keys and progress, can't say what could be in infernal 1 but I don't think it's worth.

    The net income for 12h of gameplay was about 1% more res and 800 drakens... this is the problem.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2017
  16. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    The problem is that they changed the event for the worse and they blatantly lied, the first version, was not great, but not boring and tedious, you could finish it in a few hours, you could farm those buff and the drop of keys was much higher
  17. bassevents94

    bassevents94 Someday Author

    about 1 of the changes of this event:

    You have increased the chance of special monsters with 20%, but have you disincreased the chance to the missing pet with 20%.

    A lot of special bosses [ the pet maniac and the mother of maggots] defeated but not one time the pet
  18. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    No bufs = bad decision BP
    Also the drop is so low.
    Abother grinding event that will desgust the comunity...good job BigPoint.
  19. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    has anyone found piglets in sewers beneath the fairground?
  20. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    it would not be that hard to check the wikia first, because if you had checked, you would know that this map has no piglets. Its the farming mapping that requires no cost to enter. What you expect?
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