Feedback Infested Sewers of Kingshill (Sept. Edition)

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Sep 6, 2017.

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  1. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    Event easy to finish doing only 2500kill, 5bosses, 18 death worm repeteable quest 1-2 times a day without bless.
    8x Sewers beneath the Fairground + 5x Sewers beneath the Harbor/Crypt of Kings + 2x Sewers beneath the Castle and event+challenge has finished.

    Get 75-100 progress killing death worm at normal and 120-150 in lethal have no sense because in normal I use only 100 essence, in lethal 1000.
  2. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Do that without playing Mon-Thur and you'd still be at it. Not so easy for those of us with Jobs/Churches/Families/real world Friends/etc.

    I have, 2nd Sunday in the event, completed the Toxic and am 309 away from main. I should get 1-2 hours on Monday, and I'll be complete. Started on Friday before last. This is the first event/mini I've ever completed. :);):) Cost me a lot of precious draken to do so this weekend. :( However, :) the runes I've gotten, which is what I save my drakens for, are worth it even though they are different than what I was saving for (and actually better). :cool:
    This with a terrible key drop rate :( (avg 6 per run in fairground most of the time, occasionally, this weekend, got some runs with some 5x drops, several runs with no drops). Need a buff for key drops. ;)

    Have not received a single pet. Only things gotten are from the progress bars. Not a single equipment improvement (beyond GoP upgrades).
  3. Grasschewer

    Grasschewer Forum Apprentice

    Well 7 days to go
    The old event was easier/more enjoyable to progress in.
    I am glad the rewards are mostly the same.
    Massive increase in the 4 specials but only had one pet drop.
    I had zero pets from the previous one.
    Bad change to Deathworm and you added las as well :(

    Keys are harder to get it seems and I have only 2 Citizens in one map :(

    I hope to complete it on all 3 toons this time.
  4. geoff1

    geoff1 Someday Author

    chill out i completed twice now with 2 toons and have not got the plague rat
  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    From the first version of the event I have got: 7+ Octopus pets, 6+ skull pets and 6 Rat mounts (excluding the one from the progress bar).

    In this version ... I only got sleepy. zzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz


    I have killed the bosses in m1 and m2 50+ times each .... they drop NADA.
    Not a single Cursed amphora spawn ... and I have made over 150 runs in both maps.
  6. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    As usual, it's just random luck; this time you're on the wrong end. I've run the Harbor and Crypt dungeons only 3 or 4 times each, have seen two cursed amphora already.

    Died on the first one (in the Harbor) as the boss had flame aura which one-shot me. 2nd one I used RED essence (though probably not necessary) (in the Crypt) and easily defeated the boss ... drop was uninspired, something like 50 regular plumber's dogtags and 100 golden plumber's dogtags, plus a mixure of green, (mostly) blue, and purple items, all of which were immediately sold/melted.
  7. -DeathRaider-

    -DeathRaider- Forum Pro

    One of the easiest events to complete behind the new full moon event. Only took me about 1hr to 1 1/2 hrs on average a day to complete both mini and main event, and I got done over 2 days ago :). The problem I see is for some they would have to farm twice as much as I did, I got lucky with sewer key drops.
  8. xXxTroublexXx

    xXxTroublexXx Forum Apprentice

    I like the event. It runs long enough so that I can play when I have time, it's nice.
    The quest for draken and amphora keys is nice as it gives an okay reward and this quest is just a good guideline of how to play: do basic map for mobkills, with those keys farmed do other 2 dungeons and at the end you can do boss.
    The drop on higher difficulties were not worth the effort, I played everthing on normal mode, this needs some tweaking as playing on normal mode is just to boring.
    Drop of keys could be bad like 1 or 2 keys for one round, but for the time I tracked the drop, I also got lucky with 21 keys in 1 round, so I think the everage drop is like 6 keys per round which is acceptable on normal.
    This time I did see the special bosses more frequently, although only 1 pet dropped and almost no cursed amphora.
    It would be nice if the emote would rotate over three different emotes or so instead of always getting the same every time this event runs.
  9. Iselda

    Iselda Advanced

    All I asked for was just 1 little octopus :'( and of course it didn't happen then & now.
    the random luck from BP's point of view...:rolleyes:
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