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  1. teddy.bear

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    Infested Sewers of Kingshill
    ~ What has changed? ~

    Quest rewards
    For the quest “Enemy below” you now get 25 Draken and 5 Amphora Keys.​

    Boss fight
    The bite from the Toxic Death Worm paralyses the Player with a chance of 50% for 2,5 seconds.
    After a Toxic Death Worm is defeated there is a 50% chance that the dirty water turns into poisonous water. The poison effect deals 12% damage per second to the Player and lasts for 15 seconds.
    The hitpoints for all Toxic Death Worms have been increased.​

    Buff items
    To decrease the high and confusing amount of Event items we removed the following buff items: Salami Cheese Bread, Cheese Bread, Sandwich with Meatballs, Sandwich with Refreshment, Big Sewers Laborer Bag Stick, Small Sewers Laborer Bag Stick, Big Bag Stick, Small Bag Stick.​

    Updated progress bars

    Main Event: The maximal progress increased from 3600 to 4000.
    Challenge: The maximal progress decreased from 5600 to 4800.​

    Main Event:
    45Elixir of Accination2
    140Kingshill Sandwich3
    245Antidotal Essence1200
    515Gem Bag1
    695Lesser Rune of Resilience1
    825Amphora Key4
    1250Valve of the Castle's Sewer1
    1475Common Sewers Rucksack1
    1680Elixir of Defiance5
    1900Kingshill Sandwich5
    2420Lesser Rune of Resilience1
    2975Antidotal Essence2000
    3450Valve of the Castle's Sewer3
    4000Rune of Resilience1


    70Elixir of Vaccination5
    180Sewer Key12
    310Common Sewers Rucksack3
    460Mighty Antidotal Essence1000
    730Slice of Fresh Bread2
    910Better Sewers Rucksack1
    1280Sewer Key14
    1500Plague Mask1
    2000Lesser Rune of Resilience1
    2295Mighty Antidotal Essence2000
    2580Slice of Fresh Bread5
    2880Valve of Castle's Sewer1
    3400Amphora Key5
    3755Better Sewers Rucksack2
    4100Valve of Castle's Sewer4
    4510Copper Bell1
    4800Rune of Resilience1


    Slice of Fresh Bread - 250 Andermant (old price: 1499)
    Normal Sewers Laborer Bag Stick - 3799 Andermant (old price: 6499)
    Normal Bag Stick - 3799 Andermant (old price: 3999)​

    Drop rates
    In regards to the changes in the progress bars and the removal of the buff items we adjusted the drop rates. In detail we increased the drop rate of the Sewer Keys and balanced the drop rate of (Golden) Plumber’s Dogtags according to the level of difficulty.​

    Content of the packages (changes are marked green)
    Normal Sewers Laborer Bag Stick
    • 15x Golden Plumber’s Dogtags
    • 5x Elixir of Vaccination
    • 2x Slice of Fresh Bread
    • 999x Antidotal Essences
    • Chance to receive in addition:
    • 15x Golden Plumber’s Dogtags
    • 1x Valve of the Castle's Sewer
    • 500x Mighty Antidotal Essence
    Normal Bag Stick
    • 15x Plumber’s Dogtags
    • 5x Elixir of Defiance
    • 2x Kingshill Sandwich
    • 999x Antidotal Essences
    • Chance to receive in addition:
    • 20x Plumber’s Dogtags
    • 6x Sewer Key
    Special leaders
    The chance of appearance of The Pet Maniac, The Puppeteer, The Peeler and The Mother of Maggots has been increased to 20%.​

    Event bug fixes
    During the quest ‘Finding the Citizens’, sometimes when the Player clicked on the state objects ‘bug bodies’, a citizen did not spawn. This has been fixed. Now every object will spawn a citizen.​

    While fighting the Toxic Death Worms the Maggots won’t follow the Player into the cease-fire zone anymore.​

    Toxic monsters are now also counting for all the ‘Kill X monsters” quests tasks.​

    Community Challenge
    Surprise, surprise! ;)
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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