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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Sep 20, 2019.

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  1. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Hey there @erdemsah1970 ,
    Next time, please, post screenshots in English. It's much easier for us.
    About your question, if you mean Sandwich with Meatballs, Sandwich with Refreshment or Kingshill Sandwich (all buffs from the last edition), you can make use of them to increase your progress in the main event (Bronze Plumber's Dogtag). Plus, they can all be used at the same time (+10 / +5 / +1).
    I hope this answers your question.

    Hey there @Hiro73 ,

    This is a known issue. Rats in the event are supposed to drop keys. As far as we know, there is a hotfix coming this week to tackle this problem.

  2. Crono24

    Crono24 Forum Greenhorn

    you have to increase the key drop in each map this event is not feasible
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  3. darogus

    darogus Forum Apprentice

    I have been back a month now..... ander and gems dont ever drop anymore
    this event is junk boss under castle on easy mode one hits me. while a boss in inf1 pw takes several hits to kill me.
    keys dont drop.
    how do you get pet because i have killed fancy and king rats and never got a pet.
    can farm 12 hours and make 300 ander now days with 10-15 gem drops in a 12 hour period so lame...
    game driving me away in under a month this time. its worst than it has ever been and the gread of bigpoint is so apparient. this is a p2p and p2w game, because w/o premium its unplayable at endgame, and with out buying ander on top of 22$ a month premium it still imposable to advance at even a snails pace.
    anyways very disapointed in event and game as a whole.
  4. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    On Painful difficulty, I make an average of 40 event progress per run in Sewers Beneath the Harbor. 3,000 progress required for the Normal bar = 75 runs. @12 keys per run, that's 900 keys.

    Post hotfix, I average 6 event keys per real world dungeon = 150 real world dungeon runs to gather enough keys for 75 Sewers Beneath the Harbor runs. (In reality, I won't need that many, as I got a couple hundred keys before the hotfix, plus 333 from the BONUS code.)

    That's a lot of grinding … for just the Normal progress bar.

    As weak as my toon's defenses are, I get one-hit by the poison from the Rat Lords (I think that's what they're called) on Excruciating. Which means Painful is the highest difficulty I can do. Not that Excruciating is worth it … progress count per drop (2 dog tags on either Painful or Excruciating) and overall progress per run appear to be about the same.

    Is average progress per run in Sewers Beneath the Crypt of Kings better than 60? (40 x 1.5 the cost in keys = need 60 to break even with SBHarbor progress.)

    From what I read, Sewer Beneath the Castle will be impossible for my toon. I have 2 valves (mob or Neat Amphora drops, I don't recall), so I might as well give it a try, but …

    … due to the high cost (grinding effort and/or resource purchase), I might finish the Normal bar, am unlikely to bother going for the Painful bar, and can't begin to tackle Excruciating and above.

    Another event dead-on-arrival.
  5. finas321

    finas321 Forum Apprentice

    for the love of god restore the keys drop rate in gleaming mountains. its non existence and farming 1h+ for only 70keys wont help
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  6. Talaby

    Talaby Someday Author

    When looking for an online game, if a lot of people don't know (dev's) it's for fun. I do not know what is going on in the heads of who is currently developing the game and not the future updates. I no longer make the event defend the invincible precisely by the changes that occurred in it. the staggered form of progress has made it difficult for players who do not play in groups, by choice or not finding who wants to help, as the strong do not carry beginners in the groups. and if only we could finish the event on a difficulty that is comfortable for those who play, it would be nice. The fact that it does not count progress and the drop of difficulty that has already ended made the event unfeasible for many. And that's how the kingshill sewers are walking. If the difficulties were not enough, the progress bar prizes are not at all attractive, and speaking of progress bar, it is a shame the progress drop. and it is not in normal difficulty not that I went. I started at hell 2 and still couldn't finish the first bar to make it painful. It's okay that the game needs money to develop better adaptations and other necessary upgrades and the whole process that involves the dynamics of a game. So because you no longer specify and make it clear that the game is paid, you have to pay if you want to have fun. Those who venture in already know that they will have to leave a reasonable amount to develop in the game. Now with each update comes a novelty that involves money, all as I said and why didn't they also bring the progress buff to be compared to gold or anderments? 1, 2, 3 hours validity? or why the cloak of the buff event wasn't split up either? 33 dollars for an annual event? or is it infinite who bought the cloak-shaped buffs that came out now? Sincerity my friends. explicit as soon as the game from a specific date will be fully paid. It looks better. and those who venture already know. When did they learn that the mice in shimmering mounds were dropping keys at quantities beyond expectations or was it really badly done, bug? immediately tried to drop a hotfix. when it is for the benefit of the player tidy up. when it hurts the player in the game it can cram up their mailboxes, forum and everything else, which do nothing. I take the opportunity here to ask for explanations about the absurd lag that happens when you have a group with more than 3 members? Or how out of nowhere do moobs acquire eternal life and out of nothing resets life all over again? or why the miniboss and boss even in mortal difficulty and below have 5 skills and they all work against the character? I understand that you want to leave the dynamic game for those seeking a game with greater difficulties. And why not leave it only to those who like to get angry or have fun? they should let us choose if I want to be ariva or if I want to have fun.
    it was supposed to be a diversion. and it's becoming a nightmare. abandon the game, a latent option. getting worse and worse.
    and the ingredients to make the essence to kill the worm what is that drops one and miss everything else, because they did not put as a quest. At least we would be sure to make an amount of essence in order to have fun in the game. The same goes for the worm keys. one drops and 2, 3 ingredients left. We'll let you know that the game is now paid. It is beautiful, transparent and honest. In time: let the mini boss drop the mount 2 two mice. put in progress no one will succeed.

    --- MERGED ---

    and this way will work only if your character is able to get through all the difficulties until the last infernal IV. otherwise money thrown away.
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  7. Monkey

    Monkey Forum Great Master

    In event locations, the keys do not fall.
    In other locations, keys fall in a minimal amount.
    How to pass the event?
    An imbalance of classes / essences, the dwarf spends less essences on the barefoot and kills the boss faster.
    The king of beauty has not yet appeared.
    Ingredients for crafting essences fall very rarely.
    It is physically impossible to complete the action without playing 24/7.
    I can buy essences for andermand, but I need to spend 60-80 thousand andermand for this, I agree to spoil 10-15 thousand for a good promotion, but not crazy money for useless prizes.
    I can play 5-6 hours a day, but I don’t want to go to the same location for 100-200 calls a day, it’s pointless and boring.
    BUT, do I need all this in this dead game? Developers, do you really think that this promotion can be completed? After 7 years of playing, I really stopped playing this game. Recent changes to the game and ignoring the imbalance of the dwarfs make the further game pointless.
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  8. Mad

    Mad Forum Apprentice

    Any tips about mini events sewers of kingshill ?
    And when we can get the new pets ?
  9. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    To be honest so far the event has been tedious
    A lot more work than even leaderboard
    Also how badly has cube drops been nerfed?
    I have deluxe and I get 3 cubes per run
    So on prem you get 1 cube every 3 runs?
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  10. BitMaster

    BitMaster Someday Author

    I am not sure that things are bad for DSO because I can see that there are many who play this event and finish it (same as anniversary event). Many of them are probably buying buffs, items and keys from shop and with that they find this event enjoyable. So as long as they have enough income from it, where is the need to change it. This game exists because there are players financing it. Anyway, this is my opinion as f2p player. I play it without the intention to finish it or even finish any of the bars, only to get few things that I can get with not much effort. Once I get bored, I just log out and that's it. I think that the only thing p2p players can complain is of prices because I think they are a bit higher for what you get in return.

    As for the event, good things:
    - long lasting
    - plenty of progress bars with decent rewards
    - nice new pet (rat king) that has a new kind of effect
    - multiple diverse maps with diverse leader monsters
    - nice new equipment set, interesting set effect​
    not that good things:
    - not much playable for ftp players who do not have that much time to play(because of the keys)
    - timed mini events (those that will begin later) because not all can play them at that specific time​

    I think DSO is trying not to visibly separate p2p from f2p players and this is starting to create a big problem for me (f2p player) with this tendency with which they are creating these events.
    So for example what you could have done for this event and maybe others too is to have a split progress bar where you can reach half of it without the need of entrance keys(with decent rewards) and the upper half with high entrance requirements(with better rewards).
  11. ValkonGo

    ValkonGo Regular

    An event for one hour is beyond good and evil.
    Are you kidding me?
    I ran for an hour and did not manage to kill ONE worm until complete progress. All spent goes to trash.
    I have not experienced such disappointment in all 7 years of the game. The developers are completely crazy, I think so.
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  12. Dемои

    Dемои Forum Pro

    This is joke?! 1 hour for event? Which genius came up with this?
    And where is our CMJesse who only talk and don't do anything?!
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  13. Eradan111

    Eradan111 Junior Expert

    Event last 1 hour and we need to kill 20 bosses.
    Each map takes 5 mins (without full group)
    20x5 mins = 1h 40 mins so... good luck XD

    Maybe it will be better at smaller maps but i don;t think so.
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  14. Парабум

    Парабум Regular

    The first disappointment is a bug with rats and keys, people managed to make a stock of 10k keys (I knew about it but did not make a stock). Now a mini action that goes on for one hour. I searched for a group for half an hour, then we searched for places for 15 minutes with the appearance of worms, the remaining 15 minutes we decided not to spend, but just went about our business. If you assumed that most of the players managed to collect the keys, let others calmly collect them and play in groups. Well, this mini event is more like a flash mob. I understand that a person always makes mistakes in the process of action, but there is too much marriage. I am disappointed, and I will not go further to such flash mobs.
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  15. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    So, i was really wondering how these minis would be. What do you know? They are even worse than the drop rate of keys is. 1 hour to kill 20 bosses which are not like "enter the room and kill the boss". We have to search for the damn worm and we even need drill heads to look for them and lots of time to search every single mound to find it. We were so hyped for perhaps the only good item of this event, the amulet that protects from the damage of the rune but you guys sure made it clear that we cannot even get that item. Do you know what the big joke is? Not even those who were stupid enough to buy those banners cannot finish those progress bars. The only ones that will finish the bars are those who pay anders to buy the progress, which i assume requires a lot of anders. So, in the end if the drop rate of the keys was the worst thing in this event, then those challenges are 100x times worse than that. Jesus crist, give congratulations to the designer of those minis. OMG!!!
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  16. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    A question for the devs
    So I got 7 drill heads from the Sewer Chest (Toxic Death Worm) in total.
    So where is Mhorblik and those citizens?
    I don't see the Toxic Fumes running ... but you started the Rampaging Worms challenges.
    Not to mention that players need at least entire day to finish the quest that unlocks Abandoned Sewer Passage ... but yet you have already started those mini challenges.
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  17. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    OMG you kidding BP ? 1h for those mini...

    I will tell you guys why is only 1h , they do not want us to go in grup becose full grup mean 1/5 using resorce (and is more slow in grup, w8 for them etc) look at the next maps for mini all are huge maps they are not fool.., if i will go solo in 1h i can end this mini 3min/per turn but i will spend a lot of essence and hand drill (that is exactly what they want, in many years this is my first event who force me to spend ander). So bp say to us, go solo if you want that amulet and use all resorce you got for this, they are crazy i play this game to kill the time but in my opinion this mini event of sewers are worst exactly like that event with the box in the map who can drop rune for each class or maybe bad. I abstain not to speak nasty !!

    - normal sewers ON
    - mini event sewers PASS

    About sewers key the drop is painfull, i know in the first three days in glittering mountains the drop was great, 30-35 keys per turn i do not say to give it back those drops but now are 4-5 or maybe 6keys per turn is so bad .... if you bp increase a little the drop or the rat who can drop the keys will be great like 10-15 at last !!
  18. AlejitoU

    AlejitoU Forum Apprentice

    How to get into dungeon: "Abandoned Sewer Passage"?
  19. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    indeed. thats what i thought too. why start those ridiculus minis when we havent farmed enough heads, let alone in 1 hours we cannot finish half the bar not the entire bar
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  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You will have to finish Shocking Eyesight quest in order to unlock Abandoned Sewer Passage.
    But you can take that quest only:
    - if you already finished The Armpit of Kingshill quest
    - only when the Toxic Fumes challenge is active
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