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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Sep 20, 2019.

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  1. forumname

    forumname Forum Greenhorn

    so i have to farm for hours to get 200 or 300 keys? na, ill wait for the next event
  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Well, it was a bug, to be sure...

    The problem is that if de facto abusing a bug is required to finish an event within a reasonable timeframe and without dying to boredom... something is certainly not alright.
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  3. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    and as we learned over the years, bug is somewhat a subjective term to them
    I'm sure it's just a coincidence that "this bug" allowed players to reasonable farm a good quantity of key and it has definitely nothing to do with BP wanting players to fork over money to buy keys
  4. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    In general, I don't want to criticize this type of event that treats users like chickens to be plucked, but it could be something in between.

    The drop resources is very bad and everything, it seems made to make you consume, the few alternatives kept, in inventory, in times of grace.

    In alone I left a video already as far as the group is concerned, the event was easier but let's go to what's wrong!

    I tried the 300-point DK group skills (including charging the life of the Bloody wild swing) any would be one that works well in the map below the castle. Here the unevenness of the terrain are accomplices. There are the usual problems do not have an animation and the components in the group do not understand if these skills are active or not, the icons at the bottom do not serve the purpose because they are confused with many others!
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  5. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    Pretty incredile increase in the drop of drill heads from all sources. 99% of the time will be 1-2 drill heads with a sligh chance of being 3. Incredible really. Have you counted how many drill heads are going to be needed for the minis? Have you also considered how many essences those worms need to be killed? the ingredients for the crafting of essences and the essences we get from the various sources are far from enough to accomplish our goals
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    BULLSEYE1 Junior Expert

    I have already given up on short minis. Because that many drill heads are impossible to farm. I managed to enter the "Toxic Fumes" minievent map. Even if i only kill 6 worms and Mhorblik and open the amphores, essence is still lacking. Ingredients for essence crafting are very hard and tiring to farm. For example i've been farming for essence since last 3 days. And today i checked that i can craft only 3k. This doens't worth the time & effort. Now I'm low on keys, so i tried to farm keys but key drop is worse.

    My main obstacles are drill heads, essence & most importantly keys. Somehow these should be made easier for player to get.
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  7. Dемои

    Dемои Forum Pro

    What is wrong with this game?
    On this map is shown drop of Sewer Parasite, I farm many of other stuff on this map but Parasite just 1. This is joke or bug and I must farm other maps for this part of ess?

    And when BP change this Andermight Powder for the ess for this buged mission?
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  8. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    If shocking eyesight was a repeatable quest, that would have been so great but all the repeatable quests we have in this event are so ridiculusly grindsome that there is no way this would be a repeatable quest
  9. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan


    - mhorbik event PASS

    To many essence needed, mhorbik all map essence, mini essence, worm essence, just kidding ? I HOPE next YEAR to REMAKE this EDIT event is suucks!
    And those mini are so grind and no time for them, bound all in one and give it 10-15days and then all can or have a chance to complete / all those 2h mini in one BAR !! is so hard ?
    One more event just like this and the server will be empty and then you GM can play events on this server lonley without players!!
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  10. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    I just entered the abandoned sewer passage and it was as bad as i thought. The entire map needs essences. Seriously? Lets put that aside for the time being and focus on another part. 24 keys to enter the map? Didnt we mention that we have problem with the keys? and there is a map that requires even more than the 18 keys map? seriously? Lastly, what an incredible drop of the ornery wild rose tuber. 24 keys map and i got none and my friend got just one. Incredible. All incredients of the amulet are hella difficult to obtain. What the hell is this? You bring an event back after so much time and you make a good item,not op, and you make it this difficult to get? Are you out of your freaking minds?
  11. wojtekwjk

    wojtekwjk Regular

    They will not change it.They only changed reward from powder to essence,but already collected powder will not be changed
  12. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    they are out of their minds
    or they expect to annoy us to such an extent to that we buy keys and that expensive cloak out of frustration
  13. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    This thread is to give feedback. Not only to post screenshots if you did or not the event. As you had the chance to complete the event and Toxic Fumes, it would be a good feedback to provide your opinion on the event (e.g. rewards, bugs, resources, costs, etc.) and not just share if you completed it or not :) But, in any case, congratulations! :)
  14. Iselda

    Iselda Advanced

    I got a question concerning this event: is the secret passage map (or whatever the name is, that one with the new boss) entry granted for the next edition of the event or will we have to do all that quest again?

    So far I'm not enjoying the event, to me it's too grindy and time & resources consuming with little-to-none drop rate. Eg. I killed several rats (both with the crown and without) and got 0 pets, while others are receiving the new pets from every kill :( Drop of keys is ridiculously low comparing to the prev edition.

    Some of the minibosses are highly unbalanced - just try the fire DK... whoever tested that mob and approved it should consider changing the job.

    Besides, I'm not a fan of the new event system with multiple progress bars with the most interesting prizes on the last one. Not everyone is a T&C abuser or nolifer. There are also normal, fair players who'd like to get something to boost their chars.
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  15. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    I have been playing this game for 5 years. I have almost full royal on all gems plus the improved and magic version + almost full plat lines. This is the first time in a while that i feel so tired doing an event. Not even new moon that is extremely boring has tired me this much. I think i will stop playing this event any longer, especially trying to accomplish stuff. I will just go with the flow and save whatever resources i have for maybe the next time they bring it and have a better version of it. No more with this bs
  16. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    I am 100% sure it's not granted.

    Me neither. I haven't finished the anniversary, I am not going to finish this crap either.

    Not only the fire variant, the DK miniboss is too op as a whole.
    On top of that, all classes of that miniboss are too op in the fire and poison variants.

    Fully agreed. However, I'm afraid that too many people are buying attires for them to stop... I mean, yeah, when the servers get empty those payers will stop playing, too, but so far they don't see it, and so the devs don't see it either - the money is flowing.

    Like, a bit of thought and looking into the future is enough to notice that it's a suicide move (or milking a dying cow).

    The last time I finished their bs was the last Undefeatables, when I opened the final chest. Honestly, it wasn't really worth it - but I did it partially because it used to be my favourite event, and partially because I wanted to get an updated Dragan set.

    Then, I decided I won't do the anniversary, mainly because I lack inventory space terribly... and they're not giving freemiums anymore.
    I won't do this crap as well, partially for the same reason, and partially because it's even grindier.
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  17. bilybob

    bilybob Junior Expert

    This event can be summed up by Green Day:

    "Wake me up when September ends" but instead of September insert "Infested Sewers".
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  18. sanket

    sanket Forum Apprentice

    First a big thank to Dzungla for collecting sewer's keys on Hidden Sanctum tip.
    I try some dungeons but this is interesting as rats are near entrance, so go in - clean entrance - go out. It's 3 / 5 key in few minutes.
    Somebody founds a better way?

    Anyway this event seems to me very mixed up, beside the sewer's keys story that is insane (hours spent on not event dungeons to collect keys necessary to continue) I don't find a guideline, a strategy, a story on it.
    Last time it was clear:
    - First free entrance sewer to collect keys for next two.
    - Two more difficult sewers to collect valve components.
    - Final worm's sewer for jack pot.

    I guess that I'll don't do mini events and stop main event after complete fatal bar!
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  19. Kyrara

    Kyrara Forum Greenhorn

    How come new players will finish this event? I mean, you need a ton of essences and the drop rate for the materials to craft essences is awful. If the events are not intended to new players, how will they get strong? How can new players get the gem of enhancement if they can't even complete the previous bars? :confused:
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  20. Парабум

    Парабум Regular

    I'm not sure that google translator managed 100%

    I did not write a full assessment of this promotion right away, but now I will do it. I did not write right away, because the jubilee action at the beginning also seemed not as good as it was written. But then, having collected all the chests, I found worthy rewards. In gold and simple piñata, there are a lot of runes, plus a progress bar.

    What do we see in this promotion? We have a picture where you did not take advantage of the "bug" and did not make a supply of keys - you will find gloom. About 50 keys can be found per hour - unless you eat and go to the toilet. The entrance to the crypt costs 18 keys, and in order to close the hellish 2-3-4 you have to go there more than 300 times. 300x18 = 5400+++ keys. But do not relax, you still need to close the progress 1,2,3,4. I did not consider these keys, because there was a correction, and perhaps some of the keys that are returned will cover the cost of covering this part. But you need to complete the quest for a mini promotion. The second day has passed, but I can not complete this quest for a mini action. I just don’t have the keys and strengths, the motivation to play it has disappeared: a gray, dull and nightmare activity. It is more like a dream when you have a fever. I will not see the mini share and I can not give an estimate - sorry.

    You ask, why aren't buffs and worms saving you? The answer is probably very simple, in order to kill a worm I need about 2,000 essences in hellish 1. You ask, what about the command game? After all, you can gather parties, and kill together, losing very little essence! But the fact is that some of my friends - who managed to take advantage of the "bug", have already closed the main share. And has long been making a miniature. And the second part did not have time and they just spat and left to go about their business, just as I was leaving. And if you go into a random party, you will leave 10,000 essences, because there are twin water guides who put on the right pets and the right equipment, but in reality they are a void that tries to pass part of the action on your neck.
    The minus of this action is that the balance is completely turned off here, and everything was sent adrift, mentally hoping for luck. But complex systems do not work like that. If you give me 120 passes for worms, then you have to calculate how much on average I need essences and provide them - or just not waste my time. If the developers think that I will eat everything that they give me, because I did not buy a suit for this promotion, they are mistaken. My time in the game, in chat rooms, in the community is also a contribution to the game. If I and people like me leave, what will those who buy costumes and don’t know about our problems do here? There will be someone who will offer a debugged system in which I will not feel worthless. Or at least conditions will be better.
    Although maybe I'm wrong, and the developers will tell us how to get through what they came up with? I note only what to come up with, it does not mean to think through.

    P.S. I have the feeling that when we tested this promotion, the test took place in a saucepan for the money $ _ $
    Before you take an umbrella, you need to look at the window - the logic.

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