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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Sep 20, 2019.

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  1. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    This is going to be my last post for this ridiculous event. I was watching a certain player doing runs on mhorblik, the boss that is supposed to give the rune. what do you know. He did so many runs and i did many runs on my own too, the rune is not there. Gj on that part. too.Everything is so good in this event
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  2. vampiro

    vampiro Advanced

    We... need... essence... drop... What's this stupidity of drop x5,x10 special essences? Make event essences drop x250,x500 (all events: Halloween, Xmas, Sewers, etc.) and improve the ingredients drop. P L E A S E.
    The drop is still the same as years ago when game was sooo different, when there was only 1 progress bar, when you could finish events in any mode, when you needed way less runs... it makes no sense. Do balance events!
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  3. Irish

    Irish Forum Apprentice

    Before the infested sewer event started the drop for keys was good, now very bad. Please bring that the old drop rate so players can actually enjoy whats left of the event.
    Doesn't make sense to me why such little drop rate (2-3 keys if even) in dungeons, then to enter map e.g 18 keys + 5 to open the valves. A lot all players are so bored of this now.
    No positive feedback at all from anyone.
    Donald Trump said "Make America Great Again" Well you guys should Make Drakensang Fun Again.
    This game is gone way to far with this Pay to play, it's coming across as just Greed. (Not saying make it easy, make worth playing, then won't mind so much paying for Premium or Deluxe every month)
    Feel so sorry for the new guys trying to play this game.

    Sad to see not one reply for the way things are with this event. Not a penny more will i spend on this game, tone of people feel the same.
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  4. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    Sooo.. the parasite drop is low enough that you can't craft more than 999 ess per week.. and on the Mhorblik map you need to kill not only Mhorblik but 6 other minibosses.. all with Antidote Essence.. which doesn't drop except stack of x5, x10 and x50 if you stepped on something and you have a lucky day?

    And, oh.. you also need essence (plus a truckload of other stuff) to kill the worm in order to get a DECENT amount of main event progress.

    This is your idea of an event? Damn, if I knew what this game will become, I would never started in the first place 5 years ago.

    I'm so glad that guy.. CM Jessie or what's his name can give himself all the EDIT he needs to show us how easy it is in streams instead of getting to work and making this game worth playing.

    What is the damn purpose of the TEST SERVER when you ALWAYS release a BUGGED version of the event, that also has AT LEAST ONE drop issue (this time, it's Antidote Essence).

    I bet EDIT you guys didn't even sweep through the TS feedback. If you did and still released the event like this.. you.. well, not going to say it, I'll get banned.

    Oh, and the new runes. You can quote me on this.


    I said my piece, without cussing. Yay! Now I'm sure a self righteous will concoct a reason to delete my post, like in the past.

    Truth hurts better to sweep the trash under the rug through censorship.


    EDIT: Ok, mistery solved. I just found out why the Antidote Essence is so low. :) And no, it's not a oversight from the devs, it's pure greed and maybe a tint of malice.

    Just now, I had the pleasure of playing with someone (a whale) that had the cape buff. :) He didn't need any essence.. and he didn't need me using any of mine. He just sweep through the Toxic Fumes map, careless.. finishing the mini fast.

    Conclusion: DSO intentionally made the drop for essence CRAP hoping you'll buy their OVERPRICED EVENT ATTIRE. It's 40€.. TWICE as much as A FULL EXPANSION PACK in a very famous MMORPG.

    To sum it up BigPoint equals this:

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  5. Alpaca

    Alpaca Forum Apprentice

    Thanks for sharing! This makes the grinding part less boring ... and fun :D
  6. Lancillotto-ITA1

    Lancillotto-ITA1 Forum Greenhorn

    The one who managed to do well this CMjesse remove salesmen remove jesters remove and remove but when you put something you have to pray to God for having a seplica thing if you don't drop the keys how do you sell so many cloaks.But I don't blame him but to those who put it there and do not take it away with all these disasters and discontent with the community, I can't understand why they haven't removed it yet
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  7. Reikanin

    Reikanin Forum Apprentice

    One of the most boring event of the history. I hadn't the chance to play when you could farm 2000 Keys in 2 hours and when you could catch the rat king easely. So I bored myself farming Keys for many hours and even when yesterday a friend invited me to kill the rat king, now I can't get the pet. Not mention the lack and need of essences. As a concerne 45 mini events I took my decision to not do any of them because I have no intention to stay all day on drakensang or put an alarm on my mobile phone to log in drakensang. Mhorblik drop is super strict, or I can say you drop nothing, not pet nor runes. I enjoyed anniversary event, it was really cool, but this event is trash as its theme indeed
  8. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    the amount of time and boredom on farming keys is way higher than on actually doing the event, a fiasco
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  9. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    But even the event is boring in essence
    Its just one farm after another, I literally get tired when I open DSO
    Furthermore I doubt I will make it past the fatal bar since I am rather sure I will not be willing to farm any more keys than I currently have.
    This weekend I've literally wasted my build, knowing it wont ever be strong 2 fold 1 because im a dk and secondly a q4 dk at that
    I spent 50k gold on buying prem hammers xD <- did not land a single gold base :(
    The thing thats killing the event is not even the multiple progress bars
    Its the damn keys
    The xmas thing is fine since you farm entries pretty fast, but if they do this to gwenfara and dragan we can literally kiss dso goodbye
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  10. Iselda

    Iselda Advanced

    So today I found some time and tried to find that rat king... After several failures, I managed to find 1, but still no pet. To my surprise, almost on all maps, I had the fancy rat (sometimes even 2 per map) - again: no pet. Just wonder what it takes to have these pets?
    I'm left with some 207 keys or less, and no willingness to farm for more. Guess I'll try to finish one more bar and pass the rest. It's pointless.
    The key drop from worthy monsters is, in my case, like 1-2 per map. The rats sometimes forget to leave them :( Inside the event maps, the key drop is no better.
    At least I managed to find the puppeteer twice, thought he no longer appears unlike the other bosses, but as usual, nothing interesting from his drop. The peeler with fire element is kinda a joke, especially when he's surrounded with the worms that cannot be defeated with regular ess.

    Well, since you left discord, there were no change among the "advisors", it's even worse, so I predict that both these events will be made as the rest these days: multiple progress bars, easy way out for the payers, grind x10k entries etc.
    Nowadays, this game is for nonlifers and T&C abusers.
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  11. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    1000% agreed. Indeed, I stopped to play it.
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  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    One example being the arena.
    The leaderboards are broken, bugged and made to be abused.
    Even the strongest skillful player has no chance of winning PvP leaderboards. I haven't set a foot in the arena since the start of the new season because it was decided who will win before it even started.
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  13. Sirbila27

    Sirbila27 Forum Greenhorn

    hey everybody ,

    I farmed this event to much time and fancy rat and mhorblik pet drop rate are 0 % ??

    Is it bug or ??? nobody have this pets in server ...

    how can we get this pets??
  14. error404

    error404 Forum Apprentice

    whats the different between rat king pets "lump of dirt" and "lump of sewers" ? exept the visual..
    pls someone tell me which one of them contains DRAKEN CORE drop?

    thx so much.

    Edit: i found an info ; "LUMP OF SEWERS" contains draken cores.. thx.:)

    ---------- MERGED ---------

    so far over 600 kill for fancy rat boss and not a single 1 pet..
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    BULLSEYE1 Junior Expert

    No fancy rat pet, no death wink, no rune of poisonous thorns, no uniques with good golden lines so far. And keys & essence farming takes toooooooooooo long time for people have a life. The current situation of this game is totally for nonlifers & legendary class credit card users.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2019
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  16. vegetadavid

    vegetadavid Forum Mogul

    I would have enjoyed a series of 20-30 quests like we had on Dragan, the event is a bit monotonous ("no" quests), complicated (example: king of rats that must be visible in front of maps) with really too many objects and bar progress in all the senses... it is also too long to finish and very access pay to win.
  17. error404

    error404 Forum Apprentice

    and +;

    too low drop rate of sewer parasite and some valve EDIT (i cant remember.) not enough rats in dungeon maps for key farming! no runes ;nothing!:mad:
    like god d.. joke..
    good job DSO team(not mods.)!!:mad:
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  18. ZantezukKken

    ZantezukKken Someday Author

    I don't understand why patch a "bug droprate" key can take few days and why after few weeks of wrong rate drop pet rats/death wink/rune nothing change... some ppl used 3k or 4k keys and still wait for thoses items.. so imagine that the others stop before farm a single key when they know it...It look like rates are done by a baby who click by mistake on 100% king rat, 0.00000000001 on the the choice of the nextt cheated item i guess..
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  19. KotBogomot

    KotBogomot Forum Apprentice

    It is the intention. Players are forcing to buy cloak, essence, drills, keys... But i dont understand why they are so greedy and destroying funn for many. Majority of players are premium/deluxe users occasionally buying andermant. Its not enough ?
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  20. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    999 Andermight Powder now gives 250 Antidotal Essences as a reward, why not 999 ?
    Rampaging Worm challenges of the Infested Sewers Event is a good idea, but low drop of drill head, low drop of sewer keys and sewer parasite means impossible to craft enough antidotal essence for inf1 or more.
    I like play solo and this situation make me inable to complete the challenges, I would like to craft the amulet of deflection...
    I don't like math and random DSO, sorry.
    In this event seems as if nothing is to change anyway.
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