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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Sep 20, 2019.

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  1. GarnetMMX

    GarnetMMX Forum Greenhorn

    Greeting everyone. My concern is regarding the drop rate of sewer parasite which is very low. I usually get only 2 per run. I dont know if the mode which I farm in is a factor. I farm sewer parasite in painful mode. Please bigpoint Drakensang Team. increase the drop rate or drop amount because if it continues like this I wont be able to craft enough antidotal essence to finish the events. The drop rate of the other 3 parts is great except for the sewer parasite part. Please I beg you to increase it. I want to finish the event so bad.
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  2. amrios7

    amrios7 Forum Greenhorn

    I'll get to the point.
    -The fall of the "sewer keys" must be improved and increased, in order to carry out the event, and that is a priority.
    - About the mini events, the great advice and suggestion that I can give as a drakensag player for 8 years, never, but never put events or mini events that last for hours, because it is difficult to do so since the same players connect at different Moments.
    - and finally, it is a good idea that they have put several progress bars in the events, but the problem lies in the fact that they cannot move forward if they cannot get
    progress in difficulties such as "infernal 4".
    Now imagine the level 50 players [not in english].
    For this reason, lower level players rise to level 55 and ensure that the content from level 1 to 50 is obsolete.
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  3. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    3 FBI runs --> 4 sewer keys. =))))))

    Thanks BP for a wonderful experience. "The rats have a higher drop chance for keys". Did you mean killing rats in real life? Cause in the game I've killed off hoards without a single key (while the player I was in group with got 1 from each).

    How about you admit you screwed up and just throw a code with keys and even essences too. Those who wanted to buy your overpriced attire already did. Now do right by your other players who don't use their parent's credit card.
  4. Irish

    Irish Forum Apprentice

    So DSO , Why don't you respond and listen to your players. No one is enjoying this event. I bet if too much Ander , gems or runes were dropping , you's would have it fixed in 20 mins.
    Come on , look into this event and fix it. Or at least let the players know if your going to do anything about it. Player's are spending money on this event and it's messed up.
    Why do you's even have a test server for, can't say it's for checking events before they go live, cos that's a joke.
    Please fix the event and let the players enjoy the days that are left in it.
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  5. OmeNJQrgarN

    OmeNJQrgarN Forum Greenhorn

    We need Mhorblik to drop something,like we really need!Whats the point of kill the boss knowing u get nothing?Its useless
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  6. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    The point is: Keep trying, keep trying, run out of essence, buy andermant, buy essence, keep trying, keep trying, buy Event Attire, keep trying, keep trying... slam the keyboard and move on to the next DSO scam.
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  7. Xfiled

    Xfiled Forum Greenhorn

    all i am going to say about this ridiculous event is.....i have killed the fancy rat 86 times now. no pet dropped. now how is that fair and balanced???? tell me do you plan to sell the pet later to us long time players for ander??? so greedy and so sad this whole game is reduced to a credit card.

    ------------ MERGED -------------

    Just a final comment....I have opened 34 valves in the event in a row now, and the only thing that has dropped down is the stupid vase which you need keys to open, funny thing is they are usually vases which require 5 keys to open. This is my final comment about the GREED of this game. I have been playing for almost 10 yrs, and every yr it gets worse and worse. Pay to play is all you care about. I cannot even use some special gems I earned from events yrs ago, I can turn them into some shiny dust crap. Get your act together DSO before all the best of the best older players are gone. Sorry I am a little too old to work over time or ask my older parents for a credit card just to play....shame on you. Some of us really work hard on our toons to build them up, only for you to change the rules and make our grinding pointless. Why have a forum for discussions and suggestions if you are only going to ignore them???? LISTEN to the players DSO, we have been here a while and deserve your respect.
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  8. Vedmak1974

    Vedmak1974 Forum Apprentice

    Everyone who has the keys to the sewers, I advise you to save them for the next such action! There’s no sense hoping for something in this !!! Perhaps in the next, the developers will become wiser and increase the chances of a drop! The worm under the palace is not accessible at high levels because of its indestructibility! Why was it so I can’t understand! After such a wonderful holiday festival all the players of Drakensang were disappointed!
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    BULLSEYE1 Junior Expert

    The ridiculous part is drop rates seems to be getting worse the more you pay. I wrote this issue to "Support" once and I don't even want to write here how they replied. Since that day I try not spend even 1 cent & ander on anything like buffs, gems etc...

    I don't know how drop rates are calculated but definitely there is no balance. Some may get in a few rounds what they want while many others get nothing in countless numbers of trials. I don't mean that everyone should get everything in one day. But drop rates must me satisfactory for the major part of the players which is not true for this game at the moment. You don't get what you deserve for your effort.
    Simply in DSO 1+1=0.
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  10. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    I have even chosen to abstain from the event
    I am not doing it. purely out of self respect.
    Furthermore look at what they have done, the toxic worms map chest drops 1 draken core on any difficulty so you spend that much time killing them, heck I even die several times on fatal, its like literally a joke.
    I also do not do the event out of pure protest fearing they will implement entries to halloween and dragan, therefore am abstaining from this event. I am on the excr bar and just wont do the event itself.
  11. LyLyh

    LyLyh Someday Author

    Well … this is the most stuped event I've ever played! I have to play hours for pick 50-60 sewer keys and to go on the event couple of times and take 300-400 progress???? Really??? You may not have families, social life, children and friends and your work is for DSO, but we have and do not work for DSO, concequently we cannot stay online 24/7 … There is no fun in this game anymore since you became so greedy!
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  12. Dushko

    Dushko Forum Greenhorn

    I have 2 questions :
    1. Is there any piglets at the map for 24 keys before Mhorblik?
    2. How can i add both rat mount to my collection, because i need the one to craft the other?
    Thanks in advance
  13. ZantezukKken

    ZantezukKken Someday Author

    1 :no
    2: One drop from cursed amphore the other from mini progress
  14. Dushko

    Dushko Forum Greenhorn

    The common rat mount drops from the cused amphora on 24 keys map?
  15. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    I know the rat (if i am mistake please someone correct me) drop also from 12 and 18key map from cursed amphora /black amphora !! When the sewers was on last time(2017 i think) i got from 12key map the rat, but now i think the drop is 0.0000001% and i am not surprised if will be like this, in the end this game become a p2w !!
  16. Ginaja

    Ginaja Forum Greenhorn

    I have played this game for more then 5 years with great joy, some events where Awesome (Sargon),
    some great and some not, but honestly this event is true garbage! I was lucky to save on buffs and keys from last event.

    I finished this event but honestly it was dull and extremely boring and i had to push myself to finish it. :(

    And then the rewards, i used like 9279 keys or so and maybe did more then 560xx runs and the end result:

    After all these runs (including all handwheels and amphora) ive seen the Fancy Rat 6x times and no pet drop,
    i have seen the RatKing 0x ZERO times!!! and yes he was active (present outside) when i did the runs.

    And then Mhorblik .... Never seen any Runes or Death Wink drop.

    The Worms very hard on Inf4 and then 1x Drakencore reward "smile for not cry!"

    Droprate of keys, 10 Runs Parallel World Quest 7 inf3 and got 42 keys!

    Sewer Parasite drop is way 2 low (for Ess).

    Mini's, first 1 hour and now 2 hour is still a joke, needed 2 much drills.

    The only thing i got is a full Poison Buster Set x3 but who is gonna use that..... nice melting!

    DSO, I hope this event never NEVER returns.:mad:
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    BULLSEYE1 Junior Expert

    Welcome to the "Club of Non-Droppers" friend. You are not alone. I'm sure even DSO developers are playing others games than this.
  18. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    they should have increased keys drop and balanced dropped ingredients and parts on the first week
    i know this is made for us to buy the parts we lack of but still the difference is too high


    1. i liked your post because of your avatar (i dont know if its you but just in case)
    2. you did 560 runs? or 5,600? or 56,000

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  19. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    if i'm not mistaken, that's the mount, not the pet
    As far as i know, the pet allegedly can drop from the fancy rat miniboss that can spawn from the handwell
    Allegedly, because it never ever dropped( of course, i mean, i am crazy for thinking that effort should be rewarded, right?)
  20. BigHink

    BigHink Forum Inhabitant

    Fancy Rat pet dropped from Pet Maniac from handwell for 1 guild member. Only one I have seen.
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