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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Mar 20, 2020.

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  1. Anonymous_Dthy

    Anonymous_Dthy Forum Greenhorn

    I only want to say, is the event more boring for doing :v
  2. -.SeReNiTy.-

    -.SeReNiTy.- Someday Author


    I rarely post here something, but this is too much: events, the way the game is going, etc.

    First of all, you decided to anticipate the event for a week. Meaning, in theory, the event was more than ready to be made live. In practice, it was not.
    Second: you definitely and deliberately ignored all the feedback that players provided in the last edition of this event. On top of that, you haven't fixed anything (except the Draken Cores from the Worms...), plus you made the event worse.
    • Why have you removed the buffs in every progress bar of the main event? Who asked for that?
    • Why have you increased the amount of progress to be collected if the event is running for less time?
      • In the last edition, the total progress was 59530 bronze Plumber's Dogtag, but we had at the end of every bar "Dogtag Shower" (50% increased drop) for 1 hour, if I'm not mistaken. That had to be done in 25 days. In this edition, the event is running for less than 2 weeks and you are asking for 58152 bronze Plumber's Dogtag without Dogtag Shower buff. On top of that, drop was nerfed, especially in Worms. Can you explain to me the concrete logic and reasons behind that? Who asked for that?
    • Why has the drop from Worms been reduced so massively? Who asked for that?
    Some of us mentioned that running events for a pair of hours isn't a good idea. What have you done? Ignored. And you presented us with the same recipe.
    • Why have you kept the same recipe when it had negative feedback?
    • Why don't you use your brain to think: Worldwide, there is a virus going on and some people have to be at home and there are coercive measures to those who do not respect that guideline. What has DSO Team decided?
      • No problem, we will anticipate the event to have some "activity" in the game.
      • No problem, our servers will not support so many people, but it doesn't matter.
    • Why haven't you thought on a Plan B for this situation? Is it too hard to run all the mini-events for 8 hours, for example? People would be playing in 4 different maps, instead of only 1. That would probably minimize the lag/crashes that we got. It's not funny.
    • Even if this was intended, as I believe it was, do you think that everyone is at home on the front of PC 24/7? For example, my institution sent every worker to work at home. So, I'm not at home to play, but I'm here to work as normally as possible. So, of course, I will play at the same time (after coming back from work)...
    For those reasons, and much more, I won't even bother to complete this event, because it's a waste of time (even the good rewards were removed). So, I stopped at 50 clovers (7th progress bar) and I won't waste my time playing.

    Honestly, I would prefer to watch you working properly, with competence, reading the forums and catching all the feedback instead of doing that "wonderful" twiches/streams that I deliberately avoid to watch. Sincerely, I don't give any importance if you are playing Clask of Admins or playing live. I would prefer 20-30 minutes twitches with content; not to see you playing and showing off a product that is not based on players' feedback, as this event confirms. Twitches should be a moment to get players informed, not to BP employees having fun.

    And no, I won't buy the attire. It's exactly because of that the game went to this point.

    Third: to keep short, this game is going, in my opinion, in the wrong direction. Everything is repeated and the future doesn't bring any bright scenario: more internals (meaning, repeat the same recipe: craft again, upgrade items, etc.). With the content expansion I'm pretty sure that new rarity gems will come and we'll have to farm again to get that done. Sorry, this is arriving at a point that I can't tolerate anymore. For that reason, I'm considering leaving this game.
    Promises are just promised: just refresh your memory on the promises you made to the players: Q3-Q4 2019 - PW Gorga; Dragan; PvP update and Desert of Essences. Meaning, in that quarter, you haven't done anything you proposed yourselves to do. You failed and not even a single excuse for that.

    Refresh you memory on some comments from last event edition, I selected some:

    Cheers and, for those who stand, have fun! :)
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  3. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    Golden shower lasted for 30mins drops is nerfed indeed by over 400 on inf4 and by everything you stated and by the very same reasons i´m considering to leave for over 2 months after over 8 years of being here yet my addiction and friend bounds are still tiny bit stronger than my wil lto least before the expansion which will throw me back to almsot 0 Thanks for having you bud cheers
  4. LightCarabine

    LightCarabine Forum Greenhorn

  5. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    I stopped on the 9,700 advancements beyond I don't think it's convenient.

    The ideal was to do it at 6,267 first, the rest is just a loss of resources.

    I don't know if it changes with the TOXIC FUMES CHALLENGE, maybe if the drop is favorable I think about it and I finish the 7th progress bar.

    Maybe it would have been the case to completely skip this horrible event, but some gems are still convenient and I have some amphorae keys in the inventory.

    The worst thing is the lack of resources which makes this event absolutely empty on the maps or a waste of time!
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  6. Yulka1980

    Yulka1980 Forum Apprentice

    A mighty stupid event, where you spend more time outside de event, looking for keys, than inside doing the event. Congratulations to the brilliant intellects, who are responsible for this event.
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  7. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    I´m a mage so i´ll rather keep those amphora keys for inf7 witch seeker belts of course in case i´ll still be playing :)
    Honestly first 6 bars are worth it 7th is kinda meh as the fine stuff starts at about 15k or so as i remember so i think if´d go to Stonekeep i3 speedfarming with deluxe from LBs you´d get off much better in gem,gold and basically every other way except drakens
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  8. amrios7

    amrios7 Forum Greenhorn

    unfortunately the event is too long from the progress bar 7. for these cases they should give the cloak of 3 hours with 50% progress, even put it in the progress bar as a prize and they gave this even in the dragan event Hopefully they will provide it in code.

    Another important point was that the progress bars do not give the progress buff of 50% as in past events, it is obvious that they want us to be able to play more hours but part of the players from different countries have to be occupied by the virus. so this event falls at the least appropriate time, of course all the complaints of the players are absolutely right.
  9. Парабум

    Парабум Regular

    Well, I'm not lazy, I'll write something. I think this event is the most stupid that could have been invented (you do not even need to think). There was a campaign of Dragan, where we were farming for a month the keys to amphorae. After all this, they start the sewer, where I have to spend all the keys that I collected from the dragana, attention is the question: WHERE IS LOGIC? Pearls were not written off from Dragan, and I did not bogus. And here, do you think if you are distributing to people in 99.9999988887777666% of cases only diamonds and kyanites, will you find a positive wave? I will repeat once again who can take the rewards of the progress of the bar - he will never take them, there are no rubies! Who needs this progress bar, he will never take it, playing as an archer, I spent 100k essences. Do you have so much, and yet unlimited opening amphoras? If not, you go to sleep. Good night.

    [content removed]
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  10. CaballoLoco

    CaballoLoco Active Author

    I don't understand this game, I must be very silly ......
    How do I enter Abandoned Sewer Passage? No mission appears to me to gain access.
    Where will you get Drill Head to summon Rampaging Worms? .... I imagine
    that can be obtained from other than the store ..... no?
    Please someone explain to me, since BP does not publish any guide or information.
    Thank you
  11. Парабум

    Парабум Regular

    Drills fall from the worms, under the lock. To kill a worm, you need an essence, if you don’t have ~2k keys (or credit card) for amphoras and 50k damage, you can go to sleep. Although perhaps you have friends who have all this in stock. For the weak and medium player, there are only 3 progress bars. Other things will do you more good; craft, resource gathering, matter, etc.
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  12. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Who do you call a racist?
    You quote your own posts so you would spam further, then you publish a video of a stupid song with lots of profanities and swearing in it.
    Have you read the forum rules?
    That is your last mistake on this forum, the next one will be a permanent ban.
    I do not have intention to waste my time with people like you.

  13. SuperTeO41

    SuperTeO41 Forum Apprentice

    Well, i am seriously trying to find something good in this event. In fact, seeing the cr*p you did by changing the main event, I thought that at least the mini event would remain the same like the last edition. But I came to the conclusion that after making the first run,it can end there.

    But what makes me more angry is that you have increased the days of the event, for what? This event is not an event, 90% of the time you spend it in dungeons making keys. it is not clear what the purpose of this event is, farming key? unique ones suck one more than the other, the progress bar is impossible if you don't buy the cloak for 40 euros or if u farm 24h/day keys.

    Essences are the main problem of this event, they are not enough. The only easiest and most convenient way is to craft. but there is a discrepancy between the ingredients:

    You have removed many stuff like the buff at the end of the bar that allows you to get more progress, why? who asked?

    in the last edition, there were 8 bars god damn, 8. But you finished them all.

    (official announcements)
    Infested Sewers :
    ◾Key requirements are now based on the difficulty THE PRICES ARE TOO HIGH, AS THAT OF THE MINI EVENT
    ◾The drop chance of the Fancy Rat pet has been increased. NOT EVEN REAL, I KILL THIS RAT ABOUT 20-30 TIME AND NO PET
    ◾The chance for the Rat King to appear has been lowered NICE JOKE, IMPOSSIBLE TO OBTAIN
    ◾Group members cannot join a sewers dungeon anymore if a Valve has been used on a map where the Rat King could appear JUST WHY?

    It is really embarrassing how you reduced this event.
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  14. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Commissioner

    The attire cloak should be an optional.
    We should be able to do the event spendig a lot of time farming, but it isn't possible.
    The developers changed the mode of the event, now it's worse then first.
    I will not be able to finish the event with farming like the last one, so I'm forced to stop.
    It will be the first time that I will not complete this event.
    Congratulation to the developers.
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  15. tom_45

    tom_45 Forum Greenhorn

    Lets call a cat... a cat! this event is a fail!

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    My last forum post:

    Never thought this event could get worse.
    Mhorblik on fatal gives a lousy 20 progress. Which means 90 runs x 48 keys = 4320 keys needed (only for first progress bar).

    Also as someone mentioned; Fancy rat pet simply doesnt drop and rat king doesnt spawn.

    Anyway its pretty clear what the future brings regarding events. They will only be able to finish using Amphora keys. Now this time we got a bunch for free during Dragan returns, but im 100% sure this is a 1 time only occurance. Next time youre forced to either buy those keys or you wont be able to finish a single progress bar.

    First BP destroys they destroy PVE and they trying to destroy your bank account in the progress :)
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  17. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    They decided to destroy pvp so they could monetize events, those cloaks were introduced for that reason.

    And like you said, they made the event worse and ignored the feedback.
    And if said feedback was implemented, this event would have been a fine event.
  18. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    There is a difference between fine for us and fine for them you know especially in ammount of money made and as we can see obviously they don´t care about way they make these money. They should try to make a game we would admire and we would be willingly giving off our money because they deserve them but the way it is going now is pure forcing which means no playerbase consisting of normal people sooner...or later
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  19. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    that drop rate is for sure the things that make this event take forever! better add several more days or fix the rates for us to get the event done.

  20. wavi

    wavi Junior Expert

    I don't know what is worse, the rat event or the people who ask for more days for the event, ha ha ha
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