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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Mar 20, 2020.

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  1. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    Dude I dont need 2 attack people and if U would have noticed, the ONLY people I attack is the bullies who cant act/think on their own but need grp-concemsus, B4 they can pounce! :):):)
    Actually I think Ur post is GREAT! Its an honest answer by a single person, driven by honesty and objectivity, instead of hatred! Its refreshing! :D:D:D
    And now 2 Ur points:
    NOPE! I gatta give U that 1! They do try! But BADLY I must add! Jesse NEVER prepares a stream, and he NEVER checks ANY of his equipment B4 going live... -actually he has on several occasions BOMBED fellow CMs w going live when they explicitly told him they werent rdy!
    Also.. I agree w U on Ur target audience estimation, which makes me wonder: How many beers does Jesse/Hansen have 2 pound LIVE B4 they are taken off the air?
    ...But Jesse IS sometimes fighting it appears 2 me like hes on the gamers side! ...and so is Hansen! The problem is also they are watched VERY closely by BPDEVs, and more important by japanese BP owners, who just sees DSO as a money machine!
    Yeah regarding Ur clip... it just shows how HARD it must be working 4 BP...
    I would feel sorry 4 these 2, were it not for the fact that they are LIARS by CHOISE!! I mean... these guys are bound hand and feet, yes!
    -BUT: (are U rdy 4 this???) They CHOSE THEIR JOBS! if not on the jobinterviewday, they mustave realized on workday #1 that they were just muppets 4 BP, and that BP would use their SITHPOWAS on Jesse/Hansen! (Sorry if that last allegory did not land correctly... But I stopped watching "Star Wars" after ep6! (3rd movie) [10 mins in2 prequel 1, I left theater! - the buttered popcorn was still good, the memories of a certain animated char was NOT!]

    And again: Both Jesse and Hansen are dumb as F... I mean... They actually have small gamerforce they could use 2 their advantage, but hey!...
    -They LAZY!
    -They DO NOT WANNA PREPARE STREAM! Cuz they lazy (did I mention that?)
    -They dont wanna play DSO as we players do it for just 1 seccond (cuz they cant stand how people are treated by BP, and also: [SPOILERALERT:] They lazy!!!! I mean Jesse dont even pick up his loot ffs! -CMON! At least ACT like U care bout the gameplay and how we play the game!!!!)
    -And any fightingspirit they had left is LOOOONG-gone! -they just wanna protect numero uno! -How can U expect respect if U are a public known sell-out w no standards???

    RIP Hansen/Jesse! U will NOT be remembered!
    At least Haruki died fighting 4 the players! [May 4th B w U]
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2020
  2. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Active Author

    No I never got banned.
    I just have a life outside of a computer game that I enjoy.
    I have read your posts since I posted this,and you are attacking Jesse and Hansen for what reason ?
    You complain about people grouping and bullying you ?
    I don't see that.
    1 I don't know anyone that posts on this forum.
    2 Most play on a different server to me.
    3 I make up my own mind and comment how I see fit.
    4 Either English is not your first language or you are a young kid if it is either of these last 2 I apologise to you for you assuming I am bullying you.
    5 They can not ban any players because there is not enough players left on most of the servers.
    6 I have never touched my daughter or struck her to even go there was profoundly wrong , if you had said that to my face instead of being a keyboard warrior , you would of been taken away in a body bag plain and simple that is me being honest.
    7 That is the problem with this game people think they can say whatever they want about a person without knowing them.
  3. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    So what do U mean w the term: "Slammed"?
    Good 4 U!:)
    As I explained: (again: READ my posts pls!) Cuz they do their job so poorly, they are badly prepared, and op top of all that they also LIE!
    LooooL TY 4 proving my point about readingglasses!
    So? What does that have 2 do w anything?
    Yeah! And also: If U fall from a pier, cuz sum1 in a red shirt pushed U, U get wet! -Dude! This is what is known as "irrellevant information"!
    Good! -As do I! :D:cool:
    U DID bully me! U just claimed I was "your post against these guys that are trying to help people in this game"! Which is just an outright LIE!
    I am NOT against people who are helping others!!! And by trying 2 paint me as the "bad guy" attacking a huge number of "good guys", U were indeed bullying me! I tried illustrating this point by making up a total irrellevant story about Ur offspring, just 2 illustrate what U were trying 2 do 2 me... But I guess my point was 2tally lost on U...

    ...also: Next time U make an apology, try and make a REAL 1 like a MAN would do! "I apologise to you for you assuming I am bullying you." is NOT an apology! at best, its just more BAD manners on Ur part!
    They did! Remember "the Banhammer" a month or so ago? A 2tal of 4 people got bannned! XD
    Again Ur 2tally missing my point! BUY THOSE READINGGLASSES!!! Making treaths on my life, cuz U cant read a post correctly is WRONG!!! (And also punishable by LAW!)
    U are a BAD person that should be BANNED for comments like this 1! But at least Im glad U target me, who KNOWS, that U are the REAL "Keyboard Warrior" here, instead of a lil kid, who would be SO scared of Ur bullymethods and talks bout "bodybags", they would lie awake at night scared 2 sleep...
    -Amount of hours I personally will lie awake scared of U and Ur futile threats: 0,00!
    That they can just attack people like U attacked me out of the blue 4 no reason? I AGREE! That IS a problem! -a BIG 1! And people like U are NOT nice!
    Making threats on other peoples life in a chatroom is NOT GOOD FORM!!! People like U should ALLWAYZ get the SMALLEST muffin on muffinday, cuz U do NOT deserve a big 1 till U have learned some MANNERS!
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2020

    JEKAJE Forum Apprentice

    Please, ban this guy already. All this stuff is off topic, and he needs to get off internet and get a therapist anyways.
  5. milan1984

    milan1984 Forum Greenhorn

    cooming from 5+ years player,i stoped reading forum after THEUSEN start writing posts that hurts may eyes....Nothing constructive just attacking players and whining about this and that...
  6. Valhöll

    Valhöll Someday Author

    You're too impulsive, and it doesn't paint you in the eyes of others. When you leave the cold zone, you burst into a world of chaos and adrenaline. I have a strong defense mechanism too, and I often lose a duel before it starts. I don't think you should use the scream for constructive dialogue. It doesn't carry a semantic load, it just tries to draw attention to itself. I'm not saying that you're wrong, I'm saying that your military tactics are doomed to failure. I know that because I've tried many times myself to prove something without trumps in my hands. If you see that your trumps don't cover the party, you have to mix the deck and create other accents and markers. Because, as the proverb says, "If the argument lasts longer than five minutes, then fools argue. It's just that I've been watching this flow throughout the event. In part, I agree with you.

    I finished the main progress of the campaign, having spent about 200k essences playing ranger. I think this event is the most unbalanced in history. Developers, please do something with the opportunity to see the stats of the band members, similar to the way I look at mine. So that I can see the layout of skills, equip, et cetera. At this promotion, the game in the group is an anti-utopia. I'm standing one step away from leaving this project because of the big avalanche of negativity.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2020
  7. Inu

    Inu Forum Apprentice

    For what you need to see stats of others?? My stats skills are my things not yours or other local pepegas. I dont want some random kiddo from local be able see my stats theres no point for it. Why you play with locals when they scum you and you need use more ess... Play with friends,guild... Or buy attire and no issue with ess unbalance. I play with one two persons and im ok. region chat( light red one is just for pepegas and scum) :rolleyes:
  8. Steve75

    Steve75 Junior Expert

    @JEKAJE @Valhöll @milan1984
    For God's sake, just ignore the troll and his terrible posts and do not feed him with responses ;).
  9. Valhöll

    Valhöll Someday Author

    Because I'm tired of the nubs, which yesterday received level 55, and today are on Inf4. Almost all my friends have left the project, 99% of them at least. My guild is empty. I am ready to help in individual cases, but I am not ready to save the whole Doria and every new resident of this beautiful city. I don't get paid to try and find a partner for two hours straight. So seeing your build of knowledge and skills, the things you're wearing, I'll roughly estimate your options. And there's a chance I'm gonna waste a lot less time looking for a partner. Would that answer be okay with you? If you want to be incognito, don't join unfamiliar groups. Play with friends, with the guild, or buy outfits. L.Logic. I don't want that knowledge for nothing, and I'm not interested in what schoolchildren are wearing.
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  10. Steve75

    Steve75 Junior Expert

    Sounds like a bad joke, you can buy much better (complete) games for that amount of money instead of one single event in dso ..
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2020
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  11. chrif

    chrif Forum Apprentice

    indeed the noobs are in every event. some think they are smart and lie about their dmg. some asking to make a group of 80k+ when they have 25k and some just do 1 or 2 hits in a min to save essence and troll the groups efforts things that never happen when playing with op players. what is sad is those things will continue to happen in every event as long as noobs want to go from normal to inf4 overnight.
    For now using game title that reflect a bit all those thing you said before seems a short solution for the problem. example asking for a group with 'battleground champion' at least you know they can handle inf4 solo
  12. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Overlooker

    Newbies are intimidated by the number of difficulties. It's a problem with the difficulty system that causes them to try to skip some modes. The facts are, those difficulties are only a problem since the beginning. It's making things harder to balance out, and adds another layers of pointless grind. That's why I've been advocating for removing them, and merging the tiers. Few difficulties are easier to balance out and to make them feel completely different. For what I've seen, they do understand (or at least seem to understand) some of these. We'll see what the future brings, but for now we must remember what the real present problem is (and of course, never forget the past).
  13. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Active Author

    I understand what you are saying.
    I was playing with a guild mate in Dragan Event. I said something similar his response got me though.
    He said, "There is 2 types of players in this game the Carriers and the Collectors. The Carriers get on and do the job the Collectors pick up stuff behind you."
    I used to try to help as much as possible, after 6-7 years in this game, I have become very jaded about helping people.
    Now it is Solo, Guild mates, or a few select people.
    Very seldom will I group with randoms.
    Is pretty sad, but after being taken advantage of one too many times I think it is the best way to play for me.
    Until bigpoint changes something, so we know what we are getting involved in. Not sure how they do this though.
    Example Other day I was asked to help with Grimm Inf 3, I asked the guy his damage was 10 or 15k.
    So we went Infernal 1 just so I could help him understand Inf 3 is kind of hard with low damage. Thankfully he took it on board and appreciated the help.
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  14. Orange_George

    Orange_George Advanced

    i am finished investing here.
    the event issues i have are never and in my view will never be looked into.
    in fact they want these feedbacks to use against the player to make things harder and force us to pay .
    i might still play but will never invest anything more here.
    this sewers event has the exact same issues everyone complained about last time and to boot a couple more have been added

  15. chrif

    chrif Forum Apprentice

    Andermight powder crisis. should we wait for another bug or wait until the lucky players uses their 6k andermight powder then you will consider correcting this. (it doesn't drop from mobs at crypt) only from nest amphora with the 1/10 chance to get it 1.
    sewer parasite is also has low drop rate compared to the other ingredients.
    what's the use of having 1 or 2 item over 1k and other ingredients aren't sufficient.
    This crafting sewer essences is Broken
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  16. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Forum Veteran

    Looking at your valve parts, as well as essence parts I can see you suffer from the same problem that most do and nobody is seeing the real problem.

    The 2 real problems are that there are no citizens in the Fairground and the unequal drops across the 3 maps.

    It used to be that Fairgrounds was free to enter and that is where everyone got there sewer keys. Then more Crypts were run over Harbor because of better citizen and bar progress.

    Now we get our keys everywhere and only want to run Crypt.

    DSO Devs: You need to add Citizens to Fairground and equalize the drops (all including paid amphoras) so that all three maps are equally desirable for progress. THIS IS THE REAL FIX WE NEED.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2020
  17. chrif

    chrif Forum Apprentice

    adding citizens to fairground won't solve the essence ingredients problem. but it can be a nice addition to make it a little bit desirable as for me i farm there only when there is the rat king(still didn't got it) but the real problem is the disparity in the drops.
    Theoretically each map should drop an ingredient:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Rat lure at Fairground (drops from the mobs)
    parasite at Harbor (rarely drops from the mobs)
    Andermight powder at crypt of kings ( Never drops from the mobs)
    as for Nightglow lily it drops from everywhere + it can harvested from harbor map.
    But in practice as you saw I've done lot of runs at the crypt to still ending up with low Andermight powder.
  18. Javah

    Javah Old Hand

    It seems that if we lack in powder, we abund in parasites. But also vice versa. And it is no bug at all.


    As I don't care about the event at all, I've always done some random runs, just to waste some time up here and help the guild: so I think I stayed about the same amount of time on each of the three maps.
  19. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Padavan

    Pretty sure the drop rates are being modified on a daily basis. Today, a crypt run on fatal produced 37 progress, when the previous 5 in Inf 2 never produced more than 31. Most were in the low 20's.
  20. Soulshade2

    Soulshade2 Forum Apprentice

    Powiem tak ja jestem dość dobrym graczem więc latam sobie mapki na inf 4 5 gdzie leci po 10 12 postępu więc z samych mapek można dziennie zrobić 5 6 k postępu plus zabicie robaka to kolejne kilka tysięcy postępu więc event można zrobić spokojnie . Ale dla nowych graczy ten event jest nie możliwy do zrobienia gdyż latając na fatalu czy bolesnym współczynnik upuszczania postępu jest bardzo niski .
    Kolejna sprawa części do craftowania eski czyli proszek mrocznej mocy oraz kloaczny pasożyt bardzo słabo leci więc nie ma możliwości zrobić eski która jest wymagana wszędzie na mini evncie oraz robaku . Następnie zrobiłem wszystkie 3 paski postępu na mini evencie musiałem się pozbyć wszystkich kluczy które wydropiłem na draganie aby zdobyć eskę nie powinno tak być eska powinna być łatwa i dostępna . Więc dodając wszystko śmiem powiedzieć , że ten event to kara po prostu nie przyjemność z gry . A co najlepsze zdobycie amuletu to w ogóle kosmos latając przez 3 paski zdobyłem tylko 10 bulw z dzikiej to to jest w ogóle mistrzostwo świata w rzadnej grze nie widziałem takich rzeczy aby coś było nie możlwie do zdobycia dramat oraz śmiech na sali brawo BP dążycie do zamknięćia tej gry na stałe niestety .

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