Infinite DNS lookup consuming all bandwidth - SERIOUS

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by mystic_archer29, Apr 6, 2021.

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  1. mystic_archer29

    mystic_archer29 Forum Apprentice

    I've written this post about 2 years ago, since then this is not fixed.

    When the servers are busy, usually during weekends and/or evenings, sometimes, when changing the area like going into a dungeon/cirt, the spun-off 64 bit process loads infinitely (the process is not frozen, it just loads forever), hanging the whole internet, can't even open the browser. Task manager shows consumption of all bandwidth.

    64 bit

    I have managed to narrow down YOUR issue, and will provide some more info. I have seen people complaining about it as well, e.g.
    'i dont know why but i lag as hell i have 3k ping sorry i have to close game'.
    This is ridiculous, are you this lazy and dumb as to mess this up?

    What happens is that the DNS lookup fails somehow, there are ways you can achieve infinite recursion with the lookup etc. I cant be arsed diagnosting your ELEMENTARY/BASIC/ENTRY-LEVEL bugs, so i just went the lazy way, reset my router, waited for full load, and i see only ONE TCP connection made by the 64 process (the DNS was successful, the issue is race-conditioned).

    Anyway, here it goes, when the lookup is successful, you have, depending on the area and other factors, an established TCP connection:

    When it fails, and my task manager shows a whopping 10 MB per second for AGES (never ends), then there is no such connection established, you can check this out with netstat -ano in windows. The client repeatedly asks for lookup on whatever domain is that, and the TCP cannot be established. TCP cannot be established, so your client waits on the connection to be established, which never happens.

    Its ISP agnostic, i have two internet connection from two different companies, not a problem. Its the problem with ur dog client, not my local, don't even DARE to try to push that issue on my end.

    Can you fix??????????? been 2-3 years ???????????????????????????????????????????????????


    I have put the lookup on my local HOSTS file, and the issue seem to occur way less (since this particular DNS record is now on my local machine instead of some remote server, the lookup for this particular domain is immediately successful, and the game loads), however then i started having other connections, such as :

    And of course it would hang on obtaining IP for those juicy subdomains. Congratulations! you officially have no brain. This is super elementary, how the hell are you still in business??

    Obviously, this does not scale, i CBA to reset my router to try to 'attempt to fetch the new IP record for the DNS lookup'.

    I begin to do some research on where I can report a bogus/virus client, since this technically constitutes a DNS-based Denial-of-Service attack (DOS), making your client a malware. Maybe some antivirus companies? the police?

    no regards as usual,


    --- MERGED ---

    here is the proof, my local device is getting flooded by address when the whole thing goes south, as outlined in the post above.

    Check this out, caputured on the wireshark.

    FIX???????????????????????? I've written this post 3 years ago you didnt fix yet? the proof is right there??????? ? ?


    Notice how the DRO consumes all available bandwidth, my device is legit getting flooded. I have to kill the process to make things go back to normal, even doesnt open up with the error message 'DNS has failed'

    I am not the only one who has had this issue. How many clients you have lost already by your complacency??

    --- MERGED ---

    Filtering by the DRO -> DNS:

    udp && ip.src== && ip.dst==

    Filtering by the DNS -> DRO

    udp && ip.src==

    As you can see, YOUR client repeatedly asks the DNS for something, and the MALFORMED PACKET is returned, which turns into an infinite loop.

    Oh by the way, pay close attention to the first column on the left, the 'number' one. I've gotten close to 6k entries in just under 10 seconds. Congratulations!

    No, my machine does not have some other things running, its purely DSO, i've filtered out background windows noise requests such as search/cortana.

    I want a reply on this thread from one of the admins/moderators, i want this information to be forwarded to the support/dso, this is a proof that your client is basically a flood malware. Misconfigured client resulting in a flood is still malware.

    I can't play games on the evenings, im scared to switch areas to new ones, joining teams, just for my internet to hang because of your stupid client.

    Im waiting for a reply
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  2. Anyki

    Anyki Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    I have forwarded your concerns. I would suggest that you send a ticket to support if you have further concerns. A little bit of politeness would be nice. I'm sure all those ????? weren't actually needed.

    Since I can't help you further on the forums, I'm closing this thread.
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