Suggestion Ingredient Hunter Jewel Removal

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by danielcarol3, Nov 26, 2022.

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  1. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Someday Author

    Good morning, afternoon or evening, my suggestion is for those who have this jewel (and those who do not propose things to trade) with whom they would exchange this jewel because as it helps to farm ingredients faster and easier, it makes events ask for absurd amounts of materials to complete it for unsatisfactory rewards (said by a part of players of this level) therefore if you could negotiate between DSO and you some way to eliminate it with the commitment to do events that are worth doing, my suggestion is why What would you be willing to exchange for this jewel and what kind of special rewards would you accept as an alternative option for you, whether they are:

    - unlimited consumables
    - special pets
    - Special titles that provide a bonus like 35% dmg, crit, hp.
    - specific runes or jewels (eg: keep any bonus to the maximum or increase the bonuses of some event in such %)
    - reduce the amount of materials required to craft any item by 90%
    - any alternative you have

    One suggestion to increase the difficulty for people who need it is to make new abilities, statuses, passives, map structures or interaction with map elements to defeat the bosses or minibosses of a dungeon (reducing the amount of monsters on each map by minifejes with special and unique abilities) and that these are enabled depending on the level that one enters (obvious but not so much for DSO who prefers to increase the life of the boss x10 and fill the room with bugs to give rewards based on the RNG) doing the more accessible bars in relation to the number of average hours of the players in general or they are unlocked in phases with only a day of delay to access the new content.

    Another suggestion is to know what type of rewards they expect from events, eg: special jewels, items, consumables, objects or tools to kill such a boss more easily or that have challenging mechanics.

    Another suggestion is that they make all sets of the parallel world mythical to see if they are useful for something (in the end if the rumors are true that they are capable of creating "somewhat" interesting mythical sets in less than a week wondering what the rest were doing of the year to give maps that apparently were not even tested).

    ps: be respectful and think of a viable solution for everyone if there is any love left for this game because mine with this one is already on the ground.
  2. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Advanced

    I just saw this message and you exaggerate what you say.
    I already spent 1000 broken multitools and got 0 jewels, are you happy?
    question for people like you who have a jewel and don't want anyone else to have it, do I have to live on the game to make an object? o_O
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