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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    Dev Diaries.jpg

    We are preparing a special Dev Diaries episode with our producer Verena. For this first interview we want to give you guys the chance of sending over your questions. So please use this thread and shoot them over – we’ll be selecting some of them and we’ll discuss them with Verena in the next Dev Diaries series.​

    Please stay on topic and please be respectful/constructive with your questions. You know what we mean. ;)

    You’ll get more chances to get them answered, really. And if your question does not get selected this time, don’t you worry. We’ll do more of these sessions in the future.
    Thanks and kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. xxxVenom

    xxxVenom Forum Apprentice

    Hi DSO, thanks for giving us the chance to shoot some questions through, here are mine:

    1. Are you considering to fix the "hair problem" when wearing a hats and helmets? I'm not sure if male chars have the same trouble, but the females are bald :eek: Maybe you also could think of creating new looks, people might want to change their chars more often, especially now that changing chars is a lot cheaper ;) You could make this also a "creating event" :cool:

    2. I got an idea for when playing in groups: now, you see yourself on the map as a
    green dot and ALL other group members as a blue dot. Why not changing to a colour system, each player gets a different coloour? In some cases it might be very helpful to know, which player is where ;)

    3. Please, could you also consider to change the curser icon? It's very hard to find and recognise at times.. maybe some "glowing" colour is possible?

    4. I also had the idea of getting a new gem for travel speed (maybe in yellow), but I think there would be more votes against that idea :confused:

    Thanks again & kindest regards, Vênôm
  3. karelostb

    karelostb Forum Apprentice

    Hello there i am Kewdak
    ----->new class is coming soon or it's gonna be at a long time from now?
    ----->Helios event has been ended once and for all?
    ----->Alchemy system is still on or it was just a project?
    ----->After the event of dragan that ll come ,we are gonna have any other bad guy?
    ----->We saw after the dragan event the tier or lvl system of uniques taking over the game's gonna spread further and after all we must consider that as a factor of any future event?
    ----->Is drakensang going to be on steam any time later ?(just a crazy idea)
    After all i hope you 've a good stream CMs
    and also have a good time while answering Producer! #Cheers
  4. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    While many people have been asking very specific questions about features and bugs, I have some more general ones.
    As far as I know, you are using Scrum (or at least some Agile development practice) in the DSO Team, and the producer is basically acting as the product owner. My questions regarding this are:

    - How did the community survey results end of March get reflected in your product backlog?
    - What is your method of prioritizing defects? How is QM contributing to the sprints? Are their results taken into account for the current sprint or only during the next one? Specifically, why does it often take so long to react to bugs that become evident already on the test server?

    - What is your "definition of done"? Does your team feel you are delivering high-quality software, as one would expect from an agile team?
    - What agile development techniques do you actually employ?

    - How does the product owner get in contact with customers (us) in order to know what provides most value? Also, how do you determine our willingness to pay for certain features? Do you have any plans to improve the customer feedback process?
  5. Zed

    Zed Forum Pro

    As you know, many players complained about the nerf of Crafting 2.0 (deleting 2 items after the inversion). It makes crafting powerful items a lot more difficult than before, and because the crafting price is still rather high (+100 gold for legendary->legendary, knowing you have like 1 chance out of 100 to get the item you're aiming for, is pricey), only extreme p(l)ayers will be able to get them. The other problem is the slots : people need to search continuously for items with a high number of slots, or they'll end up paying huge fees to open them.

    What was the reason behind the nerf of this system ? I don't ask for the return of the 1st version, but will you do some changes to make the system more player-friendly ?
  6. Mawaka

    Mawaka Forum Apprentice

    Hi , a question :

    How can we trust you ? Many players spent a lot of time in your game and they can't play since the R164 ,but many events runned without these players .
    Do you really think you take care of your community ?

    Bye Bye DSO .

    (on french forum , this post is closed , why ? lol )
  7. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    From what I read, the questions had been submitted. Therefore, there wouldn't be a need to keep it open as no more would be passed along.

    As for questions for Verena, here goes:

    Since R155, it seems that almost every patch has created more problems rather than it solved. Some of it is related to the actual function of the patch (such as the Great Dragonknight Nerf), or bugs that have made playing impossible for many players (ie: Error Code 23 for Tegan, or the pink/brown screen for level 50 players in Cardhun). Are there any kinds of plans in place to attempt to mitigate these issues from coming into production?

    There is a test server and it has many, very dedicated, players. What are you doing to listen to the players and react to the issues/concerns that they find? (It has to be incredibly frustrating to share a problem and be ignored.)

    And last, is there anything in the works to share a more global roadmap than a one-month notice on releases. I would assume that the DSO team thinks further ahead than just the one month.

    Remember, an educated and informed client is much more forgiving when issues come up.

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  8. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    Hi dear DSO producer, my questions will be clear and simple (well as long as they don't delete it as they always do or ignore it).
    Do the staff check the forums and see the problems that the users have? Why do you keep rushing the Rels even thought there is not stability in the Patch? Do you care only about the money that the new rel will give you? Let me say something on behalf of the common user; If you keep going like you do the past months the game will be closed. Now let me know something, do you really care about the users? Why do you keep ignoring us so much? Do you like seeing your support full of reports about problems that were already reported on the test server?