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    Invasion of Kingshill Guide/Walkthrough
    Degree of Difficulty
    The event can be completed as single player but we highly recommend teaming up. A maximum of five players can enter the event simultaneously. The general degree of difficulty will be scaled to the number of players joining the event; however, a party of players will be able to control crowds of monsters more easily in general.


    After having successfully fought off the Attack on Werian Sanctuary, rumors spread that the Prophet had a vision that Kingshill would be the next target. Some say, that this time, the attack will come from several sides and that a mysterious puppet master is pulling the strings of the different enemy factions. Whether or not this is true, one fact is certain: Kingshill is in danger and is about to be attacked. Only you and your party can prevent the fall of Kingshill.

    Start the Event
    Find the Prophet in Kingshill. It's quite simple to recognize the Prophet: as soon as you approach him, the lighting around your character will turn into a deep shade of fuchsia. Speak with the Prophet and he will offer you two quests: the main quest For Kingshill! and a repeatable side quest called The Right Time. For the latter, you will need to collect 100 battle trophies, which will drop from worthy opponents (monsters that either have a higher level than your character’s level or a level of up to five levels lower than your character’s level). Completing the quest will earn you a Scroll of Punctuality. The scroll will allow you to enter the actual event at the exact moment Kingshill is attacked.

    Rebuilding Kingshill
    During the event, evil forces will launch multiple heavy attacks against Kingshill . The invasion will have an impact on the pristine appearance of Kingshill; buildings will be destroyed and walls will indicate that desolation and warfare took place. A true hero does not only know how to slay, but he also knows how to rebuild. The tiny, yet diligent, builder kobold Pip has two quests to offer: Rebuilding and At the End of the Rainbow.

    For the quest Rebuilding, you will be sent to a location where you will have to collect building materials. The location is determined by the level of your character (look at the list below). The material that you will have to collect depends on the region to which Pip sends you. For example, if the flora of the location features a forest, it is highly likely that you will have to collect wood, if however, the location is a frosty mountain, the material might be stone. Do not be surprised if you find Kobold Barrels at the end of rainbows along your journey, after all you just accepted a quest from a kobold! Completing the quest will earn you 100 Insignias of Merit. Insignias of Merit are needed to fill the progress bar during this event.

    Character Level = Location
    10-18 = Hagastove Grotto
    19-27 = Eternal Grove
    28-32 = Dragon Caverns & Hidden Sanctum
    30-35 = Hailstone Mountains
    36-39 = Mount Suvius
    40-43 = Gleaming Mountains
    44-45 = Stalgard

    Some kobold barrels will be empty if….
    • you do not have the quests of NPC Pip active
    • if you are in an area that is not equivalent to your level (see above)

    The quest At the End of the Rainbow is similar to the quest The Right Time; slay worthy opponents and collect the battle trophies. Pip will reward you with a Kobold Staff that allows you to crack open Kobold Barrels, which you can find at the end of rainbows. The stacks of building materials that you can find in the barrels always have 25 pieces.


    Main Quest: For Kingshill!
    As soon as you have acquired a Scroll of Punctuality, simply right-click the scroll, the notification window will pop up with a short description of the event and will allow you to enter the event map.

    You have the chance to enter two slightly different versions of the invasion. The first version focuses on the quest For Kingshill! and the second version focuses on a new quest called Kingshill in Dire Straits!. There is a 75% chance that your character will start in the map that follows the quest For Kingshill! and, logically, there is a 25% chance that your character will first start in the map that follows the new quest Kingshill in Dire Straits!.

    When following the course of For Kinghill!, the town has not yet been conquered. You can still prevent the invasion, but for that you will have to defend four of Drakensang Online's known NPCs from the hordes of monsters; Captain Gregory Winbold, Father Fidelis, Chancellor Brett Aylwin and Robert Rampage. Open the map and you will realize that the NPCs are scattered around all parts of Kingshill. The NPCs can be found standing close to four exits. Therefore, you can assume that the monster hordes will invade from the exit closest to the NPC. For example, when you have to defend Captain Gregory Windbold, the monsters will most likely enter from the Swerdfield Pastures. Father Fidelis will most likely face monster hordes coming from the Catacombs, etc.
    You will start by defending Captain Gregory Winbold, only once you have defeated the attacking waves of monsters and the captain is still alive, will you be able to continue to the next NPC, in this case Father Fidelis, and so on.

    Quest: Kingshill in Dire Straits!
    As soon as you enter the map of Kingshill, four representatives of the Alliance will be awaiting you. Depending on your character's class, one of the four NPCs will offer you the quest Kingshill in Dire Straits!. In the pictured example, Cornelius Remin is addressing your character since the character is a Spellweaver. When following the course of quest Kingshill in Dire Straits!, the town has already fallen into the hands of the enemy and the monster hordes are already present there. This means that you will have to rid the streets of monsters from inside the town, but at least you can rest assured that there will not be any monsters coming through the exit gates anymore. However, you will have to face the former monarch and now, undead and fearsome, Heredur. Upon completing the quest and making the streets of Kingshills safe again, you will be rewarded with an equipment chest. This chest always contains a legendary piece of equipment for you character. Steam Mechanicus will receive equipment from Chancellor Brett Aylwin; Spellweavers will receive equipment from Father Fidelius; Rangers will receive equipment from Robert Rampage; and Dragonknights will receive equipment from Captain Gregory Winbold. The enchantments of the items are always randomly attributed but negative enchantments are not. The look of the equipment is unique and if you paid attention, you will have already noticed some NPCs carrying them around during the present invasion. For the full details about the items, please take a look at the pictures below.

    Good to Know
    Out of all NPCs that you have to assist in battle, only Father Fidelis is totally defenseless. The other three NPCs know how to give monsters a taste of their steel! Despite that keep in mind that NPCs do not heal.

    You can decrease the difficulty of the battle by calling brothers-in-arms for help; all across the map you will find spots with banners which are highlighted by colorful visual effects; red stands for Dragonknights, green stands for Rangers and blue stands for Spellweavers. If you have Oaths of Power/Balance/Knowledge, you can call a brother-in-arms for help. The brothers-in-arms come in three out of four Drakensang Online character classes (Dragonknight, Ranger, Spellweaver).

    All Oaths can be purchased from the in-game shop or can be found in event amphorae. The Dragonknight brother-in-arms will even follow your character. You do not need to control the brothers-in-arms, they have an intelligence of their own, but you can try to protect them and make the most use out of their help. Once defeated by a monster, a brother-in-arms cannot be revived or called again. Only one brother-in-arms can be called from a banner, even if multiple players are present in a party.

    Throughout the course of the quest For Kingshill!, there is a chance that the monster Morphing Stone will pay you a visit. The visit is not unannounced; upon the Morphing Stone’s arrival, a text will show up on your screen and notify you. When this happens you are advised to locate the monster and slay it immediately. The Morphing Stone is a heavy fellow and certainly not the fastest, but should he ever reach one of the NPCs, even the brave Robert Rampage will be pushing daisies faster than he can wield his own weapon.

    Should one of the NPCs die during the battle, the quest will fail but do not worry, you can always retake the quest. You will not have to start at the beginning; you will simply start at the NPC that was defeated.

    Once you have completed the quest series For Kingshill!, you will be able to play the more difficult version of the quest series. Simply talk to the Prophet and accept the quest again. The course is exactly the same as before, however, now you will not have any breaks defending all the NPCs. This means, once you have successfully defended Captain Gregory Winbold, you will have to go straight to Father Fidelis, afterwards to Chancellor Brett Aylwin and so on.

    Reusable Items
    If you still have Oaths of Power/Balance/Knowledge from the event Attack on Werian Sanctuary you can use them for the Invasion of Kingshill as well. The same does not count for the Scroll of Punctuality: the scroll will teleport you either to Kingshill or to the Werian Sanctuary, depending on which of the two locations is mentioned in the scroll’s tooltip description.

    Some kobold barrels will be empty if….
    • You do not have the quests of NPC Pip active
    • If you are in an area that is not equivalent to your level
    Team Drakensang Online wishes you a successful event and, of course, lots of fun! – For Kingshill!





    Invasion of Kingshill Event Timeframe
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