Is this game dead ? i want back OLD Drakensang

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by jarkko456, Dec 9, 2020.

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  1. jarkko456

    jarkko456 Forum Greenhorn

    Hi, as soon as I found out that a new expansion would be added to the drakensang, I was quite looking forward to it and planned to start playing again.

    As the new expansion came out, my stats were terrible, the green items were better than my uniqe weapon and armor.
    When I want to go farm paraller world I can't find any people because people are writing to the chat region just Q1 circle or nothing at all compared to the past that I remember so the chat region was full with messages.
    Even though I look at the list of groups, there are only 10-15 groups sometimes even less which are playing paraller words.

    Sometimes when I remember how great 6-7 years ago in 2012,13,14 was when 40 levels or 45 levels were great events, I almost always feel sad about what happened with this game. I will never forget how long it took one boss to kill a group of 5, not like now that one person will run the whole map for you in a minute.
    For me, this game died when the lor'Tac came out and since then I have played it with breaks and not actively.

    I was disappointed by this update, I was expecting something better, but I'm not expecting anything like it was before. If it were possible, bigpoint could do an older version of the drakensang, I would like them to do it from level 45 when they released mydrosch and then just add some small extensions (nothing big) such as maps to paraller worlds, items, events etc.
    Another thing they could leave is the old PVP
    If I remember so well, many people left because they changed the PVP, you had to wait a long time until someone found it for you, because after the patch they released a long time ago, most of them stopped playing.

    What do you guys think this game is really dead? I think if bigpoint created an older version of the game lot of people would come back.
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  2. damatta

    damatta Someday Author

    Yes you are right.
    The game is dead after this expansion.

    I miss the 2013 DSO where everyone had fun.

    I struggled to adapt to the change by set level.

    And now I see that everything was in vain.

    Yes ... DSO is dead.

    And the worst of all is that I have to say this in English, because even the forum of my language they took ...
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  3. jarkko456

    jarkko456 Forum Greenhorn

    They'd rather put it together, if it was separate as before there would be few messages per week. :D
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  4. -Alexx-destroyer-

    -Alexx-destroyer- Forum Apprentice

    DSO dont give a EDIT about international forums, that´s why we have to come here to say our opinion
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  5. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    Wow another fellow person who wants the old dso back :D level 45 times were the best (i sadly wasnt around in 40 times, i missed it by 1/2 updates)
  6. KurtBlack

    KurtBlack Forum Apprentice

    I also feel like Lor'Tac was the point of no return, that's when they shifted from "You can catch up if you try" to "You can catch up if a friend carries you for next couple weeks" / "You can catch up if you play 24/7 for the next 6 months". The general experience returning after each content expansion was really demeaning.

    The only content expansion that they managed to do well was 40 -> 45, after that they just kept breaking things like PvP, Players ability to catch up after break/New player experience/Events.

    From what I hear - currently people can't even beat Heredur on low levels - where do you think you gonna get new players if you do that (because the returning one's won't return)?

    You almost can't wait until they raise the level cap to 200 and just delete your existing characters because that's the logical pattern they been following.