It is patch 213/214 an absolute disaster?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by ghostmagicus, Dec 12, 2018.

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: It is patch 213/214 an absolute disaster?

  1. yes, i want rolback, otherwise i leave game

  2. No, it is fine, i will kepp playing

  3. Dont know

  1. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    It is? In my opinion, this patch is an absolute disaster, there are few good things in this patch, but most of changes will conclude to the end of game in no time.

    Well, i pray that some smart people in charge from BP to realize this and act accordingly.
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  2. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    This is not the first time the players on a forum/facebook asked or begged for the dev's to go back to when the game was better and probably won't be the last time.

    They are not going to throw away months of work just because the players don't like it.

    You can play, you can quit, it doesn't matter to them.

    Just go back and read the complaints with R155 or R185. Both drove massive amounts of players from the game.

    The few that are still playing won't be enough to get them to listen.
  3. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Well, i survived to R155 and R185, but not to this one. And the game wont survive eighter.
  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Overlooker

    Calm down guys. The only bad disastrous thing about this release is the removal of sapphires. It was already thoroughly discussed in a thread, we all (I hope) know all the reasons why it is so bad. But, aside of that precedent, it is by no means as bad as those two updates you are mentioning. We don't have to rebuild our characters. True, PvP got screwed up by even more than it was. True, loot was screwed up as a try to force new players to (choose all that apply) [buy andermants and expand the inventory/buy premium/buy full inventory and locker directly for money]. However, nothing that couldn't be reverted. More changes to PvP are coming, and there is hope it gets better than it is. Drops have already been changed so many times that I quite got used to it, and we can be sure it's going to be changed again, maybe very soon. About sapphires... it is a screwup, but they started it in R185. In fact, the very touching them back then was a precedent. They should have backtracked... we had given them time. Now, it's too late.

    Edit: The poll is bad. It provides only extreme votes as possible. Whatever we could get now from them, it's not a rollback. I don't consider every single of the release so bad that it would deserve a rollback as a whole (however, if they rolled just the sapphires back, it could do... even though it's not possible to trace everything back that way, people have already combined them etc., it is technically possible, as they do have all the data, but they're too lazy and if they want to save sapphires, they would do it before the release). On the other hand, the "no" option looks like I agreed with everything.
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  5. glesia

    glesia Advanced

    i want rollback to lvl 45 algorithm. when the game was lit. this is pointless now to pve if i cant bring my items to pvp. lmao and the crafting is pointless. its all pointless now. i told you guys but nooooooooo. no one listens
  6. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I decided to start a new character to see if indeed this new release was going to help new players.

    The storage space is a a bigger problem now as you have to be very choosy when picking up items. I get the thought as they want you to buy space, but for someone trying out the game for the first time, why would they spend real dollars before they know if the game is any good.

    The travel costs are way too much for new players.

    The mount costs are way too much also.

    This new quest series really kills you until you get to the point where you can do painful maps.

    I'm not sure who this release is supposed to help. It adds more grind and nothing fun.

    If they allowed players to go to the extra dungeons that might be something, but in typical DSO fashion, they messed that part up also.

    Now that clovers are ridiculously hard to get, there is barely any point in going after them.

    When new, you can't afford to go for melt as everything costs way too much gold to get anything.

    The real kick in the gonads is the travel map. You spend a fortune for a temp map.... How hard did the dev that thought up this idea hit his head? How long will it be before they take it away from those of us who bought a permanent map be?

    I'm sure that some people will be happy with this release, but I don't see many of the old gamers staying around too much longer.
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  7. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    your poll is biased, how about an option like "i do not like the patch, but i'll keep playing"?

    I would never support a rollback EDIT with that option

    Instead they should keep the good elements of this patch, like buyable mounts,emotes costumes,ecc., more droppable cosmetics, finally normal maps are useful and we aren't forced to endless play leatherboards and improve whatever they ruined

    They should also put back good elements from the past, like sapphires or make gems and runes and enchatments work in pvp( since they were able to disable them, by logic they should be able to enable them back)
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  8. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    And the ruthless castration of P2W PvPers… that loss is the one that BP should be more concerned about though, because that has the ability to affect their bottom line.
  9. Arman♥

    Arman♥ Forum Apprentice

    New update is big joke crafting is so expensive and many player can't craft even with perineum .maybe i leave this game because of high cost of crafting .and i don't have much time to play DSO .BP is blind to see us

  10. Vittese

    Vittese Forum Greenhorn

    Guys the new release it's quite amazing. Crafting is so much easier now. T6 Legendary items drop with 3 or even 4 gold bonuses. For instance I dropped yesterday a perfect craft on a T6 legendary helm 4x 9.8% dmg. Plus, with tonics you can easily farm INF III. And PVP is oustandingly improved. Now it depends on your skill, not your items. You actually have to fight not just stand and shoot (ranged). Crafting is not expensive at all give the fact that you can make 3-5k Gold/day while farming. Everything is enhanced and better if you ask me. Game is much more balanced - they've done a great job. Game crashes a bit every now and then - but I'm sure they'll tend to it in the next hotfixes. I for one, am looking forward to INF IV in Parallel World and INF III on normal dungeons.

    Best regards, Edward.


    I doubt that the entire DSO world lies on the happines of 1 hit pvp killes (the ones before the R213/214). Plus, even before this new release, the game wasn't "pay to win". Even if you had invested tons of cash in the game you still had to farm for craft and T6 items.

    Before R213/214, I could kill most players in 1-2 hits, so a 1v1 lasted maybe 10-15 seconds. Now everything is much more challenging in PVP.
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  11. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    The removal of sapphires show the lack of respect for players for their works and the fact that developer don't have a development plan has no idea what is doing since they have put 3 conversion methods since they announce the sapphires removal(first was only for 2 hands runes second was for 1 hand runes and now this is a forum ideea they had on forum before of first conversion but they need to make mistakes before they do things well. Another bad thing was rafiners that bring them so much money now they get ride of them is the same situation as that crystal of truth but they never learn.maibe the dev team are changing and maybe they all have ideas but we are here we play the game we know what we need, they just need they just need to listen and filter all that forum information and suggestions to make a better game so that we can enjoy and pay them.
    Players loose their trust , maybe they will still pay this game because they have invest money and time but that is the only thing that keep them here, not content, not changes and evey patch they see that devs push them out of game like they done now with this patch.
    Maybe is "the only" as you say but is a big one that repeat every new patch , is about credibility and trust.

    Second one is pvp as you admit even if you say "only " and that is also a big one, that was the reason i have stay in this game, that is the reason why players pay in this game so let me ask you who will pay and why ? they should keep paint,costumes, mounts and pets only for andermant that was no pay to win stuff to cover this money loss from pvp , also they should remove andermant drops and rewards for quests, is so easy to transform this game (many stuff to do but they can do that very quick in a patch) in a non pay to win one so if they have done the first step in this direction they should change all.Is much easy to attract people when you pay only for rare mounts pets or costumes, or entire collections now that we have that bag, how about if they add on every mounts or costume page at a special costume if you complete the page, i think they will sell many of them.
    So they have get ride the purpose why this game became p2w (pvp) hoping that they can make pve to become next purpose for pay to win because after they destroy pvp with one shoot strategy they could not make them pay anymore, they have put money on this game to gamble at jesters but they cant continue with jesters so ....why they don't make a purpose from aesthetic , why they don't make a purpose from customisation of character and guild halls or hideouts when they have so many way to do money from this? because they don't believe that players need those stuff, they think that players need only power, but they are wrong, players need to feel special, that is why they make leader board that is why they use emotes on town that is why they need a pvp rank that is why they need to have a powerful guild name above the head.I remember one time was a contest to make a story using emotes that was funny. Yep they are not so smart to make that work they are like mindless brutes focused on power.

    Rollback solution - private servers with different stage of game - now we have cloud , they can let you as a clan master or group leader to make a private server as long as you have 10 or 20 people to join that server and pay for that server every month a fee- now how you do that? Simple they make a panel where you choose the release you want to play and after you pay the fee they create a vps with that release of the game where you have that 10 players that you start with and you can invite others, you will play from 0 or maybe they could add some boost packages for all players that join that server. They can sell that as a 50 players server and for every 10 players they can charge you , that monthly payment will be done from every member of that server as a subscription since server need to run on cloud and that cost there will not be an admin leader or anything in charge that can exclude someone from server.The player that dont pay subscription will be locked until he pay (they also can add a free premium time to that subscription)
    Private games like that can give them money and players what they like.if no one pay for charges in one month they get a message that server will be wiped out if you don't pay the monthly subscription if they are only 10 players remain and they don't justify the server cost they can ask to be transferred to another similar server. No one will be admin there just an bp admin that will ask bp to make mentenance, introduce events ,and small stability patches is they are necessary , also a small part of dev team can develop things like, guild wars as a patch that can be played by server user as a an access to certain space in game something like a one time payment to unlock a pvp area.Yes i know that will became a subscription game hidden on a f2p business model but "If it looks stupid but works, it ain't stupid!" and can became a good way for BP to make money and give players what they want so win win.

    In my opinion everything in this life has a solution is just about people that are not smart enough to find the best solution , they usually find bad solutions that require many compromises and that will cost them and not only.
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  12. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    pvp should also depend on gear, not only on skill, it's an rpg after all

    Also crafting has been made much more expensive and gold income didn't catch to its costs
  13. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    Not all is bad, only that some changes are very frustrating for old players as is forcing us out of our comfort zone. If I would have been a new player, I would have said that there is nothing wrong with the game as it is right now.
    Rollback is out of the question at this point. We should isolate the problems and give now suggestions that could remove the frustrations brought in by the latest patch.
  14. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Yes, not all pach content is bad, but pvp changes is a disaster because:

    1) Gearless pvp is not fun at all. When you was used to play with 3x+ attack spped, and fast movement, this gearless pvp is a bad joke.
    2) Also i am not too much (or at all) eager to obtain gems, items, runes, etc, since most of them are useless in current GPVP, not talking that spending any cent anymore in this game is pointless for me and maybe many others.

    BP can fix this in many ways, building 2 different arena, one in old style and one for GPVP, or else...

    IF they are smart enough they will fix this asap, otherwise i dont think this game will survive too much.
  15. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Gearless is funnier than before.
    If you don't farm the new gems, when PvP changes again you will be the only one that does not have them, cause we all know that this PvP mode is temporary, so... do you prefer to prepair yourself for the new PvP or you will do the lazy in protest mode as a child?
  16. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    they stated that this state of pvp is going to be transitory, so i would look at how the situation evolves

    It's not good and they can actually listen to the proposal on the wiki

    Still, your poll is showing your bias, i suggest you modify it
  17. Soapsuds

    Soapsuds Forum Greenhorn

    bring jesters back!!
  18. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Like others, I cannot vote on your poll. I am not quitting the game but neither is my playtime increasing. Currently, this game is at the bottom of my list of games that I regularly login to.

    So absolute disaster? Nah, just a lot of unnecessary mess. A very long wait and a lot of work by the devs that ultimately comes across like the sound of air slowing leaking from a balloon.

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