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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Phyrix, Aug 24, 2020.

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  1. Phyrix

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    Well a concept came to me today, and since we have pet bag bonuses and tons of types of pets
    However I feel like, well the types of pet bonuses is kinda becoming limiting
    So my idea is well kinda OP, but if concepted right can be good
    The basic idea is you can feed your pet well a new bag set of pets, unique items.
    lets say for example a turtle, you can feed it any unique except the bloodrune weapon.
    how how the collection works for this set of pets is also item related to an extent.
    You would need have collected and fed 3 pets to get a singular set bonus,.
    Set bonuses cannot be doubled
    Meaning lets say for example you feed the 1st 3 pets q7, then you cannot get the q7 set bonus double from wearing the set too.
    If you play your cards right though you can have OP bonuses
    lets say for example the set from balor you would need to have collected 12 pets and unique values to have the 4 pieces bonus and you can have only 1x item unique value from a select pet
    To have the bonus from the set you desire you have to have a pet equipped that has a bonus from one of the unique items from the said set.
    In the case of my example for you to have a pet that has a balor item "equipped"
    Also the pets cannot complete set bonuses from items, for example if you wear q7 gloves crafting the weapon into a pet will not give you that set bonus at all.
    However, if you give pet 1 the weapon and pet 2 the gloves, you can have the set bonus
    after collecting pet 3.
    Crafting a new item into either of the 2 1st pets obviously means you lose the set bonus.
    So kind of tricky and a heavy grind.
    But think about it.
    You can have the whole dark set bonus as a bonus for collecting all 18 pets.
    Yes there would have to be 18 pets and yes the pet alone will grant only 720 crit, and the bonuses of course.
    I am just thinking about the possibilities here.
    I would love to see how this works with that set bonus requirement reduction set i proposed about 8 months ago
    Obviously it would be one of the more popular items sets to craft into pets, however I would rather wear that set and then get the 5 piece darkness set bonus or the 4 piece balor set bonus.
    I am just wowed at the possibilities
    imagine crafting premium weapon into a pet
    yes you get only 6% faster attack speed and 50% cooldown on groundbreaker.
    but youre already wearing q7
    Anyways i would love feedback about this
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