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  1. H0p3_

    H0p3_ Forum Greenhorn

    How can I upgrade my items?I know that I can use gems but from what I know it should be an option at the blacksmith but I can't find it.
  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Commissioner

    You can't upgrade the tier or level of equipment any longer, nor can you re-roll the base statistics. However, once you've reached a few Achievement milestones, you can transfer enchantments from one item to another.

    So if you have a level 55 bow with 350 damage + 200 in ruby (damage) gems slotted into the item, but the enchantments are 85% increased resistance on this item, the enchantments aren't doing you any good. If you happen to also have a belt with 350 resistance + 200 in diamond (resistance) gems, but the enchantments total +77% damage on this item, you again have worthless enchantments and only get a total of 550 in resistance from the belt.

    If you have enough glyphs of power saved up from melting junk gear, and if you've already successfully crafted 10 magic items, 20 extraordinary items, and 30 legendary items (random crafting ... just put 4 pieces of green junk on the workbench to craft 1 random blue junk, etc.), you now qualify for enchantment transfer crafting.

    Put your bow and your belt on the workbench, tell the workbench to transfer all enchantments, pay with glyphs of power, and ... you end up with a bow with 550 in damage + 77% increased damage on this item enchantments for a total of 973.5 in damage, and a belt with 550 in resistance + 85% increased resistance for a total of 1,017.5 in resistance.


    You should also read this thread and watch the embedded videos (made by a player).
  3. H0p3_

    H0p3_ Forum Greenhorn

    Thank you =3

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