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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by LyLyh, Nov 17, 2022.

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  1. LyLyh

    LyLyh Forum Apprentice

    Ok, guys, let me tell you some of the bigest stupid decissions you made!
    My main char. is almost maxed. I need only 1-2 items andt that's all. So I start developing my reanger and I am wondering all the time how is it possible to do so many nonsenses in this game!
    As a new player I need to play every event. Thant's mean I need lots of realm fragments so I need to play Thaboo map every day, right?! BUT! I can't play it cuz* the other players want to be 10+ (5 from the rune and 5 points from the group acheivments). So explain to me how to have this 10 + points when I am not allowed it! How many runes I need to have and what amount of rune dust to be able to make my rune for realm fragments golden!?!?!?
    Next one...
    I collect multitools months, then I spend days and weeks to collect broken multitools and what?! - I have at abot 30% chance to find the boss on the map and even very low chance to take the jewel... Just for the records I recently took this jewel with my main char. but I dont need it anymore... So I dont see any meaning to try with my second char...
    But let's imagine I take it by a wonderful chance.. guess what - tottaly usseless cuz I cant improve it.. Oh yes.. How many jewels do I need? How many dust do I need for this stupid achievement? How many months, or years??? The exaple is the same with the jewel for infernal pass. - you want me to pay for the cloack to take it and then what?! It's useless again... I will be able to use it fully when I dont need it anymore...
    Or other thing - I dont have enough dmg, crit and hp to play any q's ... How do I take the jewels when their drop is so low and strong players dont take with them "noobs"?!?! Find a way to motivate them to make groups and help other weaks players - sth like ratings, some prizes for a big rating or ets. ... If you dont start to play this big mess soon, your game will be completely dead soon! Or the maps in Drakania - why I should play them - the stones are pathetic! No matery, no good stones, no jewels, so???
    And it's time to make a good pvp cuz we develop our chars. but not to be able to farm when we dont need anything anymore and to play pvp! And this pvp now is the worst ever!

    Sorry for my English!
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  2. ManaThief

    ManaThief Active Author

    Why? I would say the opposite, events are not meant for new players at all.

    You need 46252 rune dust, if you start from gray rune, you can get this amount of dust from about 30 gray runes or 10 green runes, not that many in my opinion.
    I wonder a bit how do you have a maxed character without knowing this.

    Yes, multitools are pretty bad mechanic I'd say, I believe some changes are planned.

    Jewels are very late-game content. If you don't have dust to waste you should probably prioritize your gems.

    Mostly events, in your current state you should probably not go for jewels, they are not that strong.

    I'd prefer if boosting noobs was reduced rather than promoted. Although it's not a very popular opinion, you should play the game and improve by yourself or with players of similar strength, not get carried by stronger players.

    I agree, there is no point playing PvP now.
  3. Chaos2908

    Chaos2908 Forum Apprentice

    game if fine you can play it slowley dont rush and injoy about the jewel of the ingredients they need todo something about it after all its not easy to farm multitool and if you dont get it after some runs no need to get it cause your items are already set so you dont need to get it anymore
  4. LyLyh

    LyLyh Forum Apprentice

    I rly like when s.b. talks to me EDIT like this :

    "You need 46252 rune dust, if you start from gray rune, you can get this amount of dust from about 30 gray runes or 10 green runes, not that many in my opinion.
    I wonder a bit how do you have a maxed character without knowing this."

    I will; explain you how many dust you need! First you need 30 runes as amount. Then you need 5 x 2500 runde dust + 10x 8596 dust + 15 x13 750 dust and this is equal to 304 710 rune dust to take the achievement to make golden runes! Then you need 28 908k rune dust for 1 runes! Only for one!

    And I dont agree about the events. Just start developing a new char and we will talk again!
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  5. LyLyh

    LyLyh Forum Apprentice

    Mhm, but not at all. When you have to craft 2-3 items, and you dont have strong friends to take you with them, you will understand many thing. Oh... I forgoth... I cant use the jewel, I need 30 jewels and milion of rust to be able to use the jewel for ingridiants :D
    Very smart! Rly...
    Well I play this game for 8 years.. and I see only one of my friends is thill here.. :)) Only one.. And cuz all this meaningless
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  6. ManaThief

    ManaThief Active Author

    Well, it still does not beat the EDIT you are about to say..

    No, you don't. There are way cheaper runes, especially the ones for wisdom & xp - basically free, such experienced player you claim you are should know that.

    Okay, feel free to disagree and grind them on Painful for days for minimal reward at massive entry costs.
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    FAALHAAS Forum Great Master

    That jewel is a must if you want to craft elixer to farm dragon bones.

    And its beyond stupid its still not easier to obtain it, or they didnt add atleast 1 as grand prize in events.
  8. LyLyh

    LyLyh Forum Apprentice

    This is not true. I made my set without this jewel. And as I know (but I am not sure 100%) the jewel doesn't work for dragon bones, so...
  9. LyLyh

    LyLyh Forum Apprentice

    huh... I will farm 30 runes, then will farm much more to improve it and will loose so much rune dust for what?! Come on, this is one of the most stupid things I've ever heard.. But OK.. Let you be right for the runes. But that's all! It is very meaningless to be able to improve gems, runes and jewels by achievement ...
    So good luck to every one that starts from level 1 and for the first time! If it was me I would never start this game or I will quit very soon! No dmg, no help, no option to play normaly events and with normal progress, so... :)
    At the end of the day I dont care if they will change it or not. This is not my game. Today I am here, tomorrow we will see ..
  10. ManaThief

    ManaThief Active Author

    Oh like that's a lot, let's get back to the old system where you need 3 to upgrade to higher quality - great now you need 81 runes. 30 is actually very little amount. Just upgrade other runes as well, easy achievement, it's not like you would be useful in a group there with a single rune.
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    FAALHAAS Forum Great Master

    In order to craft the elixer you need 100 legendary skins from nonevent bosses. Allot easier to farm those with jewel than without...
  12. Talbor

    Talbor Junior Expert

    You actually don't need THAT many runes. If you do the new moon event and get the rune enhancement reward every month (I think it's monthly), then that'll save a lot if you only use it to take runes from purple to orange. I farm the desert map for runes & gems. It's the best map I've found so far for runes. Gems are much harder to get upgraded compared to runes.
  13. ldso

    ldso Forum Apprentice

    Temple Sector is also a very popular place to farm runes as well, since it has the most minibosses. :) But generally speaking, can just go to any map with lots of minis like temple or stonekeep and speed farm just the minis while skipping mobs, if trying to quickly farm rune dust/runes. And can even go in groups or with a partner and split the map, so that everyone can clear their share then run around collecting drops from the others' cleared portions. ^^

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