I've just levelled to 55 and i have no idea what to do

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by minemoney12, Jul 24, 2019.

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  1. minemoney12

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    So as in thread name, what should i be doing now? What uniques should i be farming and where? I saw that some people reccomend farming desert on infernals and craft legendary items, but what modifiers should i be looking for mostly? Farming sets within my capability (i think my limit is *maybe* excruciating since bosses take so long to kill now...) seems like a waste of time becouse low tier items look like trash compared to even tier 4 or 5.
    I'm currently using the set that drops in qualzah[tier 3] and bought the jewels of the deserts set from fahid(the set which makes tornadoes), but the set is tier 0 so i'd rather not use it for long, it gives a nice bonus however, so i'm considering farming asan(not sure if i can kill him on excruciating :( ) for higher tiers. I got pretty lucky on the last event and dropped 2 radiant and flawless rubies, gems in my weapon sum up to total +125dmg, and 4 6% attack speed runes, but infernal 1 is still hardly doable.
    And since draken vendors are now gone, what should i spend my drakens on?
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  2. TwiliShadow

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    You can either:

    a) Find another game to play for awhile till they undo the "Inf Monster buff" of R220.
    b) Very, very, very, very, very, very, very (getting the drift?) slowly work at getting T1, then T2, then T3 (Fatal items). Once you do that and have all T3 items to level 60 and Flawless/Sacred Gems across the board, then you can go at Inf 1 till you run out of money and then move on to another game. Know now that decent crafting materials are really only acquired on Inf 3/4, so what crafting you will be doing won't be spectacular.


    I used to farm Inf 3 and occasional solo Inf 4 / regular group Inf 4. Now I'm doing my dailies in Fatal. I only have time to do Inf 3 solo (seriously resource intensive) on the weekends cause of how long it takes to make _a_ run. Crafting materials are a rarety. And the one unique I've been trying for months to get still doesn't drop (and bought ones back when we could were junk)., Only those uniques that I've no interest in drop in abundance (and with junk stats, even). I was looking at 10 months of farming New/Full Moon to get the Draken cores I need for augmenting, now I"m looking at 30 to 40 months to get some portion of needed amount of cores. :(

    Right before R220, I could do dark Spider Queen twice on Inf 3 with purples. Now it takes 1min50sec to do 1 spider on Inf 1 with Orange essence (and more than 4x essence count, which amounts to 8x the cost in resources for 6 cores instead of 16 cores I used to get).

    Right before R220, I could do BloodMage on Inf3/4. Now I can't kill him at all on Inf 1. Can't even get him down to 1/2 health.

    After R220, I'm stuck doing both New Moon and Full Moon on Fatal. It s.u.c.k.s big time. It's no fun.

    I've 77 days of premium left. If the "Inf Monster buff" of R220 isn't undone, before 50 days (and I can thus experience it), I'll not be renewing. Nearly everyone in my guild is not going to renew, and they are all much much closer than I am.

    This is the first game that has "end game content" where I've gotten to end game and until R220 was enjoying it. It's the longest single game I've ever played non-stop. If I leave, my next game is one my wife got me christmas before last for the Wee. Not for the computer. I'll not say what the game is, but it's one in one of their biggest "storylines". I expect I'll be in that game for 6 months or more.

    The rest of R220 was a good release. Just one simple line completely tainted the whole bushel to rot the entire grove.
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