Feedback January/February 2023: Events Feedback

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Melethainiel, Jan 13, 2023.

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  1. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Play more then. It is cause you do not apply enough.

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  2. Enaggelion

    Enaggelion Forum Apprentice

    Why isn't Sargon event running? It's a monthly event and people need it to complete the game quests. For this non active month, I don't see why Sargon should not be running. Please run Sargon event.
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  3. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Advanced

    Hi, when will be premium day and how many times per year is this event?
  4. mariusmgm

    mariusmgm Someday Author

    why nebula is on again and we cant connect to the game?
  5. LisaMccoy

    LisaMccoy Forum Greenhorn

    I need time when will be the paid date and how many times a year does this event happen?
  6. ☆Đдяkאєşş☆

    ☆Đдяkאєşş☆ Active Author

    I thought you couldn't do worse than fire maps and instead you outdid yourself as usual. I've done the fire maps 5 or 6 times and never got into them again, I hope things improve over time but for now we're stuck on the 50 kill quest. If you give us information on how to get the jewels or other items you would be doing us a favor. We still don't have the gift of foresight. This information had to be released long before the maintenance, the players are left in the dark until the end we have to unleash all our imagination to understand.
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