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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Melethainiel, Jan 27, 2024.

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  1. Melethainiel

    Melethainiel Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    You can use this thread to share your feedback regarding the current in game events. Positive or negative, constructive criticism and ideas for improvements are, as always, welcomed. Please keep discussions on topic.

    If you are unsure what sort of feedback is being asked for, please read this thread.
    Any off-topic posts/pointless rants will be deleted.

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Here we go again. First thank you for the new Chinese event, appreciate new events. But this is getting ridicule's for years players have begged Bigpoint for a special bag/locker for all essence. What does Bigpoint do they add an event with different essence.

    Stop adding all this damn essence unless you are going to add a special bag/locker to put it in.
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  3. -kirachan-

    -kirachan- Someday Author

    this doesn't look like an event at all, the event is new for 13 days, we'll be happy with a ping of 200++++++ you enter to beat the NEW boss, he starts moving you around the map, half of your essence leaves because he doesn't take damage, but the boss doesn't bother him to beat you and are not worth at all even the rewards NEW events you sit in 1 place and craft some messed up things what happened to the BGH event 1 year and a half has passed since your post that it will be every 6 months ??? a complete tragedy
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    This event is just an ander-drain with quite terrible droprates. I can allready see the posts comming of people who spent millions of ander without getting a single drop, while someone else gets everything within a couple kills/cookies.

    These gambling ''events'' are really a disgrace!

    Also like cigarbennett said; You show us you can add a food bag..why not add an essence bag?

    I appreciate you tried to add something new to the game, but even tho I expected barely anything, im still dissapointed.

    EDIT: Asking 100 euro for a new mount is really next level greedy...absolutely INSANE!
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  5. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    About Chinese New Year Event:
    An event without a progress bar reminds me of when there were jesters and instead of fighting monsters we played around in the city ...
    Here there is something different like a boss to hit, but before the boss there are too many clicks to do.
    I got the new pet and the drop doesn't increase, it doesn't exist... the map is clean and empty.

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  6. jelbeat

    jelbeat Regular

    Is there an event guide or something that explains what to do here??
    I see by the awoken lion "Increased item drop from worthy monsters", no explanation what "worthy" is. For me all monsters are worthy! :p:D
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Aww thank you!
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  8. sohcim

    sohcim Forum Greenhorn

    Btw,this pet is bugged and does the exact opposite. I got it and excitedly went to test it on a map and after that on a boss,but instead of the usual drops the boss dropped 0 items,not even a mystic cube. Also the mobs would not drop a single item except quest items
  9. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    I refuse to comment, let alone play, an "event" halfway between a casino game and Masterchef, also incomplete and messed up as this one. My words would be totally unpleasant.

    I'll just say one thing: there is a production manager here who has a really distorted and out-of-place sense of what people define as "fun".

    Maybe Youzu could consider a change with someone who directed the game up to 4-5 years ago.
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  10. Talaby

    Talaby Someday Author

    Before, we could collect the items they were going to use in the event. Now we don't even know where to find the ones that will be used the most. Tomatoes and pineapples, God will know where their crops are. now has an NPC in which you can convert cooked items into cooking coins. However, the items to make the cooked preparations are missing. The lack of items makes it difficult to go to the boss's dungeon, after all, train to use new essence that you can't make for lack of ingredients, worse you can't even buy it given the price of the items in anders. The future? Events only for those who have anders or the courage to spend on them without the certainty of getting the item so dreamed of
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  11. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Advanced

    How to melt fruits, food? the oven does not work... :confused:
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  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend


    I have fruits ...
    I have grains and seeds ...
    I have beef, pork , poultry and fish ...
    I have dairy foods ...
    I have candies and sweets ...
    ... but nothing works on the new "workbench".
    I wonder what the Chinese devs consider as food?

    Pssst ... it was a trick question, I already know the answer ;)

    Sorry dude ... I don't give you my cat and dog pets :p
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  13. Sprokkel

    Sprokkel Active Author

    Let's take a look at the aforementioned "Gambling" Events.
    Previously we had the Jesters, these were removed from the game for the reason that the gambling element in the game should not be allowed.
    What is this form called by current developers?
    It's just gambling.
    I say, bring Jesters back into the game, only gamble with gold what you have earned in-game, so developers, do not introduce another option to gamble with, that is not allowed ;)
    About Chinese New Year; 1 big fiasco, ingredients (tomatoes, pineapple etc), nowhere to be found, big dragon shooting and 0 getting nothing dropped.
    I think developers forgot to implement half of this crappy event.
    So, fire those developers pretending to be developers right away, hire people who know what they are doing and give your players a decent event.
    Many players will be looking forward to this new event, but again your team will disappoint many players.
    In 1 word; WORTHLESS
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  14. athenableu

    athenableu Forum Greenhorn

    I have already had several problems during events that I reported, but nothing was done when I returned an email to find out where the compensation was, no more response from support, when using a golden pinata I had 4 objects a misery but in addition one of the additional objects disappeared, I sent a message and he had to take care of the problem months later and nothing, there in the Chinese New Year event I spent more than 50 baguettes and I have no mangoes or carrots in the eaupolie cave when I click on the other hand the chopsticks are taken away from me,

    My post was deleted because it was in the Italian session so I'm putting it back in the right section.

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  15. Kingman.

    Kingman. Forum Apprentice

    Just completed the white area in desert of essences and got absolutely no drops other than those for the quest. Not a single item or essence of water from either the monsters or boss. Nothing whatsoever!!!

    I am wondering if this is a result of using the Awoken Lion pet which has "Increased item drop from worthy monsters". Seems it may have increased drop chances to zero!!
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  16. Sprokkel

    Sprokkel Active Author

    Hey, the fact that you don't get drops from defeated monsters is also due to that lion pet.
    That's why I don't understand why no one from DSO or moderators says anything about it or whether it will be repaired.
    They develop a new event, of course with new bugs, but they don't solve anything, they're probably too lazy again.
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  17. CiscoNetPlus

    CiscoNetPlus Exceptional Talent

    Simon Clamour's repetitive mission is bugged. By leaving and entering the city of Kingshill, the mission is given again.
  18. Kingman.

    Kingman. Forum Apprentice

    You just need to go to the travel stone and click on Kingshill, do not even need to go anywhere else
  19. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Advanced

    I like that is something new, I first time play this event...
    I want to shop, but unless you fix the in-game color screens that lag the game, I won't.
    I wrote so many times to support and forum about this.. and nothing resolved.... I'm tired...
  20. SimbaTheBully

    SimbaTheBully Someday Author

    Chinese New Year
    it's not an event but gambling to dry up ag and try your luck, old jesters disguised as an event! I suggest changing direction, adding a progress bar with guaranteed rewards instead of making people spend ag and try their luck that few people have. Frustrating


    as I imagined dragan started and it's impossible to play.
    eternal map changes, errors, server full. when will you solve all these things? It's not possible to start an event like this I can't imagine when you put an old glory event on what will happen! It's frustrating you make people look for other games
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2024
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