Suggestion jesters gamble reward system

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Perfect[IoN]1, Feb 8, 2018.

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  1. Perfect[IoN]1

    Perfect[IoN]1 Junior Expert

    there is need for improvement and more reward types please..

    Mighty spirit guards
    Mystic cubes
    legend and exceptional random item boxs
    event consumable damage buff (Food)
    Frost bombs + kaboom bombs..
    dye spheres + 3min helper spheres
    5 DRAKEN

    update jackpot reward

    3 days deluxe membership
    Blazed Phoenix egg

    legend and mystic cubes on 200 bet only
    5 Draken and sphere 40 bet not for gold

    this should also be the only way a none premium user is able to receive mystic cubes too :)
  2. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    The bombs are useless
    3 days deluxe membership will never be given from jesters, otherwise noone would pay, they offer it as bonus codes sometime

    They tried to have mystic cubes drop for non premium players, that could only be opened by buying premium
    They didn't implement them, so your proposal would not be accepted

    Consumables can be bought with money, no need to put them on jesters
    Event do not make sense, events do not run forever

    Leggendaries and exceptional boxes are not worthy enough to lower the probability of other rewards
    The same for dye spheres and helper spheres, at least put mount spheres, that are at least useful
    5 draken in nothing, they can put spheres and it would be better

    Might spirit guards would not be put, since they would lose money from ressurections
  3. Perfect[IoN]1

    Perfect[IoN]1 Junior Expert

    i think your missing the point..
    when i look at jesters all you see is essence pots and gems, and a too much 5 combat essence on 1 gold
    the more possible rewards the better !

    and 5 draken is nothing but thats the point.. 120 combat essence is junk and yet necessary balancing for gamble
    draken was a currency otherwise unobtainable by paying out but now spheres have come around.. we can

    sticky as tar candy / sword cookie are very good and some have large collections if your below level 55 the jesters rewards are very dull..
    level 55 would have access to the fragment glass's and stuff but still low levels would be able to invest more effectively with more rewards

    premium crowns cannot stack in your stash so your kinda pushed to using them
    not only that but out of the other possible rewards the chance of premium crown is very low.. but the satisfaction of a reward worth real cash.. thats not the same as Andermant jackpot chest
  4. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    So what is your point then? You want more for less effort? You want P2P rewards as an F2P player? Mee Too! :rolleyes:
    Nobody is pushing me. I have over a month's worth of these on more than a few toons ;) These are well worth the storage cost. Particularly the deluxe freemiums. I do not use those unless I have a huge amount of GoP to optimize.

    Luck be with ye,
  5. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    Well i would like to have elemental cores dropped from the jesters. Nothing more. It wont really destroy the economy of the game.
  6. if your below level 55 the jesters rewards are very dull..----I happen to appreciate the purps/reds, and even blues I get from gambling, along with the ander, health pots, and occasional clover. Gambling is the main way I get these things. However, you got to farm/leaderboards/sell items to get gold, so you still have to work for them one way or the other.
  7. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    If you put more rewards, the probability of getting highly valuable rewards like clover and andermants chest gets lower, it is already low enough, no need to lower more, that's one of the reasons to oppose it

    5 draken in nothing, put the spheres and you're guaranteed to get at least 10, but if you get more precious spheres you can get from 16 to 28, which is from 2 times to 6 times the amount you are proposing

    I do not care about lower levels, thye have to get to level 55, which is were the real game starts, why should we disrupt level 55 gaming for newbies?
    Event specific buff should be only rewarded in events, there are already buyable buff, no need to lower probability on other rewards

    They'll never put the premium crown,they'll never offer premium elements for free like that, they sometimes give bonus codes and that's about it and that's nothing wrong

    yes, it requires space, but as MikeyMetro said, it's worth to keep, especially for the premium day event
    Many would accumulate it and stop even buying premium then, they'll lose revenue

    Besided, the andermants chest is better, it's good to have a chance to get 1kk andermants
  8. krawler2018

    krawler2018 Junior Expert

    probably mighty spirit guards would be good to get but im tired of bombs especially when betting 200 anders thats a rip off lol, for lv55 extraordinary or legendary are useless if they dont have high tier so i like only 1 item from your suggestion
  9. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    there can be many rewards at cubes and jesters but anyway i dont like to play jesters i have few of my friend play all time and never win and i know people that get 3-5 jackpots in a month maybe more. so something is not so right there.
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