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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by HuluHulu, Oct 30, 2021.

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    I wanna show something to people, devs and whoever is in charge of this game's improvements. It will be just basic math about jewel drops.

    If you do PW merciless run with all 3 maps you get to open a chest called PW chest. This chest contains some items but lets focus on our subject the jewels. Because you are doing merciless, you have %0.5 chance to get a jewel from that chest, but if you are looking for specific jewel let's say Jewel of Rage, things become more difficult. Those chests can drop 5 different jewels and if we assume they have same drop percentage (which i don't think so) you have %20 to get your dream jewel. If you divide 0.5 by 5 (because you have %20 drop rate) you will have %0.1 chance to drop your dream jewel. If you open a case in the game called CS:GO you have %0.3 chance to get a rare item (knife or gloves) and the cheapest one of that rare items is $50, some of them worth 10s of thousands dollars.

    So i suggest to devs, please be reasonable about your game. This game doesn't even have open market trading which means no-one can sell that %0.1 jewel. I have done 700 PW merciless runs and 300 PW bloodshed runs and got 2 jewel. They were both Thundering Flower Jewel. Make those jewel achievable for people who spend time on them. Thanks.
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