Feedback July/August 2023: Events Feedback

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  1. -kirachan-

    -kirachan- Someday Author

    after the wonderful hot fix that you released, everything is a complete tragedy again, error code 32 is back, it loads for 2-3 min and finally they drop, the skills miss the target or disappear somewhere, there is also a delay of 1-2 seconds during battle and a number of other bugs for which at all I won't comment on the problem, it's certainly not with me, and you create bugs and lags after every fix, etc. if it's one thing now, you release a fix after it, it's another, that's how the bugs go around here, I've already learned them by heart with 1 gigabit internet, I'm like a game, no it can fill 1/3 of one core of the processor, so I think the problem is not with me, good luck with the details of the game, I hope you find a good team .... the "new" map you released and no one is visiting it, people have farmed whatever they need and that's it :) it will sit empty like maze of blaze you added 1 more map to the other 98% non-playable that sit like that :) better head to the platform bugs lag lag etc ---Good luck---
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  2. Catalina

    Catalina Forum Greenhorn

    Hi guys,
    Are you looking for Customer Service Advisor? I am proficient in Greek, Romanian, and English language and I would be interested in joining your team. Contact me for further details if you are interested.:oops:
  3. Дюймовочкa

    Дюймовочкa Forum Greenhorn

    Do you know that you punished honest players? The ones who didn't spray 50 gems? They took ALL the stones, not leaving 1 honestly earned one with a cloak. Who raspilil stones, those remained with profit, and those who waited for the decision of the team, lost all the stones, although they had to pick up 49 stones out of 50. Can you imagine how much dust you stole from honest players? Where is she, your justice?
  4. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Advanced

    no premium day? no smugglers event this month??? :confused:

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    These are not monthy events mate :)

    But who knows....these events have been added outof nowhere in the past.
  6. ironwolf

    ironwolf Forum Greenhorn

    feedback: bad bad bad
    Last year, in this same event, there was an error with a daily quest and many users abused it.
    bug users: they got a lot of resources/jewels and what was taken away from them? If I remember correctly infernal fragments, solar coins and something else related to the event. Virtually nothing.
    honest players: they got nothing and couldn't do the repeatable quest which was removed from the game
    So bug users WINS
    A year later....
    The new jewel is found in stack of 50x. Obvious to most players that it's a bug.
    bug users: they took advantage of this possibility by dropping the unbelievable and melt/sell the (magic) jewels also getting millions and millions of dust (with 15-20M of dust you complete a pve character and also the pvp setting).
    Probably only a small percentage of them have been banned, everyone else is enjoying it.
    honest players: adding insult to injury. The jewel drop is 50x so I would expect 49x jewels to be removed from each stack. If a player dropped 25 jewel stacks he would have found 25 jewels.
    1 would use it and 24 would pulverize them getting 8250x24= 198k dust. Instead the honest player ended up with NO jewels and NO dust
    Furthermore, the compensation was in the form of a bonus code that can be redeemed by ONLY ONE character in an account.
    So the honest player who uses multiple characters has only received (let's say little) compensation for one character.
    IMHO it was necessary to transform the stacks from 50x to 1x and eliminate all those from 1-49x (either the player has already used one or was hoping to circumvent the controls).
    In addition, the compensation had to go directly to all characters who played the event.
    Finally there was talk of increasing the premium/deluxe/attire time but the attires bought (yes, I bought 2, one for each of the characters I play in my account) still have expired and obviously the premium deluxe hasn't been increased .
    We often talk about CGC but how many accounts in the game respect at least 80% of these?
    I see a game full of bug users, multi-accounts, accounts that change owner (sold), sharing accounts, users that buy accounts from other countries to be able to buy the items for sale at a price 1/10 of what they would normally pay.
    For example, if in "country Y" the cost of a lucky bag is €0.20 because the cost of living is 1/10 of that of other countries, how can someone buy 1000 lucky bags?
    With my salary, I could never spend €2,000 every month on a game.
    I want to ask a simple question.
    What kind of players does the company want to have?
    Honest gamers enjoying and paying for a fair service or a flood of bug users doing as they please?
    There are complaints that the Drakensang community is "toxic" and what do you complain about? DSO is for bug users like honey is for bears.
    A (maybe no longer) honest player
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  7. Самма

    Самма Advanced

    I completely agree with the post above, in fact, only honest players were punished, those who did not spray the gems, all the stones were taken from them, and not 49 out of 50. It turned out that those who violated the agreement were left with millions of dust , and those who were waiting for the decision of the development team and kept stacks of stones in their inventory lost their honestly earned stones with a cloak , because 1 out of 50 should have been left . In fact , 1 stone from the stack was simply stolen . As for the premium subscription , 2 days due to error 503 players could not log into the game , it was promised to return these days of the premium - not done ! I understand that no one will return incorrectly selected stones , we will not see the lost bonus for 2 days either . I would like to say that by such actions you are pushing players to break the rules and use bugs , because nothing will happen for this , as we can see , but honesty in this case turned out to be equal to stupidity . Can the team somehow explain their such actions ? Is this another mistake or is it such a policy now ?

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    2 new runes got added. I dropped first rune after 100s of runs and then wasted about 3000 keys to find out I can't even socket both runes.
    Why is there no info about this kind of stuff? I wouldn't have wasted hours and so much resources for an item that stays in my inventory.

    Or is this another bug? I hope so :\
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  9. calorifercaldut

    calorifercaldut Forum Greenhorn

    Did approx. 100 runs to the new boss, on bloodshed mode, for exactly 0 drop, no new set items, no runes, nothing. That's what you'll get from me, from now on, a big fat nothing!
    All the best.
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  10. q1q1q195

    q1q1q195 Forum Greenhorn

    for me I have 178 rounds and nothing on bloodshed mode 0 drop
    before the implementation with the keys it was decent now it's a joke

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Those are rookie numbers :)

    I think i did total of 1000-1200 runs total and dropped everything the boss has to offer.
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  12. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Advanced

    I saw cool cape with D, where can I get this? can you make it more accesible to buy with anders or other currency?
  13. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Advanced

    I bought 5 buffs and I look in the inventory they are not there, from the progress bar it also activated itself, why did you so??? :mad:
    and where can I get so many essences for the worm???
  14. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Mogul

    Those buffs say right on them that it "Applies Immediately".... Meaning the second you click on it to buy, it goes active.
  15. dam18

    dam18 Someday Author

    another Sewer event with low droprate of Sewer parasite's.
  16. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Advanced

    if they will made normal buffs like other buffs in the game - to fall in inventory, there would be no problems of this kind!
  17. -dravin-

    -dravin- Someday Author

    If you're needing parasites you will have to open the Amphora Key urns..if you don't have Amphora Keys you can buy them with Drakens.. and if you don't have Drakens.. then you're out of luck..
  18. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    TLDR: Infested Sewers mini-Rampaging Worms events (and the overall main event) are so incredibly cost-inefficient, both in terms of currency (draken) expense and time invested versus quality / quantity of rewards, it makes no sense to participate.


    Fo the mini-events, there are 5 mounds per run, each requiring 1 drill. Drills cost 75 draken for 5 = 15 draken each.

    If you're unlucky (I only bothered with one run), you'll need to open all 5 mounds. On Infernal, progress dropped was 25.

    Total progress for the mini-event: 1,500 or 60 runs. At 75 draken per run (again, assuming you need to open all 5 mounds each run), that's 4,500 draken spent on drills per mini-event. In return, you earn ... only 400 draken total from the progress bar, or a loss of -4,100 draken per mini-event.

    Sure also you get 2 (two!) Dragon Bones and 30 minutes of 50% increased dog-tag drops in the event dungeons. But, if you're a casual player on Fatal or Infernal runs, you're only dropping 35-50 dog-tags per run, and will complete something like 4-5 event dungeon runs in those 30 minutes, so getting something like 60-125 extra dog tags before the buff runs out. Do that twice a day for 20 days, you've only netted 1,200 - 2,500 extra main even progress at a cost of 82,000 draken.

    If you've saved up enough Castle Sewer Valves and antidotal essence, are semi-quick, so rush through 10 runs in the Castle in those 30 minutes instead of the under the , you jump all the way to 540 extra progress (again, assuming ~100 progress per Castle run on Infernal) per mini-event buff ... across 40 mini-events, that's a total of ~11,000 extra main event progress at that same 82,000 draken cost, or <20% of the 5-bar total progress requirement for the main.

    What do you get in return if you manage to grind through the entire main event? A few thousand andermant, 2 trapezoid gems, 1 jewel luck-box, a couple mounts, and some other, lesser junk.

    The effort/progress math on this event yields probably the worst efficiency of all events ever released.
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  19. T3SS

    T3SS Forum Apprentice

    I understand your point of view. And you basically are right, for weaker players both main event and minievents are not worth to waste time on.
    But as a player that is able to farm blood, I was able to get around 11-12k per 30 min buff, so farming main progress wasn’t so bad.
    Farming minievents is not efficient solo. Instead play in full group, where drill cost will be reduced to less than 1/5 of what you calculated. But just for the record, I personally find minievent rewards ridiculous and did not finish a single mini yet.
  20. -dravin-

    -dravin- Someday Author

    You can farm the Worm Boss for drills..and soloing mini event is possible just takes time and effort.. I got over 230 drills just with maybe 40 Worm Boss runs and that was on inferno mode.. you get even more on bloodshed mode.. and if you need essence it can be crafted on workbench.. It can be done soloing, it's just a matter of how bad you want it.. if you're a new player then you're going to need a group, but I have been playing since BETA, .. grouping in this game has to many new players just wanting a free ride.. you don't need to spend any currency to complete this event..