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  1. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    you can do it without carring by 100lvl
    it's much slower but it's still possible with pt 5ppl

    you don't like pay anders for xp buffs? you can reach 100lvl without it - it's ur chooice. u have 2 weeks on this event so it is event possible to do 4 chars without anders = if u have many time to spend in dso

    u don't like that u don't do this event on main char and? i don't like events like newmoon ala repeat 999x the same map and? sb cares about it? nope. so do this event(or not as u wish) and forgot it. It's simple.

    there are many ppl playing here = it's not possible to do all things what all ppl want = there will be always sb who will don't like sth and it's normal
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  2. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Hi guys... nice events that gave more time free to do what i like most... nothing... go on this way DSO, thank you from the deep of my... :rolleyes:
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  3. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    The reality is that there are some unspoken things like you have to buy scrolls from 500% to lv 0, otherwise they go up to an insane price and do it all over again is cheaper, the usual cost argument.

    I ended the event for a user because the servers went empty including guilds etc.

    Equally challenging missions don't reward you in experience, and at some point it's best to farm as a group.

    Here there are no maps useful for agriculture and where to find players to do it, many maps in the game but almost all empty, the days of the alterworld where you could level, are over, there is the great desert and with the quests to unlock the map, and a lot of wasted time.

    Most of the time you need a friend's hand lv100 to farm. With the objects made to the maximum you go into lethal with groups of the same level you get experience but there is no comparison if one or more people at the highest levels help you.

    It would have been nice to have a map where you could group yourself like the free ones, you can play alone, but it doesn't change anything if you go in a group.

    It was fair to reward those in a group of 5 who played lethal maps with users of the same level without the help of the strong lv 100, but it is as if those who needed it most were punished and this I am sorry.
  4. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Commissioner

    about Rising Heroes

    The event for me was as a stimulus to create a new character to identify with the new players and evaluate how much magic there was still of the beginnings that could fascinate and contribute to becoming fond of the game.
    Of course, the huge gap between solo and group play is very sad.
    In 20 days only one character against 19 possible in the group ...
    There is something out of tune.
    it's the demonstration that you do not enjoy the game because the desire to have suffered as many rewards as possible ruins the magic that should be in the soul of the game.
    The event for many boiled down to grab and wipe out as fast as it could be.
    In the end I found myself with the rewards of a single character, a fragile character who, however, was able to reawaken ancient past emotions in me and who made me understand how difficult the path is for new players ...
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  5. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Thank you for proving my point yet again.
    It is much slower and that's the problem, you can at best complete the event with 1 character, at best, by levelling normally.
    You'll never be able to level 20 characters without cheesing.
    I'm not sure defending the broken and unnecessarily grindy leveling system is an hill worth dying on.

    No it isn't, as without paying you'll barely level 1 character to 100.

    No, it isn't possibly in two weeks without paying, are you even playing the game? Your claims are so outlandish and completely out of reality that i have to ask.

    Newsflash, one bad event + one bad event =/= 0 bad events, it equals 2 bad events. Nice try to shift the conversation to another bad event, it didn't work though, i award you 2 points out of 10 for trying.

    Errr, i don't think i'm going to be a sheep and accept trash and eat it, i have critical thinking skills and so i criticize objectively broken events even if they offer good rewards.

    Completely meaningless point, this isn't about people liking an event or not, it's about calling out badly made events and this event is one such event. An event that requires cheesing to complete is a very badly made event, there's no getting around it.
    Say what you will about new moon, but you don't have to go out of their way to cheese it to complete it( although i'm not presently aware of any cheese available to complete that trash heap).

    Why are you invested in defending this event? It is objectively badly made wherever you like it or not.
    I'm sorry, but i'm not going to do an event that offers nothing but experiencing the grind that new players have to face to get to level 100 and not only that, the reward for that grind is getting weaker and weaker progressively( which is extremely bad game design, if anything people should get stronger and stronger the higher their level).
    What is event the soul of the game? Extreme grind which makes you weaker and weaker? That soul?

    What's enjoyable about grinding to make a character to level 100, which is more akin to a chore than a fun experience?
    It's completely bonkers, levelling should be fast, quests should provide the vast majority of the experience in levelling and the rest should come through mobs.
    Bosses are now completely impossible on low level characters, thanks to the genius idea of introducing a barrier on them.
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  6. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Commissioner

    I'm telling about me and not saying why you should have done the event.
    Maybe the rewards of event were good,expecially the gems and the jewels, but the randomness makes it a waste of time if I can't be able to choose the one I prefer.
    So the question was, for me:
    1) to level one new character in 20 days doing the quest and to feel all the frustration of the difficulty
    2) to level and delete the character in one day staying near a tree and waiting for the spiders to do the work for me.
    I preferred the first.
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  7. Satanicmorbid

    Satanicmorbid Forum Apprentice

    It seems that the event was made for current old players with decent statistics, because if you are new you hardly managed to go up 1 point at lvl 100, many were discouraged because they only reached 99, it must be frustrating and makes them not want to continue playing.
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  8. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    so it's ur aware decision = who do u blame for it?
    it's simple
    u have 2 ways to do this event = slow and fast = if u choose slow way don't be angry that u don't get almost nth from this event

    best for u will be events where u will do nothink and get evenything = change the game
  9. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Commissioner

    Sure the event was for who know the game and know how to use the character in the best mode, buying buff exp, but not imposible to do.

    I play thyis game since 2011 as free player.
    And you are saying me to change the game because in my opinion it's "stupid" to wait for the spiders to do event for me?
    Sorry I can't
    I have to stay here until the end ;)
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  10. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    I must say, I attempted to play Rising Hero (mostly half-heartedly, I hate leveling) on two different servers - Grimmag and Tegan. The experiences were like day and night. On Grimmag there's people and parties to be found everywhere. On Tegan, it's crickets chirping for the most part. Please put some effort into making the smaller servers a little more populated.
  11. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    The irony of your latest comment is that this event is indeed an event where you do nothing and then get everything.
    When did getting carried means doing something?

    Stop defending the event, your position is logically untenable. It is no surprise that your arguments are so luckluster, because the event was also luckluster.
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  12. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    yeah bc there are tons of 100lvl ppl who will exp u for nothink.
    its simple but u dont want to understand it
    i go on 100lvl and farm friend's noobchar than he go on his 100lvl and he exp my noobchar
    where u see something for nothink?
    it's party farm.
    but if u want to farm alone from 1 to 100lvl so go on and do 1 char per event.
    i prefer fast farming than normal farming. if game let me fast farming lvl = i don't see any reason to not doing this ^;-
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  13. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Hi @TwiliShadow i'm gonna suggest you something but this is up to you, ok? what about if you post that you posted in august here in July and erease the message in August? As you may see nobody cares about feedsback. All month are the same bored to death...

    Glad to see you again,
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  14. Anyki

    Anyki User

    -raises eyebrows-

    Allow me to help.

    -thread closed- Please move to August feedback thread for August events. Thanks!
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