just reached lvl 55, what to do next?

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by Nagla, Aug 20, 2019.

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  1. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author


    Can someone pls give me some tips on what and where should i farm now, and on what to focuse on... i m archer, around 80k cv with grey ess... not very active but i might be :p

    ty !
  2. Kel657

    Kel657 Forum Apprentice

    Find a group and go to the desert infernal 3
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  3. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    oke, and for what should i look in there ? and is it better to sell items i collect there or melt them ?
  4. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    You'll get a variety of opinions, but consider these actions:

    • Sell green (Improved) and blue (Magic) items
    • Melt purple (Extraordinary) items
    • Melt/sell Orange (Legendary) items, according to your needs (glyphs to upgrade your equipment, or gold to do more crafting)
    • Melt yellow (Unique) items
    I wasn't super disciplined with my initial crafting efforts, so quickly ran through all of the gold I had accumulated pre-level 55. I'm still working on creating 3/4 gold line Legendary equipment, typically farm scaling dungeons on Painful (though if they fix the Boss HP issue, I might go as high as Fatal). It takes 4 to 5 dungeon runs to find enough sellable items to attempt a single Extraordinary-->Legendary craft.

    At my erratic play schedule, running solo, with the vagaries of the workbench, and the regular player nerfs / mob/boss buffs, I expect I'll literally never make any further progress in this game. I hope you find a supportive guild to run with.
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  5. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    Ty for respond, and wish u gl with making progress :D
  6. vegetadavid

    vegetadavid Forum Mogul

    Open your inventory slots and learn about crafting.
  7. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Don't look at CV, it's a useless indicator. It doesn't count resource for much, it doesn't count in special effects, and has lots of other faults.

    Instead look at statistics, at things like dmg, hp, crit rate, crit dmg, resource (concentration in your case), etc., and at things like what mode you can solo (and where).

    As you might have noticed, higher tier items have higher base values and a higher chance for better enchantments. This means that t6 items (what you find in desert inf3 mostly) are superior to t1 or t2 that you could hunt for yourself.

    Unique items that drop there are quite useful on the beginning too.
    Normally I'd suggest you going for the 2h weapon from the regional Qaizah set... but I have the feeling that for Ranger 1h longbow+quiver is better than 2h (except for the one-set-to-rule-them-all whose name may not be spoken) due to concentration cost reduction, especially on the beginning.
    If you come by the Shortbow of the Dune Walker on t6: it's a good pvp weapon because it has crit in base (and only base values work there since infamous R214).
    As for PvE, I'd recommend you either taking the Dune Walker (or something like that) "2h" hoaxbow or a random t6 1h longbow dropped on the desert and some good quiver you come by.

    There's one more thing worth noting. On high modes (inf3-inf4) you have a good chance that when you find a leg item it can be something very useful (due to high chance of good enchantments), especially on the beginning. The chance is so considerable that it might be useful to place eg. 3x t6 purple weapon and 1x t6 purple other thing on the crafting table for the crafting to be completly random, so that you'd get a legendary item with completly random stats. This might be a good way to get your first decent equipment to start with.

    Regarding crafting:
    Crafting is a slightly more stable way to get good equipment than getting it from drops, and the only way to get the best equipment out there (full platinum).
    Regardless if you craft equipment or get it from drop, you're looking for pretty much the same bonuses, I'm going to list them here:
    Weapon: 4x increased damage on this item (3x increased damage on this item and 1x increased damage is almost as good).
    Quiver (if you go 1h only): Some mix of critical damage and critical hit rate.
    Adornment: 4x increased critical hit rate on this item.
    Rings: 3-4x critical damage (HP on this item if you have maxed out crit dmg already). Don't use block strength, even for a shield setup - it's worthless.
    Belt: 4x increased damage.
    Amulet: 4x critical damage.
    Boots: 4x travel speed.
    Gloves: 4x attack speed (generally).
    Torso: 4x increased damage.
    Pauldrons: Some mix of armor and resistances.
    Helmet: Some mix of damage and critical hit rate, depends on how much critical hit rate you need (on 1h you go always 4x damage).
    Cloak: Don't bother with it now, use whatever you get.

    And as to andermants, use it for inventory and locker expansions. Preferable buy from Trader (T) 3x packs for 10800 for inventory and locker expansions for 2000.
    I personally prefer buying it in the following order:
    1st inventory line (1200, wait for a discount) -> 1st locker line (800? I think) -> 3x inventory pack (10800) -> locker until full (because it's more efficient storage space per andermant spent) -> inventory 3x packs until full
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  8. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    uhh much things to remember :p ... so basically these days it s all about crafting? and if i cant find a team for inf3 nothing else to do ...

    also... if i find a legendary bow with atleast 1 platinum bonuse, should i use that bow or can i somehow absorb that bonuse on any unique bow ? and is it better to look for unique set items or just legendary,purple items with better enchantments?

    Thanks for ur time ^^
  9. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Platinum bonuses appear on purple items only. Legendary items with platinum lines can only be crafted.

    Read the wiki articles about crafting 2.0 and crafting - extension. It's sort of possible.
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  10. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    Can any of u guys help me a bit on inf3 mode ? cuz none want to accept me in group xD

    i have tried few runs in great desert fatal mode, got few items with 1-2 bronze stats...
  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    What server are you playing on?
  12. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

  13. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I can't help then, i am playing on Grimmag
  14. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    How important is crit rate ? i mean i cant get good crit rate bonuses, i get only crit dmg bronze stats, and atm i m using bow of destruction which gives me some crit rate bonuses, and i have around 47% crit rate, but my dmg is low with that weapon...However if i want to use 2 hand bow which gives me nice dmg and nice crit dmg, then i have a problem with crit rate and attack speed.. so idk what to choose now, and on what to focuse on first.. any help ? maybe there is some bow which gives me good dmg+crit rate ? or maybe i should try to get as much crit rate stats on items instead of increase dmg or crit dmg bonuse ? ty
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  15. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Crit dmg is trash without good crit rate... but crit rate means nothing without the crit damage. Everything depends on everything.

    Generally, what gives you more can be calculated with the following formula:
    DPI = dmg * crit rate * crit dmg bonus + dmg
    DPI is Damage Performance Index
    dmg is arithmetic mean between your maximum and minimum dmg with the setup
    (min_dmg + max_dmg) / 2
    crit rate is your percentage crit rate with a setup that is displayed in the state window
    crit dmg bonus is the bonus to the critical hit that is displayed in the state window - it's usually something like xX,YZ (+n%), n is what you want

    Compare DPI between the two possibilities. The one with higher DPI is generally better.
    If the two happen to have almost the same DPI, the one with higher dmg wins over others, and the one with higher crit dmg wins over the one with higher crit rate, and the one with higher minimum damage wins over the one with higher maximum damage.

    If you want to compare two setups, but for some reason you don't want to switch between them... you can create a spreadsheet into which you only have to write in all the bonuses from all the items, wisdom, sets and pets, and it counts everything for you. Keep in mind your DPI is different on every infernal mode, unless you have 80% on them all.

    If you are good with spreadsheets, you can create such a spreadsheet yourself. You can find on the wiki, on the page Calculations, all the formulas you'll need for that - especially the crit rate conversion formula. When you finish it, backup the empty spreadsheet and fill in all the stats of your current items. Then check it against what you see in the state window to see if it's working. You might need advanced tooltip view for it. Results might be different be quite a lot without it. With it applied, the results should be exact or different by one point.
  16. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    i did some calculations, and idk if i did it good, but on 1st set with lower dmg and lower crit dmg but higher attack speed and higher crit rate i got DPI = 46656922 ... and on other set with higher dmg and higher crit dmg but lower speed and lower crit rate i got DPI =66250855

    That should mean that other set is better to use, but still i m in doubt... cuz with 1st set i have attack speed of 1.85 and with other set i have attack speed of 1.085 ... And i m using crit rate pet... but what if i change to attack speed pet and use 2nd set ? would that be better, but then i will get even lower crit rate, around 22% crit rate would be then. Any tip now ? :D also ty man for advanced tips and informations appreciate it !

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  17. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    I have no idea how did you get those numbers, they're way too high. :D:D:D
    Regarding attack speed, it can be incorporated in the DPI equation, but first you need to know your current speed breakpoint... so, let me give you some examples.

    example stats 2h:
    dmg: 8000 - 10000
    crit rate: 8000 (50%)
    crit dmg: x3 (+200%)

    average dmg (mean):
    (8000 + 10000) / 2 = 18000 / 2 = 9000
    9000 * 50% * 200% + 9000 = 9000 * 0,5 * 2 + 9000 = 9000 + 9000 = 18000
    example stats 1h:
    dmg: 4000 - 4500
    crit rate: 14000 (70%)
    crit dmg: x4 (+300%)

    average dmg (mean):
    (4000 + 4500) / 2 = 8500 / 2 = 4250
    4250 * 70% * 300% + 4250 = 4250 * 2,1 + 4250 = 13175
    If you incorporate speed:

    for 1,85: the highest breakpoint below that is 1,7647
    for 1,085: the highest breakpoint below that is 1,0811

    Let's use your speed in my above examples:

    18000 * 1,0811 = 19460
    13175 * 1,7647 = 23250
    With the stats I took as example, the higher speed won... but since I don't know stats of any of your builds, I can't say anything more. Either you can look at my examples and count your DPI (with speed) properly for both setups (by seeing how I am using the formulas)... or you can post the stats here and I'll count it for your, if you keep getting bizzare results.
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  18. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    hahah ye, now i realised what i did xD ( feels ashamed :p )

    back on point... I now depend on only 1 set of items, now it s just about different pets, either to choose crit rate pet, dmg pet or attack speed one :p

    I did some math again ( hopefully good now )

    1. My set with crit rate pet:

    crit rate=32%
    crit dmg= 271%
    attack speed= 1,107

    DPI= 21322

    2. with dmg pet:

    crit rate=27%
    crit dmg=271
    attack speed= 1,107

    DPI= 20929

    and i decided not to use attack speed pet yet ( cuz it s only blue so far, gives me only 11% faster attack speed) but currently if i m using him i have attack speed of 1.201 and DPI = 19778 ... maybe when i collect more crescenit and upg him it will be better, so far it should mean that using crit rate pet is best option for me right ? :D anyway ty for helping me out and having patience with me ! ^^
  19. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Generally, crit rate pet is better than dmg as long as you have less than 70% crit rate on a mode.
    One thing you haven't considered is a critical dmg pet. I think it would be the best in your case.
    Attack speed is generally not worth it if you haven't got maxed out crit and crit dmg... and even then, I'd consider it better to opt for more dmg.

    That's not a speed breakpoint. Your breakpoint is still 1,0811 (ps, ea and ss). Next one is 1,1111 (eg. green arrow uses this) or 1,1429 (precise shot, exploding arrow and scatter shot use this).
    It's kind of problematic, since it does not reflect exactly the fight, but rather speed of specific skills... not even all the skills use the attack speed. It does matter, just like the resource does matter - just it's hard to compare. Resources, their costs and cooldowns, as well as any special unique powers, make a large difference... but there is no way you can put them in the DPI equation.

    Anyways... please refer to this page for breakpoints, formulas and other resources like that.
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  20. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    Oke i will stick for crit rate pet for now, until i change some items and get better hopefully :p

    anyway... appreciate ur time and help, cheers :D