just reached lvl 55, what to do next?

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by Nagla, Aug 20, 2019.

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  1. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Only event though in past you could get her as well from special gnob offer. Hard to say if this will be the case anymore. Yeah it drops only from Arachna at Circus and as for droprate idk if it's higher, lower or equal to others. Nobody knows besides bp :p
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  2. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    thanks for ur time, appreciate it :D

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    hey guys, sry for bothering u again :p... i just wanna hear ur opinions about my progress so far, am i going in good direction, and on what should i focuse on and on what to pay attention.


    ps. ask if u need some more info about my stats [​IMG]

    Thanks :D

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  3. Mal3ficent

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    Hello @Nagla ,
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  4. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    heya guys, after some break i m kinda back to play... anything changed ?or it s still just pure grinding :p ... can u look my stats i posted above to tell me if i m going in good direction, ofc any advices will help. thanks :D

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    hello i need some tips on wich uniques i need to get as a ranger and where can i drop Herald weapons, is it possieble to drop from normal herald boss ? for now i only have dragan set t1.. i managed to find some gold line items but i dont have set items

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  5. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    It's not possible, you need to farm it at Q7.

    You need to massively improve your speed. You have 0 speed runes which i never have seen before. Q7 on that lvl of speed is pointless because it's effectivity scales with speed. If you compare what you have on that screen with non-transfered Q7 you probably will be worse even on same tier which you can get anyway only by being kite. Every clover into speed runes, both Moon events mandatory for some time - or at least full Varholm and Black till 1 rune - and for sake of sanity don't wear onyxes in weapon :eek:
  6. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    hahah ty for being honest :p well i m that kind of a player, i m not very much into game i dont play daily and i skip most of the events, but meantime i managed to get 1 attack speed rune :p and i improved my weapon i got 1 gold line on it... so for now what kind of gear u suggest ? just to use normal legendary items ?

  7. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Yeah don't think about farming Q7 for now as it doesn't make any sense. That bow is totally sufficient for now, just put in some rubies instead of onyxes :p Any will do. While we having event try to farm Arachna doll. Really, really try ;)

    Use what you have best - Dragan for sure and than whatever fits. While you will increase speed to normal sort of lvls you gonna think about switching to q7. You have to get at least 1.765. You may want search for some eq that gives you speed, at least for now. It's been long, long time since I played on char with that speed but from what I remember it's a torture :D

    Can I look at your wisdom settings?
  8. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

  9. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    When you get Q7 set, you will transfer those gloves to gloves from that set. Hold on to them for now.

    Also, I think you have critical damage in your arrows... try to change that for critical hit rate, that will be a lot better.
    What is your helmet, too? Why aren't you using the dragan helmet?
  10. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    i m using normal legendary helmet cuz of better stats i guess

    https://i.imgur.com/dRotG6l.jpg -helmet

    I also managed to gather 3500 drakens, should i buy 20% more dmg rune ? or should i save up drakens ?
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  11. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Gloves too weak for long-term transfer, 4x gold speed obligatory. However it's not longterm, you lacking speed big time, it's t.1 so cheap and thus you can try. Though i would wait week till the end of event maybe you gonna get better ones. Later you will switch to q7 and 3x gold is not biggie to waste.

    As for helmet yeah legendary is better unless you have some very good ring instead of Dragan. You gonna use it later though as you want helmet, ring + shoes.

    Wisdom fine but i'm not a big fan of crit in attack. I expected that as you have high crit dmg... still you have there less than i thought :p Hp regeneration is much better for solo play as follow up to overall dmg. For now it's ok but once you get to 15,5k crit, which with Arachna isn't tough at all, and higher wisdom lvl I advice you to switch. For group/tougher bosses you just take 2-nd setting. It's so damn conveniant to have those perks :D

    Keep drakens, 3,5k isn't much. Speed runes are much more preferable, probably at some point you will end up only with 1 rune of devastation and 4x speed runes. Investing drakens into longterm incorrect runes isn't hottest. Besides that you may want use drakens for crafting - always nice to keep some in reserve.

    Btw. I'm also curious where that crit dmg comes from. Honestly can't figure it out :oops::rolleyes:

    And last, not least - you have 2 days premium left so get EDIT into gold grind and bring your wisdom runes at least to 5x2. Higher would be very nice but if not make them at least those.
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  12. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    oke i did some things, i got lucky and got better stats on weapon :D , did tranfer bonuses on gloves and changed wisdom tree a bit

    mm for higher attack speed is it good for me to use attack speed pet (raptor) or maybe put some wisdom points in attack speed ?

    here are some pictures of progress:

    https://i.imgur.com/xB1UYaM.jpg -weapon

    https://i.imgur.com/lu97lKl.jpg -gloves

    https://i.imgur.com/gHiDPZ2.jpg -wisdom

    btw. as for wisdom runes u meant to go farm some gold and buy them in premium shop ? ( didnt know they r that much of help) :p

    as always ty for ur time and tips, making this game more enoyable to play <3 :D
  13. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    The DtU is also a good place to get drops. I've gotten excellent gold base lines on T2 (making them worth the upgrade pain) items: Amulet of Death, Herald's Staff, and Herald's Gloves. Still looking for Sigrismar's Weapon Adornment. All three items have double gold lines -or- 1 excellent gold line and almost (85%+) line. Granted, I'm going to need mucho cores, but the chance of getting these base lines is very rare. :)
  14. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Awesome weapon for beginner. You could even think about transfering it into unique altough workbench value for further craft is huge.

    As for attack speed i think you should invest your wisdom points there. Dmg, hp, 2h-dmg stays but leftovers you can use to hit up into another speed breakpoint. 1,31 would be nice to get.

    Yeah wisdom runes are much of a help. Definitely worth investing gold in them early as couple thousands of gold is really nothing in bigger picture.

    For increasing further speed quickly you can try putting your hands either on q5 shoulders or that new unique global lootrate unique which has 8% crit and 6% speed in unique properities. Very solid. Mortis ring is also an idea for extra 10% but comes with price of reducing your total hp quite considerably.
  15. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    ty.. ,, as for unique items as i already said i only have dragan items, and for parallel world i actually never finished even 1st one ( last time i tried i was too low :p ), i reseted wisdom, attack speed is at 1.28 hoping for 1,3 soon :D

    can u explan to me which map is q5 and name of that item, i must complete q1 q2... and so on ?

    now i might try that and if i m strong enough to get herald weapon would be cool, but as i said i never finished any q map :/

  16. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Yes, you have to finish parallel maps in order which means Q1,Q2, etc. till Q9. Only Q6 doesn't have quests so you can jump from Q5 to Q7 right away.
    If sb says "Q5 shoulders" "Q1 shoes" "Q2 neck" it always refers to unique which boss sometimes leaves, so q5 means Khalys Dark Betrayal set. I messed up though speed value as helmet has 5%, shoulders only 3% :p:oops: Ad for that unique i meant Dragonkiller's shoulder guard which was added in r. 223. It's basically only worthy to some degree unique which was added in 223. Until you lay your hands on uniques for final build it's quite nice item.

    As for Q you definitely strong enough that you can open up at least all Q. Might be tough but you could even try farming Q7 on fatal on your own. You just lacking speed and defences to do it quite comfortably. Dmg output is enough.

    Farm for Arachna until event ends. It's super important to get her. At parallel you gonna get less spheres than in normal scaling maps as it's tougher in general and bigger maps so more running. Leave it until event ends. Arachna on full is +29% crit scaling even further with bonuses. Jabbax with it's +30% crit dmg is freaking joke in comparison for players who don't reach very high crit values on their own.
    Get her! :D
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  17. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    Hello guys, after some break i m kinda back :p ( didnt played much, just farmed desert to get some gold and do some craftings, but didnt crafted anything good :D )

    i see there is easter event going on, so my question is it worth playing and spending my time on event, are there any good rewards for noobish player like me... or it s better to stick with desert farming and doing craft (maybe i get lucky :p)

    still didnt get herald set, and i improved my attack speed a bit it s 1.57 atm :D

    btw. is it good to farm solo desert fatal mode, cuz that s higher i can solo atm, or to ask spamm others for inf3 mode ?

    as always any tip/advice is appreciated thanks in advanced :D
  18. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    No, there aren't any good rewards besides jewel which is indeed very nice. So if anything i would go only up to that jewel. However with your char strenght it is not worth trying to obtain it. You will need to do some super tedious and time consuming grind or pay 20k+ anders for basic essence. At least solo - in group you can try. Maybe there is an option for trying to farm spring set.

    You need higher, fatal doesn't make the cut. You need at least inf II. Right now better to ask for help. Remember though that aim of desert isn't to farm comfortably - you should suffer otherwise there will be low progress in char strenght. When you are able to farm inf II-III quite nicely it's already too late as you should be switching to parallel.

    From what I have seen on earlier screens you should be able to farm inf II desert.
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  19. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    ty for fast reply :D .

    hmm i never actually tried higher than fatal, but let s hope u r right !:D

    btw. look at my skill tree that i use, and tell me if it s good or not for solo hunting?

    here r pictures of my stats and skill tree :



    Thanks man!

    EDIT: i ve tried on inf2 and it s not possieble, but on inf1 i die sometimes and i have to use potions but it s duable with max dmg and crit buff

    --- MERGED ---

    Hey, it s me again :p

    just a question for crafting, mm can someone tell me if it s important to look at % scale while setting items on craft table

    i mean when i try to craft as better items should i pay attention on what i put on 3rd and 4th place ? or it s same ?


    so let s say this right armour on picture, when i try to craft it should i look at number before or after. 21,5 increase dmg is it important for crafting or just to look at the % at the end (81,96%)
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  20. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

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