just reached lvl 55, what to do next?

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by Nagla, Aug 20, 2019.

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  1. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    Hey it s me again :p

    i got few questions...

    1. Is it worth spending gilder cloves to buy wisdom runes. my wisdom is at lvl 57 atm...

    2. How do i obtain rune dust for upg my runes ?

    3. I used 2h build before CE, should i replace it with 1h ?

    4. Is there any way i can reset wisdom tree ?

    5. Should i worry about enchantments before lvl 100 ?

    6. any other tip is welcomed

    thanks :D
  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    1. Is it worth spending gilder cloves to buy wisdom runes. my wisdom is at lvl 57 atm...
    You can buy runes from several different vendors for each of several different currencies (see Zumpe, Gnob, Grima and possibly Jesse the [EDIT] in Kingshill ... we could even buy runes with Solar Coins when the Summer Solstice even was active). I'm not rich enough in any of those currencies to advise which is the most cost-effective.

    In addition to purchasing runes, they are occasionally rewards in event progress bars, and can also drop from Champion and higher mobs on Painful and higher difficulties.

    2. How do i obtain rune dust for upg my runes ?
    By grinding unwanted runes at the workbench.

    3. I used 2h build before CE, should i replace it with 1h ?
    End game players will suggest 1H because it's easier to achieve the magic 4.0+ speed barrier with 1-handed equipment. 4.0 gives you a bonus damage multiplier. However, it's not easy to get to 4.0 if you're still a relative newbie.

    4. Is there any way i can reset wisdom tree ?
    Open your Skills & Talents window, go to the Wisdom tab. There you'll find that each box of 3 Wisdom options has a reset gear on the right side of the box. You can't reset the entire wisdom tree at once nor a single item; you must reset items in groups of three. There's a cost associated with resetting Wisdom points ... "only" gold, but a lot of it.

    5. Should i worry about enchantments before lvl 100 ?
    Other players may disagree with me, but I start preparing to craft equipment when I reach ~40-45 exprience level on a toon. Preparation consists of crafting 10 random magic items, then 20 random extraordinary items, then 30 random legendary items. Even using very low-level junk items, you'll need to have ~4 million glyphs of power to do that much junk crafting.

    Each of those three steps gives you an Achievement and the ability to go to the next step (you can't, for example, start with crafting random legendaries ... you have to go through the process). Completing the 3rd step gives you the Enchantment Transfer crafting recipe.

    This might take a few days to weeks or months, depending on how many GOP you've saved up. You may have to resort to grinding low level dungeons for hours on end in order to get enough low level junk as your crafting material. The higher the item level, the more GOP you'll need to craft.

    That said, if you start preparing to craft in low- to mid-40's, and have to grind for GOPs and for junk material, you might not be ready to enchantment transfer until level 50, even 55, but well before level 100.

    And, yes, I start enchantment transfer crafting around level 55, knowing that I'll be changing gear fairly often as I grind up to level 100 ... you can re-transfer a good platinum line as many times as you want (although the quality of platinum lines increases at each level, so something that looks great at 55 will be weak as heck by 75).
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  3. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    Thanks dkarl.

    As for wisdom and skill tree is it personal preference or there are some MUST have ?
  4. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    I've seen discussion threads elsewhere on the forums where people have made cases for various types of skill builds for various character types, but there's usually one optimal wisdom/experience build for each class. You may not agree with some of his conclusions, but check out the post by user @ƩMiwel in this thread, and in other opinions in that same thread.

    Most players have conceded that we measure success by the damage we visit upon others, rather than by the damage we avoid taking ourselves. So, get your critical value option (Decisive Strike) pumped up in the Wisdom tree first, your 1 or 2-handed weapon damage (Dextrous Smiting) next. Weapons speed (Dextrous Agility) becomes important sooner or later. You'll want to boost your base resource (Steam for dwarfs, Concentration for rangers, Mana for spell weavers, Rage for knights). Etc.

    I'm experimenting with a spell weaver, realized that I die too easily, so traded some precious crit for HP regeneration (Vivacious Vitality) ... meaning, you might want to mix in some defense in your Wisdom tree now rather than wait until you've maxed out all of the offensive options first.
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  5. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    Hey dkarl or anyone else,can u look at my stats and see what should i fix, also i m wondering if this is good weapon that i m using atm, or maybe i should change with 1h or some other bow, also if i m using 2h bow should i put my wisdom all in 2h dmg and attack speed, or maybe frist all in crit or dmg wisdom ( from which wisdom skill i will benefit more dmg) ? if i m using 2h bow should i focuse more on getting even more dmg, or should i balance with some crit and attack speed, even tho they r really low atm...


  6. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    Get all wisdom to crit and then to armor/resist (or alternatively to atk speed if u want a more risky dmg build), do not put anything to dmg or HP (only after u max crit and armor and resist and atk speed).

    Your attack speed is incredibly low, get at least two items with atk speed base line and enchantments (and zircons). You don't need to aim for 4.0+ just yet, but at least around 3+ and hit a good anim breakpoint.

    Easiest way to get high atk speed is to find a type of 1h weapon which has a high atk speed base value.

    Better equipment and enchantments will drop along the way. I recommend to pick up only purple items, with blue you lose too much having only 2 enchantments. As base values are random and unique drop (which have fixed base values) is low, look for these base values in the items (at least 70%+):

    Some of these values will need to be supported with gems to make a difference, other times you will get most of the boost from the base stat itself.

    attack speed - here gems only make a small difference
    crit value - here gems make a huge difference
    damage - gems make a moderate difference
    Hitpoints - again, gems make a small difference.

    Movement speed - enough to have only in one item (boots most likely)
    Ignore armor, block or resist.

    Ideally you want an item which has at least two of the "good" values.

    A good distribution of gems/enchantments on items is:

    3x crit
    4-5x dmg
    2-3x HP
    1-2x atk speed
    1x movement speed

    Until you can have 10 stones in your items, you may want to use more one more crit item and one less dmg or HP item.

    There are some pretty good uniques/sets that drop everywhere, but IDK what they are for ranger, someone else can help maybe. What you can drop easily:

    Yachak set
    Lazurite boots and weapon from Great Desert (uniques, not the set)
    Torso and helmet (idk the name)

    Progressively update your enchantments (use only plat lines!) from higher lvl items.

    Every now and then, try to farm some items from the highest difficulty you can kill, or find some friends to carry you on high modes, or leveling groups for Q1.
  7. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    Hello guys.

    It s me again, wanna check if i m making good progress and how should i continue, some tips would be nice :D

    So my question today is which bow should i use ( picture below) , also if i m using 1h build should i put wisdom points into more attack speed or weapon dmg, or when using 2h build should i put more into weapon dmg or attack speed...

    Still my attack speed is low, i got some items with base attack speed value+some ench+zircons...

    mm also about wisdom point distribution, i got very low res/armour, so my question is which is more important and should i go 50/50 or max one of them then another, and will they benefit me more than maxing some other wisdom skill like attack speed let s say ?




    Thanks :D



    Some guys helped me run thro few q runs, and i got some cool items i guess, so i kinda see nice progress now.

    Here are the pictures, if u have something to add, please do!


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  8. Nagla

    Nagla Someday Author

    Hey guys i finally reached lvl 100, so what now? which maps should i farm and bosses and what item sets do i need ?
  9. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Check out Velveteen Duck's new DSO Database web site for info on (almost) all of the unique items and sets in the game.

    Farm Great Desert for Keys of Prowess.

    Play the currently running Defeat the Undefeatables event and hope to drop the Adornment of the Vanquisher to get decent base crit values and bonus crit enchantment that starts small but can stack to 10% increase in crit.

    Farm Natural World bosses for gems, wisdom, crafting ingredients (many of the items in that DSO Database can be crafted, though most will require boss rings dropped from Parallel World maps, not Natural World, so you're probably too weak to do much boss item crafting for now).

    "Farm" Brigavik looking for portals to the Lingering Memories maps, then hope to drop an item from that set.