Karabossa Shoulders Drop Rate

Discussion in 'Event Questions' started by G3dd, Jan 8, 2019.

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  1. G3dd

    G3dd Someday Author

    Hello everyone.First of all happy new year -2019 to everyone.
    Now lets get to bussines.How i put this, what is the drop rate for karabossa shoulders.I've been farming now for i am not sure but maybe a 3d or 4th event now and still nothing.Every event i farm like 30/40 times the map alone and with grups.Every signle person i know in the game got the damn shoulders and for me its like go away bro you wont have the item you dont deserve it.So basically is something wrong with my char ? If the threat its not in the correct section please someone move it.Thanks :)
  2. Archane

    Archane Forum Apprentice

    I've had a very hard time in the past getting those pauldrons, i was very happy to see that now even on infernal 4 they have lowered the price of the entire witch seeker set to something affordable for draken.
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  3. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    well sorry to say it 192th run for 2 days since yesterday and 0 so i guess its much worse ;D
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  4. G3dd

    G3dd Someday Author

    Well that's rediculous..Jesus 192 runs and nothing...***..So the chance winning the lottery is much better then having karabossa pauldrons.:/
  5. иво5775

    иво5775 Forum Apprentice

    The drop rate is really low but if you are lucky you will get them on the 10th run like me | Im not lying | :)
  6. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    sigh how many times do i have to say luck is not accounted here
    otherwise congrats im still am geting different health problems from this droprate...
  7. G3dd

    G3dd Someday Author

    So if luck is not accounted here what is ? I really dont get it? Does anyone really know what the droprate is ? Im tired of this allready....Not only this but the unique drop from the boss is 0! People with new accounts get every unique on the 2-3 time, and for me is like noooo try next year.My account is from 2014 or even maybe 2013 so is that it ?

    --- MERGED ---

    Im not gonna get a real answer here.I dont think that no one knows what the drop rate is.And if they do, seems we wont hear it.Now i remember why i left the game and it was a mistake returning to it.Nothing's change.Same EDIT different day :) Have fun :)
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  8. sairacas

    sairacas Forum Greenhorn

    Dear, reader, i have a complaint.
    For this new moon event, i saved up 250 amphora keys, HOW is it possible that in my stats nothing has changed after doing so much runs, spawning 3 spiders every run for 700 wood.....cuz the drops are serious CRAP! i am a person that did terribly much runs, did the new quest for TORSO and the new quest for BELT so much times.... killed the spider so many times... and this much has changed for me in my stats.... NOTHING

    Thank you for reading
  9. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    They perfectly know which crap of gameplay are giving us. But till people will keep playing, they do not have any reason to spend any effort to do better and more satisfactory things.

    We are just fools that stay in game whatever the devs give or don't give us. And rightly we get what we deserve.
  10. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Hey there heroes,

    We understand your frustration. We can only say "Wait for the next Moon Event". For more information, read the following official announcement HERE.
  11. G3dd

    G3dd Someday Author

    Thank you @Sunlight for the answer!But can you answer on this- what is the % chance of the drop for uniques on parallel world and bosses? I am asking for me and only me , so that i can understand how many times and hours i need to farm for an item!What i mean with this is - if the % chance is 1.5% that means out of 100 runs i will get one unique at least.Thanks again.
  12. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    No 1.5 doesnt mean that in 100 runs you will get its a number thats randonly generated and if it is in the diamater of these 1.5 5 then you will get it that why its called rng
  13. Archane

    Archane Forum Apprentice

    I am going to speak from personal experience after running new moon for the last 2 days. After about 30 runs the person i was running with got the shoulders. I never got them. After killing the karabossa spider more than 50 times with no drops we both started seeing drops in back to back runs of the adornment and boots and the witch seeker hat. I ended up buying the shoulders and the torso since the cost for draken has dropped alot, so no big deal. I would say keep trying and don't give up because the drops are there but since its so random you just don't know when.
  14. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    I managed to get them 2 hours ago from 247 runs ( terrible ) rng
  15. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Hey there @G3dd ,

    We do not have access to the drop rate for any item. For that reason, I can't answer your question.
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  16. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    BigPoint has to have the drop chance table. I mean, it's a script.. you just have to have it. And you work at BigPoint.. you should have it. It's not like it's a trade secret or something. Other games have things like this public, without anyone asking.
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  17. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Mòods do not work for bp, and moods do not have that info. As for bp, i guess they dont publish in order to be changed as they please, without any notification.
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  18. G3dd

    G3dd Someday Author

    So basically theres no chance to understand how the game works.We play and wait to get lucky? @Sunlight tell me to whom i need to speak to get any info for this game and how the drop rate works.i refuse to buy this specific item honestly not because i dont have the drakens but i am really mad at this that some players get it from the 3rd run and we get nothing.On top of that we dont even know
    what the drop rate is.Thanks :)
  19. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Yes, we have the drop chance table hanged on the wall in our virtual moderator office.
    This morning the drop rate was unusually low for this time of the year, leaving frustrated heroes struggling in many parts of Dracania.
    This afternoon the drop rate still has not changed and we are not expecting any changes in drop rates by tonight.
    The drop rate is expected to be low in the next couple of days. It is due to cold air being dragged in from the Norselands, we expect bellow zero drop rates in almost all parts of Dracania, especially in the realm of Parallel World.
    By the start of the next week, rise in drop rates and showers of unique items is to be expected.

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  20. G3dd

    G3dd Someday Author

    First thank you sir for the answer! I just dont know how to understand this.And again not a real answer what is the drop rate and how it works.MAybe this game doesnt have static drop rate.So it changes every hour,day,week,month?