key of prowes + general questions

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by napoli-sniper, May 20, 2019.

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  1. napoli-sniper

    napoli-sniper Forum Apprentice

    Hi dso gamers...i think its around 2 months since i m back to dso
    I left few weakes after adding infernal 1
    i remanber its was so easy to farm anders ...some peopel used to farm 10k a day and also gems
    - what happned to that ander and gem drops

    2 / about keys pf prowes i m farming them at great desert map but i realy got bored playing same map again and again
    what are similar maps to fast farm those keys

    3 /khalys cloak im farming it for months i couldnt drop it from khalys
    they told me herald drops it also that right !

    4/whats is the drop rate for improved royal gems craft shema ive never droped it and whats the best place to farm it

    5/ about my dmg i couldnt pass 40k dmg since my dmg stones gives me +194dmg only
    my weapon gives 290% dmg on item
    and i think ist usless to fcraft gold lines weapon since its almost max

    i m thinking to craft a full plat weapon
    but what is the best shema for that
    since i m droping plat only on pink items
    what is the best methose to save gold as much as possible why crafting it and how much probebly would cost

    and thank you so much dso players
  2. Dharles

    Dharles Forum Apprentice

    Hi, I am not new in game,,just new in posting in forum, I try to answer your question.

    1. Anders and gem do drop,just sometimes they don't drop anywhere.

    2. There is nothing as best at farming keys than great dessert. Just farm there till you turn into sand your self.
    After you got many of them, you can farm 3 gold enchantment on legendary item on Asar, its neighborhood map,
    easy to get strong, and you can find ingredients for improved royal or magic royal gem too.

    3. If it wont drop for many runs,try tomorrow,day time or night time,or in group. If its wont drop either,maybe there is a trick to do that,well its happen with me,,but I don't want to share it. Its about cloak,thats the clue.
    Herald don't drop it.

    4. The drop rate is so high but only after its already dropped for the first time. Try 25 or 100 chest in paralel world's secret lair,infernal 3 or 4, mine drop there.

    5. Even 10% increase damage on this item (IDOTI) could give 1000 damage,so go to 304 IDOTI or higher.

    Platinum line is always in exo item, since platinum on 2 handed weapon too rare, go with platinum line in slot 1 and slot 2, junk exo at slot 3 and 4. Its expensive, my opinion on this, farm gold first than farm the junk weapon, many of them to try and try as much. Till it go to 2 platinum line at legendary. Then repeat till it go to 4 platinum in legendary. If you are a premium user,its less expensive,the deluxe user even better.

    Sorry for my bad english.