Level 55 ranger What now?

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by DusterkoSVK, Oct 20, 2019.

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  1. DusterkoSVK

    DusterkoSVK Forum Apprentice

    Hello, I started playing again after a long break from the game. I got to level 55, did some farming and met a nice guy, who carried me through some Qs. So my question is: What should I do now to improve my character?

  2. wavi

    wavi Junior Expert

    for your level use: - long bow
    - offensive cover
    - desert unique
    -When the season starts pve make full parallel world and beg for you to fall herald set, sigris set, jellyfish amulet, spider or mortis, osoroc belt, kali shoulder pads, heredur head, jellyfish feet.
    -Search in new moon event set witch hunter
    -search for herald's mantle
    -in new moon and full moon events look for runes of attack speed.
    -my general experience with hunter I recommend: full speed movement, attack speed

    -In short there is much more to say but it would be exciting xd, how things are going in the game I doubt you can get runes, drakens, clover, drop unique, pets, wisdom, gems, gold, yellow spells, cores, etc. The only thing left for one who has just arrived at lv 55 is just to play and have fun with what he has.
    -sorry for my English
  3. zdravko1337

    zdravko1337 Forum Greenhorn

    Get the hiraja set in Great Desert at highest difficulty possible and try to cap your crit rate at atleast 70% without counting the pet buff.
    Do not melt anything till you don't get most of your items crafted (tip: better use some legendary crafted items instead of uncrafted EDIT stat uniques) and try to get into much groups in the PvE event as you can.

    You'll have to beg EDIT stronger players to boost you in order to get any good items.
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  4. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Well he doesn't have to. In DSO you can fortunately still build a char without getting into group through whole career. Group makes it extra easy though. Too easy arguably.

    I don't like advice with Hiraja set. What i would pick from it is weapon and boots only. So first thing what i would do on his place is decide do i invest into weapon before q7 or not and if so whether i seek for very high tier pink and glyph it to 60 or i keep my bow and craft it up to tier VII. Hiraja bow is extremelly cheap to tier it up so this is definitely an option and he can do it in 1 day.

    As for crit i would try getting 80% for inf II with max crit tonic. With solo play you end up quite often farming Desert on inf II so value on inf II is actually one of more importance. He doesn't have Arachna so there is not that low chance that crit tonic will be his 1 pick for some time.

    I hate those very low resistences. Armor also could be in range of 65% but how important are those depends purely how often he plays solo and how often he is getting carried in group. Attack speed is of course extremelly low but that's not that easy to bumb up and for sure he knows it. It gonna become super high priority when he obtains q7, you can't have speed on that lvl being archer.

    41 lvl of wisdom so i would try getting 5x medium runes if he doesn't have them yet - either through purchasing premium and direct Emilia buy or by way, way slower grind.
  5. zdravko1337

    zdravko1337 Forum Greenhorn

    I'm very curious how a 4000-5000ish damage player will be able to farm Great Desert solo on INF 2 post r220 when even a 20/23k damaged player will struggle with it. Also I said that getting the whole Hiraja set isn't necessary and wearing a crafted legendaries will be better. And c'mon, we all know that you cannot build a strong char without high amount of andermant or getting carried in a group..
  6. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    You can. I'm casual player these days, no purchases and i wasn't in group for years - literally - while still i have no issue farming inf IV maps besides of course bosses for which i have to go lower since 220. It takes longer but it's definitely doable even after r220.

    He has over 10k not 5k. For inf II it varies on class but you probably need only around 20k dmg. Before r220 it was enough 13-14k so my guess +50% is enough. Because after patch its harder you really use desert inf II for craft farming if you play solo. No shame at all as it's way easier than in pararell and lootrate in general is better. Important is Inf II as from that tier you get really good occurance of gold enchantments and noticeable better on platins so this is why crit on inf II is sth to pay attention to.

    For set i definitely like boots if he keeps weapon for now. Nice crit unique, extra 5% speed. Of course after q7 all Hiraja stuff is garbo but it's not that you investing drafts and cores for those. I guess for weapon you probably are spending cores but that ones you have no issue with xd And tbh besides pinkies/legends from high tiers there is really tough to find pre Q7 better weapon without transfering enchantments. Sure there is Blood Mage, there is Dragan, there is Destru but all those are extremelly tough to get. Hiraja 2h has that sweet spot of being good ramp to q7 if you don't hit some very good pinkie on those occasions you are at high inf. Of course you can just wear whatever and wait for friends to carry on, whoever sb likes :p

    Edit. Checked it - 20k with 80% crit as archer without q7 is enough to grind inf II desert.
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  7. DusterkoSVK

    DusterkoSVK Forum Apprentice

    So I managed to get Herolds Set, damage went down, attack speed up a bit and crit is now terrible.
    Now, I got these two bows: https://imgur.com/MU09dgL
    Is it worth it to put the enchantments of one of the bows on the Herold bow?
    And im also thinking of upgrading the tier of the bow to III, because i dont think i can drop a better one right now, but i dont know if I should do it or not.
    I also got full dragans set, sadly its on tier 0. These are my stats with Dragans set without gemstones: https://imgur.com/QwbAE6k
    Is it worth it with these stats or should I go for something else?
    And thank you everyone for your advice :)
  8. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

  9. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Take advantage of the corridors on the west side of the map leading to temple of agony and lure the double green bosses one by one, and then reset the map (and Hopefully you are not playing a DK). Easy with a mech or sw at 5000 damage at inf 1 and doable at inf 2 using buffs and ess, doable with a ranger, tough with a dk.