Level 60. MUST READ.

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Chantix, Jul 1, 2020.

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  1. Chantix

    Chantix Forum Greenhorn

    So, i am hearing everywhere that with the next release for lvl 60 all the item enchancements and values will be changed. Does this mean that the lvl 55 gold/platinum values will increase for lvl 60??

    I will make this even easier to understand my QUESTION. Now, for a weapon, the max dmg on this item for level 55 is 92% on platinum. Is this going to be changed to a higher value on level 60 item ?? (example: x4 120% max dmg on this weapon. So the 4 compined platinums will be at 460% dmg on this item).
  2. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello Chantix, and the answer I can give you is that simply speaking - we don't know- we have no official info on this matter. As soon as we receive any official statement about it - we will announce it accordingly;

    kind regards,
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    I understand, but I think I speak for many when say its quite annoying not to know if its still worth it to lose loads of gold trying to craft plat-lines.

    Atleast an ETA of when the Content-Expension will be applied. Like if its next year, I dont mind tryin to craft some lines, but if its in a couple months I prefer to save my resources.
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  4. Chantix

    Chantix Forum Greenhorn

    So there is really a chance that this will happen. I am actually out of words. Personally, I struggle for the past 8 months to make my plat lines which i still do.. I lose my plat lines due to nebula error while crafting (never got them back from support even with proofs of my items in photos). Then farmed them all over again and in 1-2 months from now my whole plat line farm is going straight to the garbage can??

    Very bad manners. If they do this they are going to dig their own grave once again. ALL games have a max build. So when a player makes a full gear with maxed stats they wanna make this player back to 0 due to their damaged brains? And what about me and all the other players who are continuesly farming for the current maxed stats? I guess they think we will just delete the items and go for the new ones huh? Nah, if that's the case i'm deleting something else..
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  5. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    from last up lvl
    if 60 comes in few weeks
    almost all platinum gear will be useless = u don't lose so much if u use it now on bench
    value of gold will be changed = u don't lose so much if u spend it now

    so there will be 2 options
    u will still play and start almost from 0 like all players or
    u leave the game

    u can only save resources like matery or draken cores until u will know what will be in expansion path
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Thats all speculating....nobody knows whats going to happen.
  7. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Specualting that there will be another mass exodus of players :)
  8. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    They do and they don´t want to tell us
    Yes and that´s the actual funny thing about dso these days

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Most likely :\

    With ''nobody'' I mean the playerbase
  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    It is not a chance but certainty.
    Even if there is no change in values and patterns (which I highly unlikely) ... enchantments are losing power with level expansion.
    It is not a speculation it is a fact. You don't need official announcement ... it is predictable with the simple analysis of the game mechanics.

    I don't know what has been said and what not in those scam streams ... but there are few possible outcomes.
    1. Expansion with contents that will not affect the cap level
    - they may introduce new gear without changing cap level
    - they may introduce new gear without changing the cap level and game mechanics or enchantments/stats pattern
    This scenario is very unlikely to happen. If happen new type of gear and sets could be introduced in order to make current items/sets obsolete.
    2. Expansion with point 1 and cap level expansion on top of it
    Most likely outcome.
    3. Only cap level expansion without changing anything else
    A probable scenario.

    Even if the third example is probable it is not likely to happen ... this example can answer your questions in detail.
    Even if there is a case in which only the items extend their level ... the current items will be less powerful by default. Those crafted items could be used again , but they are losing power compared to cap level items.
    1. Base stats
    New items with higher level will have better values than old items upgraded with GoPs.
    Even if someone decides to use the old items ... Upgrading with GoPs is very expensive and not practical.
    New items will have higher values because of the different multipliers they have when upgraded with GoPs compared to natural level upgrade. This can be tested even now ... with lower level items.

    2. Enchantments
    Enchantments are scaling with level ... that means the higher the level the higher the enchantment value is.
    Enchantments can't be upgraded with GoPs
    Enchantments can be upgraded with regular item crafting ... BUT ... the highest possible level will always be cap level - 1. That means you can transfer enchantments from leg, exo, magic or improved items and increase the item's level but you will never increase it to the cap level. You can also test this one at the moment.

    3. Unique values
    There are two types of Unique Enchantments. Those who scale with level and those who stay at same value during upgrade.
    In example the crit hit on Armor of Darkness' items is upgrading with the level. But the values on items upgraded with GoPs are lesser than the ones on natural higher level.

    All that makes the old items obsolete even if there is no other change but the cap level.

    Yes there is not only a chance but that is what will most probably happen.
    It is not a first time ... it happened in the past at least 4-5 times.
    - Enchantment values range change
    - Enchantment type per item change
    - Base stats type change
    - Base stats + Enchantments type per item change
    ... etc
    All that happened and we had to adjust and farm new items.
    In example with the qaizah expansion all crafted items during LorTac became obsolete because there were new enchantments and new rules and new cap level ...so we had to craft again from 0 ... even if we already spent trillions of resources during level 50.
    Not just that ... they made obsolete the gems and runes were have farmed and bought throughout the years. They robbed the players and just showed up ... players should not rely on their investment in the game since the devs have 0 respect for their money in the game. They can simply take all that away from players :)
    The time proved they were wrong since they broke the game completely.
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  11. Chantix

    Chantix Forum Greenhorn

    Money doesnt count for me. It's a free game you don't have to pay to play it. But the most disturbing thing is that, me as a player, can't keep up into those changes even when i'm playing quite a lot. When im still trying so hard to build my platinum lines now for so long i hear that these item stats that im strugling to get are going to have the drop rate of the present gold lines in the very near future. I will just stop trying to craft and i will wait to see the "official" announcement about this.. The moment i see this i'm out of this place, it's almost like working for absolutely nothing. I mean, who does that?

    I'm also thinking that they just want close their game and they do it this way so they can force the players to leave by their choice.
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Yet all you do is speculating. No matter if something is ''most likely, cus of past this n that''.
    Doesnt matter if I think the same, without official announcement from BP it doesnt mean much and we can only wait.

    I just play it save and dont waste too much resources till I got some more info.
  13. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    How this actually works?
    My money is on mr. Trakis scenario 2. On streams they have spoken about balancing and have themselves admitted problem for example with q7 set.
  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    And then you cry you can't get this and that even if people are trying to help you explaining how things are working :)
    It is not a speculation it is 100% certainty ... whatever the expansion would be the items will become obsolete. There is only one scenario in which items are not going to change ... that is if they just introduce a new region and they change nothing else. Like in example the Atlantis expansion in the past.
    That is not going to happen.
    All enchantments are level dependent, you can increase or decrease them at the workbench.
    Here is one example with increasing the enchantment through crafting
    The outcome is level 26 item
    Here is the 9% all resistance values enchantment taken from the level 55
    as it can be seen the value has been scaled down to 9% value on level 26.
    Here is the second enchantment 30% increased damage on level 17 item
    as it can be seen in the crafted item the enchantment has been scaled up to 30% on level 26 (from level 17).

    Here is one example with leg items and platinum enchantments just to see it is working all the same.
    I was using old level 50 leg with old level 50 enchantments because I had no time to hunt new level 50 leg. In the case of this old level 50 leg enchantments with relative values are different and are not scaling up or down with level. Only the absolute enchantments are scaling. But ignore it since that is not the point of the example, and fortunately the crafted item didn't take enchantments from that item. I only needed lower level leg item so the overall level would decrease.


    Here is the crafted item
    Two enchantments were taken from the level 55 item with platinum enchantments
    as it can bee seen in the crafted item both enchantments, 81% faster attack speed and 100% increased damage on this item were scaled down to 81% and 100% values at level 53, respectively.
    Here is the second item with 30% IDotI and 27% crit damage ... again scaled down to level 53.

    Unique items are working in different way and can't be scaled up or down.
    Old enchantments can be transferred to same new unique of a higher level item BUT only if the enchantments are compatible. If they change enchantment pattern with expansion ... old enchantments from crafted unique items can't be transferred (soul core transfer crafting) to a new unique item.
    Lower level items can never be crafted up to cap level ... they will always be at least one level below the cap level.
    That is why regular item crafting is the base for everything.
    I already explained these rules and much more somewhere on the forum. I also explained with examples why unique items are having higher base stats than regular items (PvP arena) and some unique items are having higher base stats than other unique items.

    This is not a speculation ... these are crafting rules - Ave Maria of crafting -
    Knowing the rules we can predict the future outcome. That means even if the expansion is changing only the cap level ... the crafted items are getting obsolete.
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  15. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    Thnks Traki, much appreciated.
    by the way, on one of the streams Jesse mentioned also that there is some crafting changes wit CE... I cannot remember the exact wording he used but if I remember correctly he used terms like "you have more control..." someone with better memory/"will to check" can correct me :)
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  16. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Well ... that changes nothing in the mechanics. Everything will still be working as already is ATM.
    That is only proving my theory 100% correct. I knew it is correct ... but with this said they just proved me right.
    We started the debate with _Baragain_ long time ago ... he was refusing to believe crafting is a controlled event.

    Lets not forget that my proposal for better drops was based on "reduced drops". Reducing the drops of exo items and increasing the chances of getting platinum lines. That makes sense because they made the exo items only good as gold or GoP resource ... reducing their drops should bring quality over quantity.
    That is what they did with the new infernal difficulties ... but not quite the same.
    The new once in a lifetime drops are so low ... and on top of that the quality is not even improved. So there is neither quality nor quantity.
    By reducing drops and increasing quality source of gold will be drastically decreased ... therefore both crafting costs and "crafting control" need to be changed.
    That was what i was proposing when it comes to crafting. If they said what you say ... that actually makes sense. But I hope it is not just a public stunt while covering up the real reasons for the decreased drops.
    Whatever it is those are actions on top of these mechanics and are not changing anything with the game mechanics related to the topic of this thread.
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  17. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Best explanation by example ever. Even me could understood it.

    And the time you spent on it is also admirable. I would have just replied that "the enchantment values are level related" - however improperly, but laziness would not have allowed me to do more - and my post would be finished there.

    In my opinion you should consider to put your wide knowledge at the service of something bigger than this forum. I do not say that you should think about managing something as heavy as a wiki, which this game would really need, but maybe you could offer paid consulting to those who do not find answers on the official channels.

    At the cost of making a mistake (and I can make a mistake, because I would no longer know where to look for it on this forum) I seem to remember that these are the same speculations anchored by a moderator at an earlier stage of the discussion on a different thread. Uhm.
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    No matter what you say, but if you put prediction and 100% certainly in same meaning...i dont think you know what predicting means. Yet ironicly; you manage to think of a scenario where it isnt 100% certain anymore. :)

    Like I also mentioned; I think the same about item changes etc. , hence i wont spend too much time/resources till I get official info and not some ''prediction''.

    Now im not sure why you say dumb stuff like this ; ''And then you cry you can't get this and that even if people are trying to help you explaining how things are working". Maybe this got to do with my frustration not being able to get certain things done thanks to the great RNG....but that doesnt relate to anything in this topic.
  19. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Firstly, you're talking about "predictions" of guy who usually gets all his predictions correct.
    Secondly, of course you don't have to use up everything you have now, but don't be too careful with crafted stuff you've got, or you might never get to even use it.
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  20. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    Yeah hes usually right! Like 75% or more of the times at least, but going w a full 100% is where U gatta be carefull! Cuz Traki is NOT 100% correct, not even if we just look at last CE!
    -but he phailed 2 mention that! (as usual) XDDD ...most items were nerfed so much they were unusable as they usually are each CE, but some were not! As an example of that, runspeed springs 2 mind! I can remember boot-legs w 4/4 runspeed at 50%+ pre-CE that U could actually craft in2 uniques post-CE, and the crafts on 4/4 runspeed legs post-CE did not even reach 40%!

    So yeah! Traki is mostly right! -but 100% like he claims??? NOPE, NO WAY, NOT EVEN CLOSE!! And if U think this only applied 2 runspeed Ur also wrong! Many other enchants worked that way! Like Blockrate and Blockstrength!;):);)