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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Shadow4Cat, Aug 8, 2017.

Dear forum reader,

if you’d like to actively participate on the forum by joining discussions or starting your own threads or topics, please log into the game first. If you do not have a game account, you will need to register for one. We look forward to your next visit! CLICK HERE
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  1. Shadow4Cat

    Shadow4Cat Forum Greenhorn

    i cant get in the game when i am logging in
  2. jensen2000

    jensen2000 Forum Greenhorn

    Same here where is Grimmag server ?
    no post in forum on patch ..
  3. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Are you trying to access the game via client or browser?

  4. -ptr80-

    -ptr80- Someday Author

    strange i have to login on server grimmag leave the game and than i can login on server heredur why is that
  5. Joakimz

    Joakimz Forum Greenhorn

    I cant login to grimmag, only other servers is optional... MY gf got the same issue, she can only access all ebsides Grimmag..

    When this be fixed ?
  6. Shine2

    Shine2 S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Are you seeing the new page while logging in via DSO Client? Does it not tell you that your server is Grimmag on the top? If so, all you have to do now is to click 'Play now'.Here is an example:


    On new logging page players are by default on the server they have been playing until now and that's why only other servers show up as optional. Have a look again and see what it tells you on the top of the logging page or even post a screen here so that we can have a look please.
  7. AbradolfLincler

    AbradolfLincler Someday Author

    Shine2, a lot of players are getting confused as they don't assume their default server is already selected and they just need to press Play Now. Is there an appropriate place you could make a sticky thread for a few days or so? it's driving people nuts. lol.
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  8. Shine2

    Shine2 S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    I think it is a good idea because people do get confused. We will surely pass your idea on to our head honcho :) Let's see what can be done.
  9. AbradolfLincler

    AbradolfLincler Someday Author

    Shine2, my friend keeps having his account info disappear when he types it in on the new set up. no error code. it just turns the two fields back to empty when he clicks login. any guess on that one? he's reinstalled, deleted the dso folder temp files and update java. i'm at a loss too on this one.
  10. Shine2

    Shine2 S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    First- if he's using DSO Client there's no need for any Java ,has your friend checked he is typing his password and username properly?spelling etc? also, perhaps there's something about the settings of his keyboard like a combination of letters deleting already written characters? just guessing here; next thing: once your friend types in username and password try to straight away click ENTER, third- clean the hd with free software like CCCleaner- it may just help; next: try to COPY and PASTE username and password from a word document or anywhere else it's already typed on and press ENTER...if nothing works then send a ticket to Support Center (EN) stating exactly : version of software being used (Win/OS) ,describe in detail the issue (screens welcome) and they will do their best to help there- just be nice to them and patient please:) always remember- they are like your extended family too:) - hopefully things will work for ya! Good luck,

    kind regards.
  11. AbradolfLincler

    AbradolfLincler Someday Author

    Metomorpheus, are you sure you didn't just sign onto the wrong server on accident? it hides your last used server and no one knows why. lol. so maybe you just logged onto a server you've never play and therefore would get sent to the "create new char" page instead of existing chars. also, if you're SURE that's not the case and have doubled checked you were logging onto the server you play, support SHOULD be able to get the chars back if it was a game mistake. hope this helps.
  12. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Hey there heroes,

    If you pretend to give your feedback, the right spot to do it is HERE. This thread is not a feedback one.
    Our team is aware of your problem and its currently investigating. Just make sure that you are not currently login into your usual server by default, as explained by @Shine2 above.
  13. mike1947

    mike1947 Forum Greenhorn

    I cannot log in since this morning. The following error kept popping up and then close. Can you pls help?

    "An error occurred while downloading important game data. You can restart the game anytime to try again though.

    To improve your gaming experience we recommend downloading the whole game by using the game client and its preload function.

    The following error message is used by Drakensang developers for debugging purposes:

    Failed downloading a critical file (HTTP response error)!

    HttpStatus=410 Desc=

    File URL:
    http://drasaonline-481-dwl.bpsecure...nces/_toc.082e8a2b88a365db359bf265e03bae86.nz Redirect Count: 0 Effective URL:
    There may be a problem with your internet connection. Please try again in a few minutes.
  14. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Hey there @mike1947 ,

    If you are using IE11, try to clear your browser cache for Internet Explorer. Make sure that your Java version is updated and working correctly (clear java cache too).

    We recommend you to play the game client, yes.
    If the problem remains, please, contact our support team: explain them the situation and provide them the URLs that you shared.
    Cheers :)
  15. Metomorpheus

    Metomorpheus Forum Greenhorn

    phew,everything is back,atleast characters,i just don't know why it set heredur as default server,cuz i play on grimgar or smth like that :D but before that i tried like 3 different servers and it didn't show anything before,just create new character,but now everything is back to normal,i guess they fixed smth
  16. mike1947

    mike1947 Forum Greenhorn

    Hi Sunlight, thanks for your prompt response, much obliged.

    I am using Chrome..do I need to clear the browser cache and if so how do I do that? I have cleared the java cache too.
    I tried deleting the DSO temp files again and reload with the new client but still the same problem.

    Hope you can help me. I missed playing this game which is my only source of entertainment.


    I am accessing the game via thinclient which I downloaded. Has it got anything to do with the browser? I cleared & deleted the browser cache and also the java cache. It still does not work.

    I deleted the whole game folder and reinstalled it in my pc. I then use the thinclient.exe to update and log into the game. But the problem still existed.
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  17. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Hey there @Metomorpheus ,

    Glad to read that ;) You are welcome.

    Hey there @mike1947 ,

    Please, do not write consecutive posts. Use 'Edit' button when you have something else to add to your previous posts.
    So far as I know, Google Chrome is not supported anymore, which means you can't play there, because Java is not supported anymore. More information HERE. The only browser that allows you to play is Internet Explorer, just make sure that you are running the latest version of Java.

    If you are using client, please, follow this guide. It should work properly after deleting DSO temp files. Try again and follow the steps provided in the guide.

    As explained above, if the problem remains, do not hesitate to contact our support and provide them URLs that you shared.
    Cheers, :)
  18. mike1947

    mike1947 Forum Greenhorn

    @Sunlight, your advice noted with thanks.

    Will follow your guide and hopefully can solve this frustrating problem.

    Thanks again.

    Good day @Sunlight ...followed your guide and still it won't work. Followed Support Dept. instructions just like yours plus a few more steps but istill same problem.

    Fortunately you guys are so helpful and patient with us. I thank you all as without your help, I most certainly would have given up on this game which I have been playing for many years.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2017
  19. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Hello all,
    As of now, all players must set their system time to default.
    Login will not be possible if you manually set your system time.

  20. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Why does the time of your system matter?
    I ask cause I sometimes work in multiple time zones, and my devices are set to keep my home time zone for documentation purposes.

    And since I'm in "Log In", I often, when on the road, use my tablet, which obviously can't run the game, to keep up to date in the forum. So, why can't it just log in and let me click on forum instead of telling me to go to a real computer?

    Another item: After the new web page and client login when to live servers, I wrote a review. I see one of my "concerns" was addressed. However, I am unable to find that post I make. What I'm confused about is why a review that was essentially an "atta-boy" was deleted.
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